Difference Between Poke Bowl and Chirashi

Poke Bowl and Chirashi are both different types of food dishes. They are often confused in place of each other since they look kind of the same, but their flavors are different as well as the places where they have originated and are most popular.


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Both the bowls of food may view similar once seen, but if to be looked closely, one would see the different ingredients that make the dish that they are. The main thing common between them is that both dishes use raw fish and various vegetables in their preparation. Their taste, on the other hand, is quite distinctive.

Poke Bowl vs Chirashi

The difference between Poke Bowl and Chirashi is that Poke Bowl is that they use different types of fishes prepared for the bowl dish. Poke Bowl mainly uses one or two fishes, whereas Chirashi uses more types of fishes and seafood, including snapper, eel, octopus, and many other types depending on the choice of the eater.

Poke Bowl vs Chirashi

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Poke Bowl is basically a tuna fish salad that has types of oils, sauces like hot sauce with different vegetables. The dish can be eaten either as an entree or as a main course. It is quite spicy as the use of either wasabi, or hot sauce is a popular option to add to the prepared bowl of food.

Chirashi is a food bowl made with part rice and part sushi. Aside from these two ingredients, different types of veggies and other food products like eggs can be added depending on the palate of the eater. An option for vegetarians is there as well.

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Poke BowlChirashi
Preparation TimePoke Bowl less takes time to prepare.Chirashi uses more amount of ingredients and thus takes extra time to prepare.
Cuisine It is Hawaiian food.Chirashi belongs to Japanese cuisine.
IngredientsIt has fewer ingredients than Chirashi.Chirashi is full of different food ingredients.
Type of rice usedIn Poke Bowl, Jasmine rice is used.Chirashi has sushi rice in it, which is quite sticky compared to the rice used in Poke Bowl.
Type of fish usedPoke Bowl uses either tuna and salmon.Chirashi uses different variants of fishes that include eel, roe, snapper, and tuna or salmon.

What is Poke Bowl?

A poke bowl is a bowl that contains raw fish. It is Hawaiian cuisine. Poke means “to cut across into pieces,” and thus the name, Poke Bowl perfectly describes how the dish is prepared. The fish is cut into tiny cubes and mixed with other different food ingredients.

The main fish type used is either tuna or salmon. Aside from Poke, Octopus, cooked crab can be used if people don’t like to have raw fish. For one looking for a vegetarian option, they can exchange tofu and veggies in place of the raw fish.

The Poke in Poke Bowl is pronounced as “poh-kay.” The dosh has been around the 1970s but BECAME popular around the year 2016-17. Many cafés and restaurants make combinations of different ingredients that are different from how the traditional Poke is served. For example, having kale salads, noodles, etc., on the dish prepared.

poke bowl

What is Chirashi?

Chirashi is a Japanese sushi rice bowl. It consists of a base layer of short sticky rice, with the choice on the person of the vegetables and the seafood, as well as the topping.

It is typically made with sushi rice which is seasoned. Next comes raw fish and other types of seafood. A series of fishes, for example, tuna, yellowtail, eel, and salmon, are common choices for putting in the dish.

Chirashi’s fish is cut into sashimi-like pieces and mixed with salt, vinegar, and a little bit of sugar. The recipe does not include various sauces on the top, giving the person the taste of authentic raw fish.

Wasabi is one of the popular ingredients for the top, either to put on the top or take as a side sauce.


Main Differences Between Poke Bowl and Chirashi

  1. The form and size of fish used in both dishes are different. Poke Bowl uses cubes of the fish, whereas Chirashi uses the original state of the fish, which is a long rectangular one.
  2. The types of fish used are different as well. Poke Bowl uses fewer types of fishes in comparison to Chirashi. Poke bowl mainly has tuna as its main fish. Sometimes, tune in with addition to Salmon, but that’s all. Poke Bowl, on the other hand, has Salmon, tuna, roe, eel, and other types of fish in the food.
  3. The rice used in the bowl is different as well. Traditionally, Poke Bowl contains long-grain Japanese rice, while Chirashi has sushi rice. Now, people may change them for healthier options like broken rice, etc.
  4. The flavors of the dish are different as well since Poke Bowl uses a series of sauces on the top of the fish, whereas Chirashi traditionally does not have sauces on top of it. But it may be dipped on any side sauce.
  5. Poke Bowl looks less complex as it has fewer ingredients than Chirashi. Chirashi uses more ingredients, thus, looks more featureful.
Difference Between Poke Bowl and Chirashi
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