Pillow-Top vs Euro-Top: Difference and Comparison

A good night’s sleep can cause a drastic change to your day. It can bring much-needed alertness and energy into your day. In this, beds play a crucial role.

Specifically, a good mattress can resolve several issues ranging from your posture to various medical issues. Among these, pillow-top mattresses and euro-top mattresses have been gaining a lot of traction.

These not only add extra comfort but also plush cushioning.

Key Takeaways

  1. Pillow Top mattresses have an additional layer of padding sewn onto the surface, while Euro Top mattresses have padding seamlessly integrated into the mattress design.
  2. Euro top mattresses offer a more uniform appearance and better edge support than pillow top mattresses.
  3. Pillow Top mattresses may lose shape and support over time faster than Euro Top mattresses.

Pillow-Top vs Euro-Top

Pillow top and Euro top mattresses are soft, plush options that offer extra cushioning and support. Pillow top mattresses have an additional layer of padding that resembles a pillow. In contrast, euro top mattresses have a flush, seamless transition between the top layer and other parts.

Pillow Top vs Euro Top

The pillow-top is made of a gusseted layer of foam or fiber. Similar to their names, they provide a ‘pillowy’ soft feel to the sleepers.

It is sewn leaving a small gap resulting in a distinct layering style differentiating it from the uniform look of a euro-top. They feel plush throughout the mattresses’ surface.

Euro-Top is also made of fiber or foam. However, it makes use of denser materials. It is sewn with the edges of the mattress resulting in a softer feel in the middle and a harder feel around the edges.

They seem flattened and nearly stacked compared to pillow-Tops.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPillow-TopEuro-Top
AttachmentThey are attached to the top part of the mattress coverThey are attached below the mattress cover
Aesthetic appearanceLess aestheticMore aesthetic
DurabilityLess durableMore durable as they have fewer chances to shift or flatten with use
Motion isolationNot good at absorbing motions on bedPerfect for absorbing movements on the bed.
SoftnessGenerally softer as there is no additional material between the mattress and add-on layerNot as soft as pillow-tops
CostLessSlightly higher than pillow-tops
Edge supportLessMore compared to pillow-tops

What is Pillow-Top?

One of the most popular types of mattresses, pillow-tops have an extra layer of padding on top. They are also known as boxtop mattresses.

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This gives unparalleled comfort and support. They are commonly found in hotels and are considered a sign of luxury. The extra layer of padding can be composed of materials ranging from cotton to latex.

You can choose the material for this layer. They ensure softness the entire night. It also evenly distributes the weight on all parts of the bed.

This helps in removing pressure points and other possible discomforts. Moreover, they do not entrap the body heat, thus, a person’s sleep is not interrupted, aiding in a good night’s sleep.

In addition to the above, pillow-top mattresses are great for back support. It works best when made of memory foam because of its contouring quality.

The best part about pillow-tops is that it is suitable for all kinds of sleepers including the ones who sleep on their side.

This is possible as they are made on innerspring mattresses, perfectly balancing the comfort offered by the extra layer with support produced by the coil system.

However, pillow-top mattresses cannot be flipped as the padding is present on only one side. Additionally, the additional layer means that regular sheets cannot be used for these mattresses.

They are thicker than usual mattresses and thus require deeper mattresses.

What is Euro-Top?

Euro-top mattresses also have an additional layer of padding sewn to the inside of the mattress cover. This imparts the much-needed softness without any additional change to the overall look of the mattress.

This ensures even cushioning on all sides of the mattress including its sides offering enhanced edge support. These can be made of various high-quality materials but the most commonly used ones are:

  • Latex Foam- Organic latex is an eco-friendly bedding material used in euro-tops. These mattresses also have high responsiveness meaning high bounce and don’t retain the body temperature of the sleeper. However, they are not good at isolating motion or contouring.
  • Memory Foam: These mattresses are the most commonly used euro-tops. First used by NASA, these mattresses are the best in terms of contour implying they can conform perfectly to all body shapes, offer pressure relief and unbeatable support. However, they are not good body heat retainers and are not very responsive.
  • Fiberfill: These are a mix of rayon, polyester, and other kinds of synthetic materials. These give a feel similar to natural down. They have an advantage in terms of price as they are the most budget-friendly option available.
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Thus, euro tops are great if you are looking for a plush feel. However, the downside is the increase in price and decrease in air circulation in the innerspring.

Main Differences Between Pillow-Top and Euro-Top

  1. Pillow-tops are less aesthetic compared to euro-tops. This is because pillow-tops are sewn on top while euro-tops are sewn into the bed cover.
  2. Pillow-tops are less durable compared to euro-tops. With time, pillow-tops get flattened out and form an uneven sleep surface.
  3. Pillow-tops are not as good as euro-tops in absorbing body motions. Euro-tops are great at motion isolation.
  4. Pillow-tops are softer than euro-tops owing to their design.
  5. Pillow-tops feel harder on the edges. On the other hand, Euro-tops feel even throughout even on the edges.
Difference Between Pillow Top and Euro Top
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Last Updated : 14 July, 2023

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