Progressive Snapshot vs Allstate Drivewise: Difference and Comparison

Progressive Snapshot and Allstate Drivewise are both types of car insurance apps. These apps deal with car insurance and their rate management.

They are usage-based insurance providers with reduced rates for drivers having a better record at driving, as examined by the app through GPS tracking and AI data.

Key Takeaways

  1. Progressive Snapshot tracks driving behavior through a plug-in device or mobile app, while Allstate Drivewise uses a mobile app only.
  2. Snapshot offers an initial discount and further potential savings at renewal, whereas Drivewise provides ongoing rewards and cashback.
  3. Both programs monitor driving habits, but Snapshot’s discount is mainly based on hard braking, while Drivewise focuses on speed, braking, and time of day.

Progressive Snapshot vs Allstate Drivewise

Progressive Snapshot is an American insurance brand that focuses on automobiles and cars, it was launched in 2008, and they’re known for its fair discount rates. Allstate Drivewise is an American car insurance company that was founded in 2010, and they’re known for their cashback policies.

Progressive Snapshot vs Allstate Drivewise

Progressive Snapshot is a car insurance provider that provides its users with reduced insurance prices by means of discounts provided to them as a reward for their safe driving.


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The measures of safe driving are as stated by the app, and if followed, one gets discounted rates on their car insurance.

Allstate Drivewise is another car insurance provider that provides its users with reduced insurance prices by means of cashback provided to them as a reward for their safe driving.

The app also states the measures of safe driving, and if followed, one gets cashback on the amount paid for their car insurance.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonProgressive SnapshotAllstate Drivewise
AboutProgressive Snapshot is a user-based car insurance provider.Allstate Drivewise is also a user-based car insurance provider.
Launched InProgressive Snapshot was launched in 2008.Allstate Drivewise was launched in 2010.
UserProgressive Snapshot users have to be insurance members of the company.Any new or existing member can use Allstate Drivewise.
RewardProgressive Snapshot provides its users with discounts.Allstate Drivewise provides its users with cashback.
PremiumThe insurance premium of Progress Allstate is less.The insurance premium of Allstate Drivewise is more.

What is Progressive Snapshot?

Progressive Cooperation is an American insurance company and one of the best insurance companies in the market.

It stands third in collecting insurance and is the number one car insurance company in the United States of America. Snapshot is a car insurance device introduced by the company Progressive.

Initially launched in 2008, Snapshot was a plug-in device connected to the car itself that tracked the movements of the car.

In 2015 however, the device was introduced as a mobile app that could be connected to the car with the help of local networks like Bluetooth. The app version is a very popular one among users today.

What Snapshot does is that it tracks the user’s driving habits, and this makes reports on it.

According to the app, the mileage of the user’s car, sudden and frequent brake or acceleration, etc., are considered as bad driving.

Suppose a user, however, avoids sudden movements and drives regularly, then with the help of this data. In that case, the user is provided with discounted rates for their insurance premium to be paid to Progressive for their car.

Their manual states that up to 130 dollars can be reduced from their original premium for good driving. Being on the phone while driving is also considered a bad driving habit by Snapshot.

What is Allstate Drivewise?

Allstate Cooperation is another insurance provider in the United States of America. It is an American company and is well known for its car insurance.

It was classified as the fourth largest insurance collector in America by the National Commission of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). Drivewise is their car insurance app.

Initially launched in 2010, Allstate was a plug-in device much like Snapshot.

However, in the year 2014, Allstate released its free mobile app for tracking the data of the users driving habits with the help of GPS tracking and other AI technologies just like Progressive Snapshot.

Its work is very similar to Snapshot. It tracks the driving habits of the user and makes reports on them.

According to the app, the speed of driving according to area-wise speed limits, sudden acceleration or braking, or even late-night driving is considered a bad driving habit and hence is said to be avoided.

And if done so effectively, the user is awarded cashback on the premium paid to the company for their car insurance.

It is said that when properly followed, up to 25% savings can be done with Drivewise. Also, discounts are provided the first time you sign up as a new user of their app or insurance company.

Main Differences Between Progressive Snapshot and Allstate Drivewise

  1. Progressive Snapshot was launched before Allstate Drivewise. However, the mobile app version of these devices was first launched by Allstate.
  2. Progressive Snapshot provides its rewards to users who are already existing customers with Progressive, while any new user can download the app of Allstate Drivewise.
  3. Progressive Snapshot considers high mileage as a bad driving habit, while Allstate Drivewise does not.
  4. Progressive Snapshot does not consider talking on the phone while driving as a criterion for driving, while Allstate Drivewise does.
  5. Progressive Snapshot does not provide any initial sign-up discounts to their new users, but Allstate Drivewise does.
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