Difference Between Passport Size Photo and Postcard Size Photo (With Table)

Passport Size Photo vs Postcard Size Photo

Photographs are colourful memories of the past. The good times go over the thoughts and brings nostalgic feelings among anyone by looking at a photograph.

Capturing moments with a still photograph brings a complete video of the past flashing in the mind. Photographs bring the dead memories alive.

Psychologically proven that the photograph can easily replace the memory of a person. The photographs are conversation enablers and review the past with the younger ones in the family.

The journey through life is colourfully documented in the form of pictures. It is indeed a good stress reliever.

The uses of photographs are many, it is many times stored as an album for every function that happens among the friends and family. There are professional usages too.

The identification of a person in a particular document is established through a photograph. The official environment demands the photograph be in a particular dimension.

The photographs were black and white in the past. It has evolved to colour hard copy pictures and now to digital pictures.

There are many types of photographs available, depending on the size of it. The most prominent ones are Passport size Photo and Postcard Size Photo.

The main difference between Passport size Photograph and Post Card size photograph is the dimension, Passport size photo is a smaller one compared to Postcard size photo having a dimension of 3.5cmX4.5cm while the latter has a dimension of 10cmX15cm approximately.

Parameter of ComparisonPassport Size PhotoPost Card Size Photo
MeaningPassport size photograph got its name for its usage in the past. It is a photograph taken in a specific dimension for official purposes.It is a photograph which can be utilized for taking group photographs and can cover a wider area than the passport size photo. It got its name because the size is more or less equivalent to a postcard.
UsagePassport size photographs are widely used in official contexts like passports, visas and other legal documents too.Postcard size photo is usually used for leisure purposes and not used in any official contexts.
Pixel dimension413X531 Pixels is the dimension required to make a passport size photograph.1200X1800 Pixels is the dimensions required to make a postcard size photograph.
General UsagePassport Size Photograph widely used for official purposes, banking purposes and many of the official identification cards.Postcard size photograph is ideally used for entertainment purposes while on a trip or a holiday.


What is Passport Size Photo?

It is a type of photograph taken in a specific dimension to match the requirements of official documents. The size of the passport size photo is smaller compared to the postcard size photo.

The dimension of the passport size photo is 3.5cmX4.5cm. The passport size photo ideally can cover only one person.

The dimension is clinically framed to cover the face and the shoulders of a person and it is compact. Passport size photograph is considered to be a clear identity oriented picture utilized in many official contexts.

It got its name, as it was initially introduced to feature in the passports of the general public. The versions of passport size photographs differ from country to country.

The dimensions also changed from the past. The background colour also has certain instructions to be followed.

All these factors make this photograph a clear official requirement. The days are gone to take hard copy pictures to a studio and nowadays, it can be very well made at home.

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Many photo making software is available to make a passport size photograph at home. The pixel dimension to be followed is 413X531 pixels.

Even after the digital intervention in the photography industry, the usage of passport size photograph is still green. This is because of the extensive official requirement of the photograph.

Passport Size Photo 1
Passport Size Photo

What is Postcard Size Photo?

Postcard size photo is a type of photograph which is widely used in taking group pictures. The size of the postcard size photograph is bigger than the passport size photo.

The dimension of the Postcard size photograph is 10cmX15cm. There is no particular official usage for the photograph and widely used for entertainment which can create memories later.

The Postcard size photograph has the advantage of covering a wider area. It can cover many people, unlike passport size which can cover only one.

It got its name from the postcard as the size of the photo and the postcard are more or less the same. Postcard size photograph is widely used to capture family gatherings and functions.

These photographs can also be captured using a digicam and also developed at home computer. The pixel dimension of the photo is 1200X1800 Pixels.

In the 1980s and 1980s, the cameras by default can help take postcard size photographs. Kodak was the first company to come up with cameras which have the capacity of taking postcard size photos.

The cameras initially came with film rolls and around 36 pictures can be taken per roll. However, to develop the photographs, it is required to be done in a well-equipped photo developing rooms.

Postcard Size Photo
Postcard Size Photo

Main Differences Between Passport Size Photo and Postcard Size Photo

  1. The main difference between passport size photo and postcard size photo is the dimension, the passport size phot0 is smaller than the postcard size. The dimension of passport size photo is 3.5cmX4.5cm while postcard size photo has a dimension of 10cmX15cm.
  2. Passport size photograph got its name from the official usage for the passport requirement, while the latter had got its name because of the size matching a normal postcard.
  3. Passport size photographs are widely used for official purposes while postcard size photograph is used for capturing gatherings and functions.
  4. The pixel dimension also varies with the former having a dimension of 413X531 while the latter must have a dimension of 1200X1800.
  5. Passport size photograph can feature only one person while postcard size can cover a wider area and also a group of people in one frame.



The photographs are many, the memories are multiplied. The act of time can be easily rewound using a photograph. A silent picture can give a million thoughts and make people boisterous for hours.

There are of course many differences between the two, but the purpose of remembrance never changes. Extensive travellers rely on photographs for review and the official document will need one in the shorter format. It is indeed officiated by many bodies to submit only recent passport size photographs for any official purposes.

The recent is considered not more than 6 months from the time of submission of any document. 


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Difference between Passport Size Photo and Postcard Size Photo
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