Podcasts vs Radio: Difference and Comparison

Radio communication was highly prevalent in the past when every news bulletin or advertising (which were very rare) was broadcast over the radio.

These messages are sent across radio waves and are received by a vast number of people. In the last decade, the popularity of podcasts has skyrocketed on the internet, attracting audiences looking for topics that interest them.

Key Takeaways

  1. Podcasts are pre-recorded audio programs available on demand, while radio broadcasts are live and follow scheduled programming.
  2. Podcasts offer a wide range of niche topics, while radio programming is more general and caters to a broader audience.
  3. Radio broadcasts rely on a specific frequency for transmission, while podcasts are distributed through various online platforms.

Podcasts vs Radio 

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Podcasts vs Radio

Podcasts are audio series that are delivered in episodes that explore a specific material or topic using personal experiences, examples, books, or other sources.


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These episodes are issued in chronological order by the creator and can be downloaded or listened to at any time, anywhere.

Radio is a long-established mode of transmission, entertainment, and communication. Radio was the ultimate source of entertainment when television was scarce in homes.

Different radio stations were broadcast across radio waves, and people listened to a variety of programs of various genres and themes. It was mostly utilized to broadcast news, bulletins, and music during the time.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPodcastsRadio
MediumIt is a medium where any particular topic is being discussed in audio files on the internet.It is a medium where communication is done through the radio waves signal.
ScheduleThere is no defined schedule as it is uploaded in parts and can be downloaded and listened anytime.They have a defined schedule for the shows and the one has to stick to it.
ContentIt may vary depending on the interest of the creator.The content of the radio shows depends on the requirement of the audience to communicate or provide information to a mass audience.
Shelf LifeMonths or years as they can be downloaded and can listen anytimeIt is limited till the broadcast of the show.
AudienceThe number of audiences can be checked.The number of audience in a radio show cannot be calculated or guessed.

What are Podcasts?

Podcasts are a combination of two things: broadcasting and iPod. It is described as when a creator uploads their thoughts or experiences on a specific issue in the form of a series of digital audio or video.

Because it is unable to examine numerous choices, the feature of podcasting has grown in popularity over the previous decade.

Anyone can make a podcast; all that is required is to choose a platform and have a good internet connection. Once uploaded to the internet, these podcasts can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

There are no limitations on the creator’s ability to upload episodes or series within a certain time frame.

Podcasts cover practically every subject imaginable, including food, love, politics, mental health, and much more. There is no time limit for the audience, and they have access to a wide library.

Spotify, Gaana, Anchor, and JioSaavn are some of the apps that offer this capability.

radio 1

What is Radio?

Radio is a multi-purpose medium for communication, transmission, and entertainment.

However, radio was primarily utilized to deliver essential news or bulletins, as well as weather forecasting, over the radio waves network. Radio was used to deliver music in a variety of languages.

Radio programs that are broadcast on the channels are scheduled and restricted for the audience because they have a time limit that they must adhere to. Because these programs will not be broadcast again, their shelf life is very temporary.

When information needs to be disseminated to large groups of people, radios are employed as communication or broadcasting medium. 91.1, 92.7, 93.5, 95.0, 108.3, and others are some of the well-known and popular radio stations.


Main Differences Between Podcasts and Radio

  1. A podcast is a new medium where people can express their thoughts and views through their audio while comparatively, on the other hand, the Radio is an old-time medium where the views, expressions, etc., are expressed or shared through the radio waves.
  2. The schedule of any podcast doesn’t have any restriction of time as it can be uploaded by the creator at any time of the hour while comparatively, on the other hand, the schedule for any radio show is fixed and complex and is aired for a limited time.
  3. The content of the podcasts majorly includes the self-experiences of an individual while comparatively, on the other hand, in a radio show, multiple topics are discussed from food to politics, every topic is covered to reach a large audience. 
  4. The shelf life for any podcast is limited to months and years. This is also because they can be downloaded on the application via the internet and can listen to any time, anywhere while comparatively, on the other hand, the shelf life for any radio show is limited to the time frame of the show when it is aired. 
  5. The audience reaches for any podcasts can be checked within the applications while comparatively, on the other hand, the audience reach or number of listeners cannot be checked or guessed in a radio show. 
  6. Some of the applications offering podcasts features include – Spotify, Anchor, ganna.com, JioSaavn, and many more, while comparatively, on the other hand, some of the popular radio channels are – 91.1, 93.5, 95.0, 108.3, and many more.
Difference Between Podcasts and Radio


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