Difference Between Pinterest and Reddit (With Table) 

Around the world, many small businesses have not understood their social media’s presence importance. It is vital to grow proper responses with the help of the right networks and social media. In the long term, it can offer a lot of benefits. The merits of social media are worthy in building up the business.  

You can also improve and provide customer service to your business. This can result in communicating with the customer and also retaining them. Business growth to a great extent can be done by a brilliant social media strategy. In this article, the chief aim is on differentiating Pinterest and Reddit

Pinterest vs Reddit 

The main difference between Pinterest and Reddit is that anyone who wants to get or share inspiration from the social network of Pinterest is the target audience for Pinterest. On the other hand, the target audience for Reddit can be anyone who wants to upvote posts, posts, or read in specific communities.

Pinterest is a social curation website for categorizing and sharing images found online. Pinterest is a portmanteau of the words generally Pin and Interest. Pinterest categories consist of art, architecture, fashion, home decor, food and drink, DIY and crafts, travel, and science, among an almost endless other possibilities list.

Reddit combines mainly social news, web content, a social network, and a forum into one giant beast of a platform. The registered users can do contribute to the site through content like videos, images, links, and text. By other members, all content on the site can be voted down and up. 

Comparison Table Between Pinterest and Reddit 

Parameters of ComparisonPinterestReddit
FoundedOn December 2009On June 2005
FoundersEvan Sharp, Ben Silbermann, and Paul SciarraAaron Swartz, Steve Huffman, and Alexis Ohanian
IndustryInternetAdvertising and social media
Type of siteSocial media serviceSocial news

What is Pinterest? 

Pinterest is a social media and image-sharing service designed to enable the discovery and sharing of information on the Internet. This can be done by using images, and on a smaller scale, videos and animated GIFs in the form of pinboards. It is generally operated by Pinterest, Inc.  

Pinterest is a free website that needed registration to use. Currently, the service is through a web browser and also apps for Windows 10 PCs, Android and iOS. There were monthly active users of over 400 million as of July 2020.  

The creators behind Pinterest summarized its services as a “catalog of ideas” that helps to inspire users “to do that thing.” It also consists of a large fashion profile. In upcoming years, it has also been considered a “visual search engine.”  

Pinterest has a system of notification that copyright holders use to request that from the site the content be removed. Pinterest users cannot claim the status of safe harbor and for pining copyright material they are exposed to possible legal action. 

What is Reddit? 

Reddit is generally a forum’s large group in which registered users can talk related to almost anything. It can be from technology, to pop culture, to comics, to literature, to film, to the weirdest thing consisting very NSWF or simply Not Safe for Work stuff.  

When it comes to subreddits, they are specialized forums that describe as r/” topic.” Active subreddits are more than 130,000. Except for private subreddits, you can participate and read in all of them freely. Subscription of subreddits can also be done to appear their most popular posts on your personalized Reddit.  

From October 2021, which is the latest figure highlights that active unique users each month are 430 million. Through this, in the United States, it comes at No. 7 as the most visited site and in the world at No. 19. Reddit users sometimes call themselves Redditors.  

The top five most popular subreddits according to the latest subscriber figures are r/ funny, r/ Ask Reddit, r/ gaming, r/ aww, and r/ music. There is also a community dedicated to about every single interest, fandom, hobby, and daily life’s general aspect. 

Main Differences Between Pinterest and Reddit 

  1. Some of the social networking features of Pinterest are advertising management, privacy options, social media integration, and user profiles. On the contrary, social media tagging, real-time chat, group management, and activity news feed are some of the social networking features of Reddit.  
  2. The alternatives of Pinterest are Dribble, Imgur, Flickr, Open Social, Instagram, Charodix Community Platform, and many more. In contrast, Quora, Noodle, Mighty Networks, Twitter, Mastodon, etc. are some of the alternatives of Reddit.  
  3. When it comes to categories, both Pinterest and Reddit can be classified as social networks. Further unique categories, Pinterest has no such unique categories. On the other hand, Reddit is classified as social media advertising  
  4. Business needs can be met better with the help of Pinterest. For roadmaps and feature updates, the direction of Pinterest is preferred. On the flip side, whether it is business needs, feature updates, or roadmaps Reddit lacks behind Pinterest.  
  5. The target audience for Pinterest can be anyone who wants to get or share inspiration from the social network of Pinterest. Meanwhile, anyone who wants to upvote posts, post, or read in specific communities are the target audience for Reddit. 


It can be concluded that both Pinterest and Reddit improve and provide customer service to your business. Thus, result to communicate with the customer and also retain them. Pinterest is a kind of social media service site. On contrary, Reddit is a kind of social news site. When it comes to supporting, Pinterest can be supported online, whereas Reddit is also supported offline.  

When it comes to origin, the origin of Pinterest can be traced to December 2009, when it was founded by Evan Sharp, Ben Silbermann, and Paul Sciarra. On the other hand, the origin of Reddit can be traced to June 2005, when it was founded by Aaron Swartz, Steve Huffman, and Alexis Ohanian. Pinterest is the type of Internet industry. Meanwhile, Reddit is a type of advertising and social media industry. 


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