PayPal Checkout vs PayPal Standard: Difference and Comparison

PayPal Checkout and PayPal Standard are two different methods of payment on PayPal that various sites can use to carry out monetary transactions.

Key Takeaways

  1. PayPal Checkout is a payment gateway that allows customers to complete transactions on a merchant’s website without leaving the site. At the same time, PayPal Standard redirects customers to the PayPal website to complete payment.
  2. PayPal Checkout offers customers a more seamless and streamlined payment experience, reducing cart abandonment rates. At the same time, PayPal Standard is a simple payment solution suitable for small businesses with a limited budget.
  3. In some countries, PayPal Checkout supports more payment methods than PayPal Standard, including credit and debit cards, PayPal Credit, and local payment options.

PayPal Checkout vs PayPal Standard

Paypal checkout is a method of payment on Paypal that allows users to make payments to other sites without redirecting to the Paypal website. It is an easy, convenient and time-saving method. Paypal standard is a method of payment on Paypal that redirects users to the Paypal website to make payments. This method is time-consuming.

PayPal Checkout vs PayPal Standard

PayPal Checkout is an extension of PayPal made for other websites to send and receive payments online. It provides numerous features to its users that maximize their convenience and minimize waste of time.

PayPal Standard is another extension of PayPal that other websites can use to send and receive money online. Unlike PayPal Checkout, the user gets redirected to a PayPal secure website on which the said transaction can be carried out.

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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPayPal CheckoutPayPal Standard
RedirectionThe user does not get redirected to PayPal’s secure website for making a transaction.The user gets redirected to PayPal’s secure website to carry out a payment.
FeaturesPayPal Checkout offers more features than the latter.PayPal Standard is a basic extension and does not provide many additional features.
PayPal AccountA user may or may not create a PayPal account for making payments.A customer does not need to have a PayPal account to make a payment.
AvailabilityPayPal Checkout is available as PayPal Standard in many countries but the credit and Venmo options are available only in the U.S.PayPal Standard is available in more than 200 countries across the globe.
Time TakenUsing PayPal Checkout is not as time-consuming as other extensions.PayPal Standard transactions can be time-consuming as the user is taken to another site.

What is PayPal Checkout?

PayPal Checkout is a PayPal extension made for other websites, allowing them to send and receive online payments. The extension lets a website accept payments through debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, and even PayPal credit.

The extension allows a user to store their shipping and billing information so that it does not need to be re-entered on any other website.

When a PayPal Checkout extension is added to a website, the customer has the option of choosing whether to pay through it. Interestingly, a PayPal account isn’t compulsory to make a payment on the said website.

PayPal Checkout is very secure when it comes to the customer’s personal and payment information. Moreover, with a PayPal Checkout extension, a user can simply log in with their PayPal account details.

paypal checkout

What is PayPal Standard?

PayPal Standard is an extension that allows businesses to receive payments online in a hassle-free way. To use it, any kind of advanced programming is not needed at all.

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The extension is a basic plan by the company that removes the time wastage in the case of full payment processing solutions. The company does not even ask its users for any application, setup, or monthly fees.

However, the customer gets redirected to PayPal’s secure website, where the shipping and billing information needs to be filled. In doing so, the process of the transaction gets initiated.

PayPal Standard also handles all the checkout processes, including security and mobile compatibility. Moreover, it even allows users to send invoices online.

paypal standard

Main Differences Between PayPal Checkout and PayPal Standard

  1. PayPal Checkout is not as popular as PayPal Standard is.
  2. PayPal Checkout is not as time-consuming as PayPal Standard, as it does not have a lengthy payment process.

Last Updated : 26 August, 2023

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  1. I’ve been using PayPal Standard for my small business, and it has been sufficient. But the additional features of PayPal Checkout seem quite appealing.

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  3. The article’s detailed explanation of the security features offered by PayPal Checkout and the streamlined payment experience makes it easier to grasp the benefits.

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  6. PayPal Checkout seems to offer a more user-friendly payment experience, and I appreciate the security features of the extension.


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