Difference Between Perfume and Toilette

The smelling sense is one of the primary senses gifted to humans by nature. The importance of the smell most of the time is underestimated by the common population.


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Some studies say that memories created with an association to the smell make stronger neuronal connections inside the brain aiding better and sometimes vivid remembering of those memories. The smell is also found to be playing an important role in the development and maintenance of relationships between people.

Such pleasant smells can be artificially deployed or stored with products like perfume and toilette. A pleasant fragrance elevates the mood of the people in the surroundings and also creates a positive and motivating environment.

There is a therapeutic branch called Aromatherapy which focuses on healing many disorders using the power of pleasant fragrance.

Perfume vs Toilette

The difference between the perfume and toilette is that the concentration of oils used is more in perfume when compared to the toilette.

Perfume vs Toilette


Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPerfumesToilette
The concentration of aromatic oilsMoreLess
Time of usageDuring eveningCommonly during daytime
Temperature of useDuring cold weatherWarm and humid weather
Lasting time5 to 8 hrs3-5 hrs
Sprays required for useLess number of sprays would doLesser but more frequent sprays will be required as they fade in a shorter time.


What is Perfume?

Perfume is the products that contain a mixture of aromatic, fragrant oils that are extracted or produced specially from different sources which can be, flowers, synthetic substances, animal products, and mixed into solvents, additives, and fixatives. The final product produced from the above process will enable us to deploy the pleasant fragrance of our choice, in a time and place of our need.

The perfumes have been used since ancient times by mankind for a variety of purposes. They initially extracted the aromatic oils from the plants by pressing and by streaming the parts of the plant having the potential for creating pleasant odors.

Perfumes, when used by two people, may not be giving the same smell on both of them, as there are several other factors like body odor, body chemistry, body temperature, and many more which are also deciding factors in deployment of the odor. According to current statistics in the market, the United States is found to be the capital of the perfume marketing in the world with each sales crossing over billions of bucks.

 The process of perfume making has many steps, which are, collection, extraction, blending, aging. The product will be evaluated carefully in each step of this process to ensure the quality of the perfume.

Several civilizations in the history of mankind were found to be using perfumes for a variety of cultural and religious purposes. There is also a record that during the plagues, the physicians used fragrance therapy using cloves, cinnamon, and many more spices to provide both relief and cure for the diseases, during ancient times.

The important uses of wearing perfumes are,

  1. Refreshes mood and atmosphere: A well-selected perfume will create a wave of refreshment in the surroundings and the atmosphere in which it is deployed.
  2. Boost confidence level: A good fragrant perfume will boost the confidence of an individual who is appearing for performance in public or an august gathering.
  3. Better sleep at nights: Fragrance with some medical and natural ingredients was found to be useful in treating insomnia.
  4. Best impression creator: A pleasant appealing fragrance will create a good impression of our self both to us and to the people who we are meeting and working with.
  5. Pleasant memory creator: A particular fragrance when used on a special occasion will create an embedding memory of those occasions in the minds of the people. The fragrance, when used again, will bring back those pleasant memorable events in the minds of the people.

What is Toilette?

Toilette commonly called Eau De Toilette is one of the light scented products used for a variety of purposes. They are also called toilet water, which is lower in the concentration of the fragrant oils.

They are most commonly applied all over the body usually after taking a bath, or shaving. It is also to be noted that the application of the toilette best serves its purpose when applied over the dry skin and the areas where there is more heat production.

The heat in the body surface makes the applied toilette to gradually diffuse into the skin and last longer. An unscented lotion can also be applied before the application of the toilette, for it makes the scent of the toilette to last longer than it will normally do.

Toilette will be more of a comfortable fragrant product to be worn during work and in the daytime as it is more dilute and will give you compliments and not complaints. The concentration of the fragrance concentrate in the toilette will be around 5 to 15 percent dissolved in the alcohol.

The fragrance may last for about 3 to 5 hours. The advisable method of application of the toilette would be to start with light spray on the chest or base of the throat, wrist, or inside of the elbow, then proceeding to add more layer of sprays if the fragrance fits you.


Main Differences Between Perfume and Toilette

  1. The perfume will be having more concentration of the fragrant oils with a lesser amount of solvents. Toilette will be having a lesser concentration of the fragrance oils.
  2. Perfumes will be of greater value when used in evening parties where the strong fragrance will be complimented. Toilette will provide comfort when used during the work time, where a lighter fragrance will be appreciated.
  3. Perfumes are of great help in colder weather. Toilette is used more often in a warm and humid climate.
  4. Perfume as it contains more concentration of fragrance essence, it lasts for more time(5 to 8 hrs). Toilette will be lasting for less time( around 3 to 5 hrs).
  5. Perfume requires a lesser amount of spray and will deploy a more concentrated fragrance for a longer time possible. Toilette will require more frequent sprays as they made fade in a shorter time, but in humid climate may reignite the fragrance sometimes, when comes in contact with moisture
Difference Between Perfume and Toilette


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