Difference Between Politics and Political Science (With Table)

Politics vs Political Science

The key difference between Politics and Political Science lies in the fact that Politics means the act of governing a state or a country or decision making regarding some particular topics whereas political science is a study regarding politics and governmental affairs happening in a country.

Politics deals with the improvement of the country while political science deals with gaining information regarding political patterns.

Political science and politics are two of the many things that are commonly confused mainly because of the closeness that they exhibit.

Politics is sometimes referred to as the state of affair of a country with the inclusion of the government and all the decisions it makes.

Political science, on the other hand, is just a science that deals with the study of politics and their different theories in order to have a better understanding of how things and theories work out.

Politics has a concentration mainly on the implementation of social and economic policies in a state or country by the government of the area.

Parameter of ComparisonPoliticsPolitical Science
What it entailsA Social ActivityA Social Science
What it involves - ObjectivesConcerned with the day activities of a governmentStudy the origin nature and function of the state
PerceptionHave different views from state to state.Constant worldwide or universally
People involved in learningEveryone is involvedSpecifically studied by students
MethodologyDoes not give any classificationClassifies the theoretical and philosophical basis of any given political system.
ComparabilityDoes not compare anything.Compares the different types of governance that exist between different countries and regions
PracticalityPractitioners i.e. they practice what they sayMore of theorist rather than practitioners


What is Politics?

Politics is defined as the state of affairs of a given country with the inclusion of its government structures and the decisions made by the ruling party.

Politics being an activity that is mainly involved with the management of the country, it also involves the following:

  1. Managing the economic resources of a county, state or region
  2. Making decisions and creating, implementation and the execution of the law.
  3. Governing a county or state.
  4. Creating strategies that are aimed at improving the livelihood of the citizens C
Politics involves multiple political parties

What is Political Science?

This is the study of the theoretical and practice of politics and government at either the international level or at the country level.

Political science has a different subcategory which includes the following,

  1. Political Theory deals with exploring what a better and ideal political world would be like and how to achieve this political world.
  2. Comparative Politics which deal mainly with the comparison of politics within a country other than between different countries
  3. Public Law which deals with the relationship between the state and Individuals.
  4. Public administration that deals with the day-to-day administration and governance of a country or state.
  5. International relationships deal with the relationship between the country state and not within like comparative politics.

With an evaluation mainly on public policies and government, it should be known that political science has a focus on the theoretical part and tries to have a better understanding of how things are and work.

Political Science
Political science is the study of practices followed by parties

Main Differences Between Politics and Political Science

  1. In politics, administrator or the locals can easily participate in politics where as the political science field is many made up of political doctors and academics.
  2. Political science mainly involves the learning of new political patterns and observing those patterns overtime whereas politics has the main aim of igniting the masses with the aim of raising the living standards of the citizen.
  3. Whereas politics mainly is the affair of the country with the aspect of governance, political science on the other hand studies these aspects of governance and finds a way of proving theoretical that facilitates the understanding of this aspect of governance.
  4. The political main deal with the masses (People) problems with the aim of solving these problems through the attainment of power while political science deals with improving the structures and practices of the political organizations.
  5. Politics is an ART and anyone is free to participate thus making it a social activity while political science is the social science that is involved in learning the behavior and patterns of political systems.
  6. The location of application of politics in country wide and it varies from country to country r region to region but in the case of political science it happens all over the universe and the principle or rule of engagement are constant and they don’t vary
  7. Political science looks at the nation while politics mainly involves dialogue between two or more parties with the aim or ironing out the difference.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Politics and Political Science

? What are the three branches of political science?

Political science belongs to social scientific research that covers the clinical analysis of the political task, as well as habits, the academic, as well as functional applications of national politics, and the systems of governance.

The three main branches are:

  1. Political theory,
  2. Public law, as well as
  3. Public administration.

The public law branch of government represents the constitutional, administrative, as well as worldwide laws.

The political theory covers the research study of regulation, justice, civil liberties, as well as the government.

  1. Public administration worries the following areas:
  2. Scientific research
  3. Business economics
  4. Sociology as well as social works
  5. History
  6. Legislation
  7. Psychology
  8. Business administration
  9. Catastrophe management
  10. Environmental science

? ‍ ? ‍ ? ‍ ? Who is the father of political science?

The Ancient Greek thinker Aristotle is referred to as “the father of political science.”

His jobs “The National politics” and “Nicomachean Values” among many others assessed political systems on a thoughtful basis.

Aristotle survived from 384-322 B.C. as well as researched numerous techniques, consisting of biology, rhetoric, logic, as well as the federal government.

His different areas of interest affected his political philosophy.

? What are the branches of politics?

The three branches of politics are:

  1. Executive
  2. Legislative
  3. Judicial

? Who coined the term political science?

Jean Bodin, a French jurist, as well as political theorist, coined the term political science.

The 6 Books of the Commonwealth was his major work that was thought about a good deal in political science.

? What are the five methods of political science?

Political science is social research worrying the allocation, as well as the transfer of power in decision making, the duties, and systems of administration including federal governments as well as international companies, political behavior, as well as public laws.

They determine the success of governance, as well as details policies by checking out many variables, including:

  1. Security
  2. Public health
  3. Justice
  4. Peace
  5. Product wide range

Some political scientists look for advance favorable, effort to define precisely how things are, instead of exactly how they need to be, theses by evaluating national politics.

Others advance normative hypotheses, by making specific plan recommendations.



Politics vs Political Science



The evolution of politics and political science is always on the move and changing on a daily basis.

As much as the two are closely related terms, they have a very large difference and the two terms are at most of the time confused to mean one and the same thing.

With the main difference being on the application of the two terms with political science dealing with the theoretical approach of politics and trying to understand it from a theoretical point of view, whereas politics deal with practicality and the things of the government.

The modern view of these two terms suggests they are synonyms and that there exists no difference between them.

Such that it would be wrong, unwise and inappropriate to describe politics as the study of governments, state and political relations.


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Politics and Political Science
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