Difference Between One Drive and Google Drive (With Table)

In the world of computers, file storage, data storage, and cloud storage play an important role as the operating system uses that how data should be controlled and stored. Without a file system, it would be impossible to tell where all the pieces of data stop and can begin. The main work of the file system is to sort each piece of data, give it a name. In this way, it is easier to identify the data and isolate it. Google Drive and One Drive are different files storing system that is developed by different companies.

One Drive vs Google Drive

The main difference between one Drive and Google Drive is that One drive was developed by Microsoft Corporation. While Google Drive is owned by Google company. If the user wants data privacy, then one drive is better for them in comparison to Google Drive. While when it comes to data protection, Google Drive is safer than One Drive because it provides encryption to its user who is missing in One Drive as it provides encryption to only one drive business user.

One Drive is a file system service that was owned and developed by Microsoft Corporation in the year 2007. It was formerly named Sky Drive before being named One Drive. It allows users to store data and files into its window settings or Bitlocker. It also gives the options to sync data, share files and cloud storage in all the devices such as Windows Phone and iOS mobile devices, Windows and macOS computers, Android, the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox 360, and S consoles.

Google Drive is a synchronization system and files hosting service just like One Drive. It was developed by Google LLC in the year 2012. Besides giving services like syncing files, sharing and cloud computing. It also provides various offline features and apps to its Mac OS and Windows computers and iOS and Android phones. Google Drive provides 15 GB of free storage and works with the help of Google One. It encompasses all the other apps like Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Slides etc.

Comparison Table Between One Drive and Google Drive

Parameters of ComparisonOne DriveGoogle Drive
Storage (free)5 GB15 GB
LinkSets expiry dates.Doesn’t set expiry dates.
PriceLess costlyCostlier
UsersFewer usersMore users
Data SecurityMore secureLess secure
Data ProtectionNot encryptedEncrypted
Used inProfessional spacePersonal and professional space.

What is One Drive?

One Drive was launched in the few states of the United States with a code name of Sky Drive for beta testing. On launching in the year 2007, it was known as the Windows Live folder. But soon, it was renamed as Windows LiveSky Drive. Beta testing of One Drive began in both India as well as in the USA. With the coming of the year 2008, it was available in more than 38 countries around the world and was expanded up to 62. Then the storage capacity of One Drive was increased from 5 GB to 25 GB. 

Windows started adding new features to One Drive like Windows Live Photo and Silver Light that allowed users to access the videos and photos from Sky Drive and view them in full-screen slide show mode. In the year 2013, Sky drive named was changed to One Drive. With the rebranding and improvised design, One Drive was once again launched by Microsoft in the year 2015. Microsoft also made changes in its plan, like it removed the unlimited storage from the Microsoft Office suite. It reduced the free storage from 15 GB to 5 GB.

It allows unlimited storage at a certain price. But comparing with other companies drive, One drive is cheaper than it. One Drive includes a feature of recycle bin where users can see their deleted photos. It will stop when the user has deleted the data from recycle bin. Entire folders and files can be downloaded in ZIP format in One Drive. On Windows 10, One Drive saves the file on demand without taking any disk space and synchronizing the files.

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive was launched as a website interface with apps supporting mac OS, Windows, iOS and Android. It was launched in 2012. It was available for the versions of Windows 7 and later and in Macs for Mac Lion and later versions. In 2017, google company announced that it would add one new feature called ‘Backup and sync’, which will replace Google Photos and Google Drive on all the desktop platforms. Earlier Google planned to discontinue the Google Drive feature. But in 2021, it announced that Google drive will exist co-independently with Back up and sync and cater to the needs of each client.

Google Drive has such a better and enhanced website interface that it allows the user to download the files from the internet from any computer without the need for an app. With the years passing, it has completely made a change in the look of Google Drive and added some new features like drag and drop function, clicking only once on recently viewed files etc. Talking about individual’s account storage, Google Drive currently offers 15 GB of free storage via Google One. All the Google File Suites apps like Docs, Slide, Sheets, Photos do not count to the storage limit.

Google Drive has various plans for unlimited storage of data according to a monthly and yearly basis. All the storage plans have been moved to Google One. It offers certain discounts on the yearly plans. To increase the sale of Chromebooks, google provided 100 GB of free data on Google Drive for 2 years. Google Drive includes features like third-part apps, file viewing, sharing, quick access, backups, search, metadata, encryption, save to Google Drive browser extension etc.

Main Differences Between One Drive and Google Drive

  1. One drive offers free space of 5GB per user. Google Drive offers 15 GB of free storage to its user.
  2. One Drive sets expiry dates on its links. Google;e drive doesn’t set expiry dates on its links.
  3. One Drive charges less for additional storage, so it is cheaper than Google Drive. While Google Drive charges more for extra storage, so it is costlier.
  4. One Drive users are fewer in comparison to Google Drive that has more users.
  5. One Drive is considered more secure than Google Drive because, till now, its data has not been breached.
  6. When it comes to data protection, Google Drive is safer as it uses encryption which is missing in One Drive. It only provides encryption to business users.
  7. One Drive is used more in professional space. While Google Drive is used both in personal and professional space.


Both One Drive and Google Drive have their advantages and disadvantages. Both offer almost the same features. Both are file hosting services that provide synchronized services. Features like cloud storage, syncing and sharing the files are the same in One drive and google Drive. But when it comes to space storage, One Drive is cheaper than Google Drive because it provides three times more storage than Google Drive at the same price. Google Drive data protection feature is very good when compared to One drive.

As it provides encryption to both files in transit as well as sitting files or rest. One Drive is very easier to use. While Google Drive allows users numerous choices regarding the integrations of the app. It is very difficult to choose between both. It completely depends upon the user’s discretion.


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