PUBG Lite vs PUBG Steam: Difference and Comparison

Player Unknown’s Battleground, popularly known as PUBG, is an online multiplayer battle royal game. It was developed by PUBG Corporation, which became one of the most popular games in no time.


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It is available for computers in two versions; the first is PUBG Steam, and the other is PUBG Lite.

Key Takeaways

  1. PUBG Lite is a free-to-play game designed to run on low-end PCs, while PUBG Steam is the game’s original version available for purchase on the Steam platform.
  2. PUBG Lite has fewer maps and game modes than PUBG Steam and has a smaller player base, while PUBG Steam offers a more diverse and immersive experience with a larger player base.
  3. PUBG Lite has lower system requirements and is optimized for low-end PCs, while PUBG Steam requires higher system specifications and is optimized for high-end PCs.

PUBG Lite vs PUBG Steam

Pubg lite is a mobile game which is freely available to play. There are few maps in pubg lite. The player base of pubg lite is small. Pubg lite is easy to play. Pubg steam is a paid version of pubg. Users have to pay to purchase this game to play. The player base of pubg steam is large. The levels in pubg steam are very difficult.

PUBG Lite vs PUBG Steam

PUBG Lite was launched in early 2019 as a lighter version of PUBG Steam. It is an online multiplayer battle royal game available for free to play.

It solved the problems of many gamers who could not enjoy the old version of PUBG because of their low-end older pc as PUBG Lite was available to run on pc with low specs.

PUBG Steam was launched in 2017 for pc. It is a Battle royal game in which 100 players parachute into a constantly decreasing area and face off against each other.

The last man standing is declared the winner. It has high graphics, which require a high-end specs computer to render all the data smoothly.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPUBG LitePUBG Steam
Graphics It has low graphics.It has high-end graphics.
Difficulty LevelIt is easy to win a chicken dinner.It has a great difficulty level.
IndicatorsIt shows pointers on the screen to indicate the direction of bullets and other sounds.It does not have any such kind of indicators.
PriceIt is available for free.It is costly as PUBG Lite is free.
Computer It requires a computer with low-end specs.It requires a computer with high-end specs.

What is PUBG Lite?

PUBG Lite is an online multiplayer battle royal game launched in January 2019, a lighter version of PUBG Steam.

It has both First-person and Third-person perspective modes to play, and almost all the features and themes of the game are the same as its initial version, PUBG Steam.

It is a free version of PUBG Steam, and it was developed by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of the South Korean video game company ‘Bluehole’.

It uses Unreal Engine 4 and allows users to experience this game on their low-end old computers, as they could not play PUBG Steam because it demanded computers with high specs.

It was first released only in Thailand on 24 January 2019 as a closed beta. Later after a few weeks, it was released in nine southeast countries, and then it kept released in other countries.

Initially, it had only two classical maps of PUBG Steam: Erangel and Miramar. With every regular update, it kept releasing more content and other maps in the game.

Now it is in an open beta state and available in over 100 countries. It has all four classic maps of the original PUBG.

It is free, but the company terminated the official support in April 2020.

pubg lite

What is PUBG Steam?

PUBG Steam is a battle royal game developed by Brendan Greene. It is an online multiplayer game inspired by the 2000 Japanese movie Battle Royal.

It was released in March 2017 as a beta program, and later in December 2017, it was fully released for Microsoft Windows and later for all major platforms.

Players can play solo, duo, or as a team in this game. A hundred players parachute to different places on the map and try to get as many supplies as possible to survive in the game.

The player has to kill other players and save themselves from getting killed. The playing area keeps decreasing to push players for a face-off, and the last player standing wins the chicken dinner.

It is the most-played, highest-grossing, and best-selling video game ever. It received positive reviews even after a few glitches in-game, as it can be played by any player with any skill level and has high replayable value.

It is a highly optimized game having high-end graphics which require pc with better specifications. In this game, a player can be aggressive and a sneak camper, making it a favourite for players of all backgrounds.

pubg steam

Main Differences Between PUBG Lite and PUBG Steam

  1. The main difference between PUBG Lite and PUBG Steam is that PUBG Lite is a less optimized game with low graphics, but PUBG Steam is a highly optimized game with high-end graphics.
  2. PUBG Lite can be played on older PCs having fewer specs. On the other hand, PUBG Steam requires a pc with high-end features.
  3. PUBG Lite shows indicators on the screen that show the direction of bullets and enemies, whereas PUBG Steam does not have such indicators, increasing its difficulty level.
  4. PUBG Lite is available for free and has a lower download size. On the other hand, PUBG Steam is a paid game.
  5. PUBG Lite is a later released version of PUBG Steam and launched in 2019, but PUBG Steam was released in 2017.
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