Difference Between PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite

The Online multiplayer battle game app was introduced by the PUBG Corporation. Player Unknown’s Battleground is similarly known as PUBG. PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite are online video games played by people in the world.


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Key Takeaways

  1. PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite are popular battle royale game versions with different graphics, features, and requirements.
  2. PUBG Mobile is a free-to-play game requiring high-end mobile devices with more realistic graphics and immersive gameplay.
  3. PUBG Lite is a lightweight game that can be played on low-end devices, has simpler graphics, and has limited features compared to PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile vs PUBG Lite

The difference between PUBG Mobile and PUBG lite is, PUBG Mobile was introduced in 2017, features and graphics are attracted by the people. In contrast to that, PUBG Lite is introduced in 2019, where the features and graphics are low compared to PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile vs PUBG Lite

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The Founder of PUBG Mobile is Brendan Greene in 2017, who has already had experience in designing the game concept. PUBG Mobile app became a popular and most using app throughout the world. One hundred players allow to drop off at a time. This is an online video gaming app.

Occupies more storage capacity, Where unknown players took part in having high-end graphics on Androids and laptops. PUBG Mobile was banned in some countries like India, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal.

On the other hand, PUBG Lite also introduced by Brendan Greene. It is an online gaming app having a part, countries like China and Korea. PUBG Lite is also the same as PUBG Mobile with low-end graphics and works well on 4GB ram mobiles. It is suited for low-space mobiles and laptops.

For installation in Laptops, the OS should be Window 7,8,10, 64bit, 8GB. It requires less storage capacity and free space compared to PUBG Mobile.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPUBG Mobile  PUBG Lite
Meaning  PUBG Mobile is an online video game played by unknown players founded by Brendan Greene where 100 players allow to drop off at a time.  PUBG Lite is an Online game played by unknown players founded by Brendan Greene where 60 players allow to drop off at a time.  
Establishment  It was introduced in 2017. It is the main version.  It was introduced in 2019. It is a continuous version.  
Version  31.5M Downloads 989MB 4.3.x+ Completion of 16 Seasons and Running 17th Season  0.21.0 for Android Completion of 22 Seasons and Running 23rd Season recently.    
Installation  PUBG Mobile must have an 8GB Ram for great performance. It can be played on a 4GB PC, but the performance is not good.  PUBG Lite requires a 4GB Ram PC, which we can download from the google play store for Androids.                   
Features  The graphics are very high.100 players can drop off at a time. Purchasing guns and items are large in quantity. Suited for high space mobiles.  The Graphics are low. The purchasing items in-game are very less in quantity. 60 players can drop off at a time. It is suited for low-space mobiles and laptops.   

What is PUBG Mobile?

Player Unknown’s Battleground is an online multiplayer battle royale video game. Brendan Greene designed PUBG Mobile in 2017. He is a game designer who already has experience in gaming concepts.

PUBG Mobile had introduced by PUBG Corporation, a Korean company that was involved partially. This app can run on a 4GB Ram PC but, the performance is low. It minimum requires 8GB Ram PC for smoothly running. Completed 16 Seasons and entered into 17th Season recently.

10.3 is the new updated version available in the google play store app. It consumes high data for installation. Required space is 650 MB and, storage capacity is 2.43GB. It has more graphic features, and also, purchase stuff availability is high.

Betting for the games that are online tournaments is allowed and, the refunded money can use for buying the guns and other items. Installation in laptop requires 8GB to 16GB OS Windows 7,8,10,64 bit.

Anyone can play this game legally by following some rules and instructions given by the PUBG Corporation in-app. By creating a Gaming Youtube Channel, one can play Tournaments and win the chicken dinner, which will declare as the winner.

Every year tournaments are taking place around the world.

PUBG Mobile was banned in Countries like India, Korea, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal because it is too addictive. The players undergo pressure and wild thoughts that affect the career. Psychiatrists suggested PUBG Mobile as a dangerous game.


What is PUBG Lite?

PUBG Lite is another version of an online gaming app with minute changes when differentiating with PUBG Mobile. PUBG Lite had also introduced by Brendan Greene in 2019. The Purpose of introducing PUBG Lite is available for Androids and laptops with low PC and also saves data.

The features are low-end graphics compared to PUBG Mobile. Purchasing Stuff PUBG LITE app is low. It runs smoothly on a 4GB Ram PC with good performance. It ended 22 Seasons and entered into the 23rd Season in March 2021. Required storage is 600 MB free space and 1GB Ram.

The Current Version of PUBG Lite is 0.21.0 for Androids. Here we can win Tournaments by playing on Gaming Youtube Channel with your performances. Here 60 players can drop off at a time and, matches have time limitations.

Because of Mental Health issues faced by players, PUBG Lite was prohibited in some countries. By observing players, Psychiatrists declared this game change the player mindset.

The players are influencing most by the battle for winning the price or game. In this process, players are going under pressure and, wild actions are taking place. For installation in Laptops, the OS should be Window 7,8,10, 64bit, 8GB.

pubg lite

Main Differences Between PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite

  1. .PUBG Mobile is a Multiplayer online video game introduced in 2019 by Brendan Greene with high-end graphics. On the other hand, PUBG Lite is a Multiplayer online video game introduced in 2017 by Brendan Greene with low-end graphics.
  2. Both PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite apps originate from the PUBG Corporation, where PUBG Mobile consumes more data and storage capacity compared to PUBG Lite.
  3. Storage Capacity should be 2.43GB for Installation of PUBG Mobile and smoothly runs on an 8GB RAM PC where running performance is great.
  4. PUBG Lite occupies less storage capacity. 1GB for installation and smoothly runs on 4GB RAM PC for Androids with good performance, Where PUBG Mobile can run on 4GB but, performance is too poor.
  5. PUBG Lite completed 22 seasons and entered into 23rd Season recently, Where PUBG Mobile completed 16 Seasons and entered into the 17th Season.
  6. On the whole, Psychiatrists observed and concluded that the mental conditions of players are not stable, So PUBG Lite and PUBG Mobile apps are closed in countries like India, China, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and many other countries.
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