PHP vs JS: Difference and Comparison

Many coders will indeed agree that comparing one to another is unfair because they differ in web development. PHP is by far the most famous server-side scripting language, whilst also JavaScript is indeed a customer coding language.

JavaScript deals with things on the client end without ever returning back to the backend of an application. This implies that even PHP language is able to manage things on the server.

C programming language is the one which is associated with PHP, so whoever knows the C language, for those PHP is very simple to learn.

Key Takeaways

  1. PHP is a server-side scripting language, while JavaScript (JS) is a client-side scripting language.
  2. PHP scripts execute on the server, whereas JS scripts run in the user’s browser.
  3. PHP is ideal for web development and dynamic content generation, while JS is better suited for enhancing user interactions and web page behavior.


The difference between PHP and Js which is also known as javascript is based on the working style of both of these languages. Js works on the client-side pages and PHP is used to develop the server-side of any web application. Js is also used to create interactive web pages in web applications.


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PHP is an open-source language of programming that is mostly used for backend development, which means that the scripts of the PHP code can only be able to work on the server farms that have PHP installed.

It is the one that manages server-side operations which includes developing customized web content, processing requests, verifying, and so on. PHP now powers the majority of websites.

JavaScript is indeed an elevated scripting language that works in conjunction with client-side scripting. This is a versatile front-end language.

It is the language that is applied to make a page dynamic as well as interactive. This was developed for designing f customer functions but from the time, when Nodejs is released it has developed to provide server-side functionality as well.

This is a versatile language of programming that’s specifically aimed at creating interactive online interfaces that make web pages look fantastic.

It is among the most potent programming languages for creating interactive effects in internet browsers without having to interact with the server.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPHPJS
Applicationtasked with all the server-side functions like building custom web content, authenticating users, handling requests, displaying results, interactive web interfaces and create network-specific applications without interacting with the server-side
ComplexityPHP is easy to learn.JavaScript seems a bit harder to learn because of its complexity.
PowerfulPhp has a powerful library that contains a large number of functions.Js is not so powerful as compared to PHP.
BeginnerBeginner-friendlyNon-beginner friendly

What is PHP?

PHP is an overall coding language that is primarily used in web design.

Rasmus Lerdorf, a Danish-Canadian coder, formed it in 1994. This same PHP Group now produces the PHP reference implementation.

PHP was originally an abbreviation for Personal Main Website, and it is now used to refer to an iterative initialism. PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor.

On a server that is on the web, The code written in PHP is processed by a PHP interpreter, which can be put in place in the form of a module, or a Common Gateway Interface (CGI) executable.

The outcome of the construed and implemented PHP code – that could be any form of information, including such produced HTML or based image data – will indeed form the entirety or a portion of a Response message on a web server.

There are numerous web layout systems, website content management systems, and web frameworks available to orchestrate or enable the creation of that response.

Moreover, PHP can be used for a variety of programming other than web development, including standalone graphical applications & industrial robot drone commands. PHP code can be run directly from the command prompt.

PHP is indeed a general-purpose programming model that is particularly well suited to server-side web design, in which PHP is run on a web server.

The PHP runtime executes any PHP code inside a requested file, to generate dynamic web content or dynamic images for use on websites or elsewhere. It’s also suitable for instruction typescript & client-side graphical interface applications.


What is JS?

JavaScript is a programming language that, along with HTML and CSS, is among the growth of the world Wide Web.

More than 97 percent of internet sites use JavaScript just on the user end to control web page behavior, with 3rd libraries frequently incorporated. All major browsers include a JavaScript engine that executes code on consumers’ devices.

JavaScript is an ECMAScript-compliant high-level, often an only sequence of instructions. Vibrant typing, technology demonstrator object orientation, and first functions are all included.

It supports event-driven, functional, & high – level programming styles and is multi-paradigm. This includes APIs for continuing to work with message, date and time, regular expressions, standardized data constructions, and the Document Object Model.

In 1995, Microsoft launched Internet Explorer, sparking an internet explorer war with Netscape.

In terms of JavaScript, Microsoft opposite the Navigator interpreter to develop its own, known as JScript. JScript first was published in 1996, including the first assistance for CSS & HTML additions.

Each one of these adoption and implementation has been notably different from one‘s Navigator counterparts.

Because of these distinctions, developers found it difficult to make one‘s work focuses well on both web pages, resulting in the pervasive use of “finest perceived in Netscape” and “best enjoyed in Internet Explorer” logo design over several years.


Main Differences Between PHP and JS

  1. Js is used to create client-side pages, whereas php is utilised to create server-side pages in any online application.
  2. Js works on the client side of application without contacting to backend whereas PHP only works at server side of the application.
  3. Php is easy to learn and works great whereas JavaScript is a complex programming language to work with.
  4. Php is a beginner friendly programming language too whereas js is not beginner friendly programming language.
  5. Php is a powerful language as it contains a very rich library whereas Js is not so powerful as compared to php.
Difference Between PHP and JS
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