Difference Between Oxycontin OC and Oxycontin OP

The uncomfortable feeling of pain can disturb the daily routine of a person and sometimes pain is so intolerable that the sufferer can feel like dying.


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To avoid these circumstances, opioids are being used worldwide. Oxycontin OC and Oxycontin OP are two opioids that are used to treat severe pain.

Oxycontin OC vs Oxycontin OP

The difference between Oxycontin OC and Oxycontin OP is that the Oxycontin OC were sold in the market for consumption but they stopped selling while Oxycontin OP has replaced the previous formulation and is still being sold in the market as a pain relief tablet. Both are opioids that consist of narcotic properties.

Oxycontin OC vs Oxycontin OP

Oxycontin OC is a type of painkiller that is sold in the United States. It consists of narcotic oxycodone hydrochloride.

A person is not supposed to take this painkiller without the legitimate prescription of a doctor. Oxycontin OC is only taken to relieve the pain. This pain includes injuries, neuralgia, arthritis, bursitis, etc.

Oxycontin OP is taken as the clock treatment for pain in the body. It is also considered to be extended-release medicine.

By extended-release, it means that Oxycontin OP works slowly and keeps the pain away for almost 12 hours. This is one of the opioids that helps in pain relief.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonOxycontin OCOxycontin OP
EtymologyThe term ‘OC’ in Oxycontin OC stands for “Oxycontin Continuous”.The term ‘OP’ in Oxycontin OP stands for “Oxycontin Purdue”.
MeaningOxycontin OC is a narcotic that is used to get relief in pain with the right prescription of the doctor.Oxycontin OP is an upgraded version of Oxycontin OC that can not be misused by people like a drug.
FeaturesOxycontin OC was not designed in a way that can not be taken as narcotics by people. Oxycontin OP comes with a crush resistance feature. It can not be broken down and snorted away.
AvailabilityOxycontin OC was available in the market but it was so misused that it had to stop being sold. Oxycontin OP came into the market as a substitute for Oxycontin OC due to its crush resistance feature.
IdentityThe OC is the letters that are engraved upon Oxycontin OC pills. The OP is the letters that are engraved upon Oxycontin OP pills.

What is Oxycontin OC?

Oxycontin OC is a drug that comes in the form of a painkiller. That’s the reason it is classified as a narcotic.

If a person takes Oxycontin OC without the prescription of the doctor, this purchase is considered to be illegal and he becomes liable to be punished by law.

Oxycontin OC is developed to provide relief in severe cases of pain.

This painkiller is also known as Oxycontin OC Oral. It changes the functionality of a person’s brain and how it responds when the body feels pain.

40 MG per tablet is considered to be the highest amount of Oxycontin OC. Over 40 MG of Oxycontin is described as an overdose that can cause multiple dangers or even death.

Oxycontin OC is not suggested to be taken in mild pain due to its high efficiency. Hence Oxycontin OC should not be taken occasionally, instead only when it is needed.

The consumer should study the guideline of taking Oxycontin as provided by his pharmacist or doctor to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Doctors do not recommend taking Oxycontin OC for sudden pain. It is usually taken regularly. A person is required to take this tablet without food every 12 hours.

But if he has nausea, he is also allowed to take it with food.

What is Oxycontin OP?

Oxycontin OP is also a drug used by people to get relief in pain. These pills usually come in round shape with the strength graved upon them.

The pills come in 10 mg, 15 mg, 30 mg, 40mg. Which pill should be taken depends on the prescription of the doctor.

Oxycontin OC was abused widely in the United States because of its narcotic properties. For that reason, Oxycontin OP were launched with crush resistance features.

The pills were stamped as the “OP”. The term “OP” stands for ‘Oxycontin Purdue’. Oxycontin OP is known as a new version of Oxycontin OC.

Some new ingredients were also added to Oxycontin OP. These tablets are made in such a way that they are almost impossible to chew or crush.

Even if a person becomes successful breaking these pills, they can not be snorted or taken as a drug. The person taking Oxycontin OP is suggested not to break or chew this medicine.

Oxycontin OP is supposed to be swallowed and after swallowing the pill, they begin to make an impact upon the brain.

It manipulates the brain to change its response towards the sensation of pain. The impact of Oxycontin OP can last for two to three days depending on the amount taken.

Main Differences Between Oxycontin OC and Oxycontin OP

  1. Oxycontin OC is no longer being sold in the market and being consumed while Oxycontin OP is still being taken by patients.
  2. Oxycontin OC was abused as a drug by many people. On the other hand, Oxycontin OP can’t be misused by anyone as a drug.
  3. To identify, the term ‘OC’ is written on the Oxycontin OC pills while Oxycontin OP pills come with ‘OP’ written on them.
  4. The binder added to Oxycontin OC does not make it non-breakable while this is the main feature of Oxycontin OP that it can’t be easily broken down.
  5. In Oxycontin OC, the letters OC stand for Oxycontin Continuous while in Oxycontin OP, the letters OC stand for Oxycontin Purdue.


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