Difference Between Papaya and Pawpaw (With Table)

Fruits are an important part of human life. Right from childhood, we are required to take the correct fruits so that the vitamins and minerals will be distributed equally in our bodies. It is important to take fruits that are rich in antioxidants and contains multiple vitamins. Papaya and Pawpaw are very rich in taste and contains all the nutrients that are needed for the human body.

Papaya vs Pawpaw

The difference between Papaya and Pawpaw is that the flesh of the papaya will be either red or orange in color. But the flesh of the pawpaw will be yellow in color. The taste of the papaya will be sweet, especially if you add salt to the top of it will be even sweeter. But the taste of pawpaw will be like a banana, and it may or may not be sweeter, and it depends on the fruit type. 

Papaya is one of the fruits eaten by people who are following any diet regimen. It helps to reduce weight loss. It can be eaten every day but at a certain limit. This fruit can be consumed by people with diabetes as it contains very less sugar quantity so that people with diabetes won’t find any sudden rise in their sugar level. This has even been tested by many doctors, and they are advising their patients to consume papaya. 

Pawpaw is a fruit that has lots of health benefits and contains many vitamins and antioxidants. It is one of the best fruits that can be included in people’s diet. If you forget to remove the skin of the pawpaw and consume it directly, it will immediately irritate your stomach. It will lead to lots of further complications. 

Comparison Table Between Papaya and Pawpaw

Parameters of ComparisonPapayaPawpaw
ColorOrange or RedYellow
TasteIt used to be very sweet.It used to taste like a banana.
Tree typeLargeSmall
TemperatureWarm and wetHilly regions

What is Papaya?

Papaya is a fruit that is yellow in color. Sometimes it might be in green or in orange color, but that depends upon the fruit type. It has lots of health benefits, and it contains vitamins which are very good for our health. But pregnant women should not consume papaya. As it contains heat and it will affect the baby inside the mother’s womb. If pregnant women consume this in the early days of their pregnancy, their baby won’t be able to survive.

It contains many vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. The main reason why many people consume is that it has antioxidants which will help people to fight against heart-related diseases. People who are following the diet can include this in their diet regimen. It can be consumed right away, or you can eat it as papaya juice.

But don’t take it too often, once in a day. A small quantity would be fine. If you eat anything too much, then that itself will become poison to your body. Avoid drinking water right after you eat papaya. Wait for some time for the fruit to settle in your stomach. Then you can consume as much water as you want to. Papaya will not increase your weight. It is one of the best fruits for weight loss. 

What is Pawpaw?

Pawpaw is a fruit that looks like papaya. Sometimes people call it an alternative for papaya. But this fruit belongs to the family of custard apple. It will taste like a banana. It is not only used for minerals and vitamins consumption. It also contains many medicinal benefits. It can be used to treat vomiting sensations, light fever, and sore throat. Their leaves play the role of excellent medicine.

But consuming it way more than what is advised by healthcare practitioners will lead to many complications. It does not have many side effects, but if you are not comfortable consuming pawpaw, then it will create some painful experiences. This fruit is sold everywhere nowadays. It has lots of health benefits, and many people prefer this, especially if they are following any diet regimen. 

You can eat the fruit by cutting it in the middle so that the seeds can be easily removed. It looks similar to the papaya fruit so that the seeds will also look like papaya. Avoid eating it directly with the skin and seeds. Sometimes it can act as toxic to our human body. If you are an individual who is allergic to this fruit, then it would be better if you avoid eating them as it will cause nausea. 

Main Differences Between Papaya and Pawpaw

  1. The shape of the papaya will look like an avocado fruit. On the other hand, the shape of the pawpaw will look like a berry.
  2. The flesh inside the papaya will be orange or red in color. But the flesh inside the pawpaw will be yellow in color.
  3. The taste of the papaya will be very sweet, and it will give a tropical-like flavor. The taste of the pawpaw will be like a banana.
  4. Papayas can be grown only in large trees. On the other hand, pawpaw will be grown on the side of small shrubs.
  5. Papayas can be grown only in areas of warm and wet temperature surrounded by tropical islands. But pawpaw can be grown in areas surrounded by hilly and temperature resistance areas.


Both Papaya and Pawpaw have lots of health benefits, and it is advised to people who are following any strict diet. It can be eaten every day with a certain amount if you are not allergic to it. But people who have lots of heat in their bodies or pregnant women should not consume this fruit as it will result in a toxic substance to their body.

It is very important to remove the skin and the seeds before consuming the fruit. The seeds and the skin will become toxic if you fail to remove and consume them right away with the fruit. It has many health benefits with vitamins and antioxidants.


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