Difference Between Political Parties and Interest Group

Similar terms are often confused because they don’t know the difference between the terms. The same thing happened with the terms political parties and interest group people considered both the terms the same, and they think there is no difference between these terms.

Political Parties vs Interest Group

The main difference between political parties and interest groups is political parties are involved in the election process and aim to win it. On the other hand, an interest group does not get involved in the electoral process and generally focus on one or two specific issues.

Political parties vs Interest group

The political parties are the entity that acts as a mediator between the political sphere and the population. Parties can also mean where people of the country can know the matter on social issues, and political terms and are informed about the votes.

It is a group that is extremely involved in persuading the government for some matter. They basically focus on one or two specific matters.


Comparison Table Between Political Parties and Interest Group

Parameters of Comparison Political Parties Interest group
Meaning Political parties are the entity who can act as the mediator between the political sphere and population.The interest group also acts as the mediator between the political sphere and the population.
Aim A political party’s basic aim is to support the candidate from their party and make him win in the election.The interest group aims to influence the government and people’s decisions and take care of the specific matter.
Flexible Political parties are flexible as they attract the crowd so that they can win in the election.Interest groups are inflexible, as they cannot attract a large number of people in the country.
Size The size of the political parties does not help the parties to win the candidate in the election.The size of the interest group gives the advantage as they can influence the decision of the people.
Deals to issuePolitical parties concentrate on matters like immigration, education, taxes, health care, etc.Interest parties focus on specific matters like political, economic, political changes, advantages and disadvantages of abortion, advantages, and disadvantages of abortion. 


What are Political Parties?

These parties mainly focus on the matter like social welfare of the people, equity of rights is given to each citizen in the country, taxes are fairly paid, maintain a good and healthy foreign relation, each one has given health care and gun control.

 This party’s motive is to gain power by supporting its own candidate in the parties so that they can make their own decision in the different issues because of which they are generally criticized for focusing the interest of politicians first before the needs of the citizen.

political parties

What is Interest Group?

The interest group is basically the group of people who share a similar opinion on some matters which come together to affect public opinion.

 Interest groups consist of labor unions, social groups, student unions, corporations, and businesses. This group is involved in a specific matter like environmental matter, minimum wages, or gun control. T

interest group 1

Main Differences Between Political Parties and Interest Group

  1. Both political parties and interest groups are created by individuals with common ideals, visions, and goals.
  2. Both political parties and interest groups focus on political, economic, and political change.



As the primary difference between political parties and interest groups have been told, it will be easy to understand as both political parties and interest groups share the same ideas in the political, economic, and political changes.

Political parties focus on the country’s power; if the party’s candidate wins, the interest group does not participate in the election. Still, its prime focus is to influence the government’s decision in the specific matter by campaigning, rally, etc.


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