PayPal Here vs iZettle: Difference and Comparison

PayPal Here and iZettle both are leading products in the market which are available for store owners and provide various types of options for paying to a merchant.

The product iZettle was acquired by PayPal for 2.2 million and it has continued to grow over the period. The preferred kind of payment gateway depends on the user. 

Key Takeaways

  1. PayPal Here allows businesses to accept credit card payments, while iZettle allows businesses to accept credit card and contactless payments.
  2. PayPal Here charges a fixed fee per transaction, while iZettle charges a percentage of the transaction amount.
  3. PayPal Here can be used with any PayPal account, while iZettle requires a separate account.

PayPal Here vs iZettle

Paypal here is a business app for making online payments between merchants and buyers. Transaction fees in this application can be as low as 1% for small scale businesses. Izettle is a Swedish financial company used to make online payments. It charges a transaction fee of 1.75%.

PayPal Here vs iZettle

PayPal Here is a transaction machine that accepts several payment gateways like Apple Pay and Google Pay, but a restriction comes when it comes to Samsung Pay.

it uses the older version of the card reader and does not look too good. It is preferred by small merchants due to having fewer transaction fees. 

iZettle is another machine that was introduced in 2010 and has become popular since then. It has a higher version of the card reader, Reader 2.

It is more stylish and easy to use due to the updated technologies. It also accepts several gateways like Apple Pay and Google Pay, and it also accepts Samsung Pay.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPayPal Here iZettle
Reader technologyPayPal Here uses the Miura M010 reader which is a bit shaky and a bit difficult to use and that gained negative critics.iZettle changed its reader card to Reader 2 which is more stylish and easier to handle. The colours are classic black and white.
POS appThe POS app of PayPal Here is a bit bland and gives the advantage of creating 200 free paying accounts.The POS app is quite classy and provides a series of functions on the front page which makes it more accessible. 
Customer ServiceThe customer service is not that good due to having a large number of complaints and the guides are not user friendly. The customer service is easily approachable and can be called in case of emergency and you go through written guidelines as well.
Costing The device is quite expensive in comparison to the reader technology it uses.The device is moderately priced according to the reader card it uses. 
PayoutsThe money is immediately deposited in the PayPal account which can be transferred to the bankThe money may take 1-2 business days to process and show up in the account. 
Transaction feesThe transaction fee may be as low as 1% for small merchants who earn less and is therefore preferred by them.The transaction fee is set at 1.75% of the amount that has been paid and it rarely varies. 

What is PayPal Here?

PayPal Here is a device used by many merchants for taking payments from consumers as it accepts a variety of gateway and can be a good option.

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The transaction fee for the device is quite low for merchants having a low income. The card reader is not stylish and is a bit bland and outdated.

Miura M010 reader is a third-party reader and gains negative criticism, but there are no major problems as such, and it accepts many cards leaving only Samsung Pay.

PayPal Here is provided with a hefty deal for the store owners, which is inclusive of a variety of devices and licenses like Lenovo touchpad, EPOS license, and reader and costs an agreeable amount.

A stand is provided so that it is easy to rotate the tablet towards the customer, which gained attention due to its easy handling.

PayPal Here came out in 2012 and has gained the eyes of the user. PayPal Here has not developed over the years and is quite expensive considering the reader card it has.

It also deposits the amount directly into the PayPal account immediately, and this is one of the best features. 

Its POS app also gives the feature of creating 200 free accounts but is a bit bland due to the use of its trademark colours that is blue and white. 

paypal here

What is iZettle?

iZettle is another device that was developed in 2010 for accepting payments of different cards all over the world.

It also gained huge popularity because it was cheaper for a better reader card and also accepted Samsung Pay.

Unlike PayPal Here it worked on the latest technology which was Reader 2 which was a bit stylish and could also be accessed by phone using Bluetooth. It is available in two classic colours, white and black.

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iZettle offers types of equipment that can be attached to it for easy functioning and handling. Most of them can be connected via Bluetooth or wifi.

You can buy a receipt printer, which makes it easy to print receipts of the transaction made. They also have two optional instruments which can be added.

Stands can be used for the mounting of the card reader, tablet, etc., and a cash drawer attached to it can also be bought, which helps in keeping the cash safe. 

The iZettle has a higher percentage of the transaction fee which is the same for all the users and makes it difficult for small merchants to use it.

A benefit is that they don’t price foreign cards and they have good customer service. The service providers are available for a call in times of emergency, and some queries can be solved by using written guidelines. 


Main Differences Between PayPal Here and iZettle

  1. The PayPal Here uses the older version of the card reader, which is the Miura M010 reader, which is a bit older and has gained negative criticism with time, whereas the iZettle uses the newer technology, which is stylish and easily handleable that is the Reader 2.
  2. The POS app of PayPal Here is in their colours blue and white and is a bit bland but allows the creation of 200 accounts for free, whereas the app for iZettle is eye-appealing, and all the features are given on the front page, providing comfort for the user. 
  3. The customer service for PayPal Here is not good, and it takes a lot of time for them to respond. They also rarely pick up calls and get more complaints, whereas iZettle is quick with it, gives immediate responses and has answers to some queries in the guidelines.
  4. The cost of using the older version of the technology is higher in PayPal Here, whereas the iZettle takes the apt money for the features they are providing.  
  5. The payout for the PayPal Here is more beneficial as they are directly deposited in the PayPal account almost, immediately whereas iZettle takes almost 1-2 business days for processing the money in the bank account. 

Last Updated : 02 September, 2023

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  1. I find it interesting how PayPal Here and iZettle appeal to different target markets. It’s crucial to consider various factors before choosing the most suitable platform for a business.

    • I think the transaction fees play a significant role, especially for small merchants. PayPal Here might be a more favorable choice for them due to lower fees.

    • Absolutely, the key is to make an informed decision based on unique business needs to maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

  2. I can’t help but notice the clear advantages of iZettle’s modern technology and efficient customer service. It stands out as a more advanced and user-friendly option.

  3. The comparison table clearly presents the differences in features, which is highly beneficial for any business owner looking to make an informed decision.

  4. The comparison table is really informative and helps in understanding the key differences between the two products. It’s clear that each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

  5. It’s interesting to see how PayPal Here and iZettle are positioned in the market, offering different features and pricing. The competition between them drives quality improvements for both products.

    • The ongoing refinement of features and cost structures due to competition benefits store owners in the end, providing more choices and better services.

  6. It’s incredible to see how both PayPal Here and iZettle offer unique benefits tailored to different user needs. The competition between the two certainly drives innovation.

  7. The iZettle seems to offer a great value for its money, especially with the latest technology and stylish design. I would definitely consider using it as a store owner.

  8. I’m really glad to learn the differences between PayPal Here and iZettle. I believe iZettle would be more user-friendly and effective for handling transactions.


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