PUBG Mobile vs PUBG PC: Difference and Comparison

Player Unknown Battlegrounds, also known as ‘PUBG’, is the new version of a battle royale game. Hundreds of players compete against each other with the minimal skills of survival, exploration and scavenger hunting, etc.


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Launched by the subsidiary of South Korean Company PUBG has become one of the best-selling and most-played video games.

Key Takeaways

  1. PUBG Mobile is a free-to-play battle royale game that can be played on mobile devices, while PUBG PC is a paid game that requires a gaming computer.
  2. PUBG PC offers better graphics and gameplay than PUBG Mobile, but PUBG Mobile is more accessible and has a larger player base.
  3. PUBG Mobile is often played for shorter periods, while PUBG PC offers longer, more immersive gaming sessions.

PUBG Mobile vs PUBG PC

The difference between PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC is that PUBG Mobile game is free to download, and PUBG PC is paid, which you must buy from a digital distribution service. PUBG PC has better graphics and visuals when compared to PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile has different game modes, which are fewer in PUBG PC. The developers frequently add different modes in PUBG Mobile to engage the audience.

PUBG Mobile vs PUBG PC

PUBG Mobile Game provides us with a different kind of gameplay. In Mobile, you can easily pick up the weapons and all the other things available. There is an auto-pickup in it. The user interface of a Mobile is different from the PC.

In PUBG Mobile, a touchscreen and triggers are used, whereas in PUBG PC, it is controlled through a mouse and keyboard.

PUBG PC has good graphics if we compare it to the Mobile game. PUBG Pc is a bit difficult to play as you have to manually select the weapons and map, which is automatically done in PUBG Mobile. PUBG PC makes the game look more natural and gives us an excellent experience.

Comparison Table

Parameter of Comparison PUBG MobilePUBG PC
GraphicsPUBG Mobile doesn’t have good graphics. It mostly has a lower resolution as compared to a PC.PUBG PC is known for having good graphics and design. With 1080 HD Resolution, it gives a natural feel.
ModelIt is free; anyone can download it from the app and ios store.It has a paid version. 
Game ModesIt has more game modes like Arena, PlayLab, and Ranked Solo, Dual, and Squad modes.It has comparatively fewer game modes and only has Ranked Squads.
GamePlayRecoiling guns and weapons are much easier.It is challenging to recoil the same game here, and it doesn’t have minimaps.
Additional FeatureIt has visual-audio cues and location-based features, and more customization options.It has fewer customization options than mobile, but it offers plenty of it.

What is PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile game is one of the best video games available for free worldwide. It has become so popular that since its release in 2017 till now it has almost 1 billion downloads. It offers a new type of gameplay that any user can play and is replayable.

It comes with the concept of battle royale in which there are different battlegrounds and a hundred players compete with you, and at the end, whoever survives wins the game.

PUBG Mobile has a lot of advantages if we distinguish it from PUBG PC.

To make the game much more attractive for mobile users, developers have added a lot of game modes in mobile, and a lot of customization option is available. Auto-pickup of guns and machinery has a user interface of touch and triggers.

It has minimaps and shows the location and blood marks on the player screen from where they were shot.

It is available for free to allow more users to discover the app. However, it has some cons also. But still, people who don’t have consoles or Xbox can play on mobile instead of cloning the game.


What is PUBG PC?

PUBG PC is a paid game that can be downloaded digitally from Steam. It was released on various platforms like Microsoft, Xbox, PlayStation, etc. One of the most prominent features of the PUBG PC is its impressive graphics, visuals, and designs.

The PC version game appears more realistic and smoother than the mobile version. There is much more detailing and decorations like extra rooms or closets available in PC, lacking in the former.

The PC Version is much more challenging to play and has slower gameplay. Due to manually picking up the items and attaching them, gun recoiling is very difficult. Due to the non-availability of minimaps, it is challenging to spot your enemies.

But it has 16x scopes, making it so natural, as if hitting and killing feels much more intimidating.

The Training Modes in both games are different. PUBG PC has Camp Jackal. Camp Jackal is much larger and grander than the Training Camp of Mobile. Here you can easily practice long-range battles and driving cars compared to Mobile.

PUBG PC has Ranked Squads, Solos, and Duals are not available, but Ranked Solos are expected to come.

pubg steam

Main Differences Between PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC

  1. PUBG Mobile plays the game in a lower resolution mode. If you try to play it in ultra mode, the gaming experience of PUBG Pc cannot match it, giving you a fantastic gaming experience.
  2. One of the advantages of PUBG Mobile is that it is free, and you can download and play it from app stores. Whereas for PUBG PC, you have to pay money for gaming.
  3. PUBG Mobile has more game modes like Arena, PlayLab, etc., and Ranked Solo, Dual, and Squad modes, while PUBG PC has significantly fewer modes like Classic mode.
  4. The gameplay and User Interface are very different in both. While PUBG Mobile has auto-pickup and minimaps on PC, loading the weapons and maps manually is difficult.
  5. PUBG Mobile has many options, like clothing, vehicles, weapons, etc., which are fewer in PUBG PC.
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