Difference Between Product and Production Concept

In the marketing world, businesses are supposed to design the pattern of strategies that satisfy customers’ needs, maximize the level of profit, raise sales, and beat their competitors. The term product and production concepts are frequently compared.


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The idea of a product concept is known as similar to the marketing concept because it includes the production of a product as accepted by the user.

On the other hand, the production concept means that a brand or firm has to concentrate on products that can generate the most accurately. Low-cost products would produce by firms and it is believed that this cost will drive the demand for the product.

Product vs Production Concept

The difference between Product and Production Concept is that the concept of the product is to create a good quality item/product which should be reliable along with unique features for the consumers. The concept of production is to make the product available in the market at an affordable price.

Product vs Production Concept

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonProduct ConceptProduction Concept
Preference of ConsumersProducts that offer the best quality, performance, and creative specifications are preferred by consumersProducts that are broadly available and inexpensive are preferred by consumers
MeaningImprovements in quality productsEasily accessible products
Business GoalTo enhance the quality of the product, creating new features, etc.To enhance the quantity of production and to reduce the average cost.
ProfitGets profit by providing a good quality productGets profit by expanding large scale production
PriorityGives priority on the productGives priority on the production

What is the Product Concept?

The meaning of Product Concept is that customers or consumers prefer a product that offers the best quality, performance, and features. In order to deliver the best possible product to the customer as per their requirement and expectation, this concept is a necessary one.

To achieve success, a product is not going to be complete by itself and it will need other factors such as- business-like marketing, delivery, sales, service, etc.

A firm or company can create an identity of the product and also can add practical value and advantages by using the Product concept. As a result, the expected customers can collect this benefit and sooner or later they will buy the product in the market.

Towards the market, the product concept is known as one of the orientations & marketing approaches that can be followed by a company.

The other strategies are Selling Concepts, Production Concepts, and Marketing Concepts, etc. Pull Marketing is created because of better products that provide aid in the success of the brand.

And every creative innovation helps to get new products with features which will attract more customers.

For example, Apple is one of the companies that focuses extremely on their product concept to deliver the best products to their customers. Their products are considered to be of high quality with ingenious features and tremendous accomplishments.

So, consumers want to purchase the products of Apple and that generates a pull marketing.

Therefore, this is the proper definition of the Product Concept along with its overview.

product concept

What is the Production Concept?

The production concept can be called a very effective organizational adjustment than any of the lists of other marketing concepts. It says the actual truth about how humans will prefer products that are inexpensive and can be easily found.

In the mid1950s this concept was discovered during the time of production era of early Capitalism. In that time, organizations concerned themselves principally with creation, assembling, and effectiveness issues.

Also, during this time, the ‘Says Law’ was developed with the idea of supply and demand. The actual thought behind this concept is that to maximize profitability and scale, businesses will always prefer to generate extensively cheap products in maximum volumes.

The owners of these businesses believe that customers are initially interested in product availability and low prices. In this way sometimes customer’s needs might not be fully addressed.

This kind of attempt is apparently most productive at the point when a business works in high development markets or where the potential for economies of scale is noteworthy.

production concept

Main Differences Between Product and Product Concepts

  1. In the product concept, even if the price of the product is high, a good quality product will sell itself.  On the other hand, in the production concept, if the firm produces in bulk amount, the cost of production will be less, and so it will attract the customers for its low cost and will be easily sold.
  2. In the product concepts, consumers will always want the products that offer the most value in quality, performance, and innovative features. And in the production concepts, consumers will favor products that are available around them and are budget-friendly.
  3. The product concept can be followed by customers through the improvement in the product. Under other conditions, the production concept will be followed by upgrading the amount of product effectiveness and distribution coverage.
  4. The goal of the product concept is providing good quality rich products, with creative features and outstanding performance to the customers. And production concept targets at accomplishing economies of scale, through a major number of production and improving the supply chain.
  5. In a product concept, the product usually gets the utmost preference, and in the production concept, the production of goods will be given top priority.
  6. In the product concepts approach, the advancement of the product in terms of its features, performance, and quality are the means to achieve the end goals. In production concepts, maximizing projects, production should be done on a large scale which will make sure obvious availability and affordability of the product.
  7. A product concept is known as the thought for an item or product. And a production concept is known as the concept of conceiving to create the product.
  8. The production concept is useful for the companies when the demand for a product outruns the supply, and the cost of the product is too high. The product concept is nothing like that.
Difference Between Product and Production Concept


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