Quilt vs Dohar: Difference and Comparison

Across the country when the temperature starts to drop then we all look forward to snuggling in comfy blankets along for company some hot chocolate.

A blanket is a cover manufactured of wool, etc., and put on beds mainly to keep people warm. Buying bedding is never easy, particularly these days when people are spoilt for choice.  

To judge the material, feel, quality, and look can be difficult before actually using it on the bed. Quilt and Dohar are two of the materials famous for usage on bedding.

In this article, the chief aim is on differentiating quilt and Dohar


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Key Takeaways

  1. Quilts consist of three layers – a top layer, a middle layer of batting or insulation, and a bottom layer – stitched together. In comparison, dohars are lighter blankets made of two or three layers of cotton or muslin fabric.
  2. Quilts are warmer and thicker, ideal for colder climates, whereas dohars are lighter and more suitable for warmer temperatures.
  3. Quilts offer more intricate patterns and designs, while dohars have simpler designs and a more breathable feel.

Quilt vs Dohar 

A Dohar is a traditional Indian blanket made of cotton, often with intricate embroidery. It’s lightweight and ideal for the summer months. A quilt is similar to the Dohar but it’s thicker and heavier due to its extra layer of wool or silk padding, making it better suited for cooler weather.

Quilt vs Dohar

Quilts might contain valuable historical information related to their creators, “visualizing specific history segments in textured, tangible ways.“

Quilts are frequently displayed as art’s non-utilitarian works in the twenty-first century. Historically, quilts were used as bed covers in today this use persists.  

Dohar is sleek bedding manufactured by stitching two cotton sheets with generally fannel or cotton layers in between the two sheets. Traditionally, it has been a blanket for summer.

Throughout the year, it serves as ideal bedding when the temperature is cool 21- 24 degrees Celsius and when AC is turned on. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonQuiltDohar
MadeFrom two or more layers of fiber or fabricFrom three layers
MaterialCottonEither wool or cotton
Standard size54 x 75 inches60 x 90 inches
SymbolizePassion and loveCold seasons

What is Quilt? 

Traditionally, quilts comprise of woven back, a layer of batting, and a woven cloth top, all together stitched in decorative patterns.

Distinctive from other bed cover’s form because they are pieced along with many clothes pieces.  

There are several traditions concerning the usage of quilts. Modern quilts are not intended always for usage as bedding and might be used as table runners, tablecloths, or wall hangings.

Also, in garment design, quilting techniques are often incorporated.  

The quilt competitions and shows are held regionally, nationally, and locally. There are Internation competitions also specifically in Europe, Japan, and United States.

Artistic expression, armor, commemoration, campaigning, gift, bedding are some of the reasons a person decides to make a quilt.  

In the United States, the tradition of quilting is especially prominent where the creating warm bedding’s necessity met the local fabrics paucity in the early days of the colonies.

Quilting was a communal activity comprising all the girls and women in a larger community or family. 


What is Dohar? 

Dohar is a term mainly used to imply layer. A Dohar blanket is an Indian summer traditional blanket comprised of three years and made up of fine cotton muslin.

These layers are not quilted but generally stitched and can be either machine-made or homespun.  Once upon a time, Dohar was very popular as a traditional bedding option.

However, with period and more blanket options flooding the market and thus in popularity it witnessed a drastic fall. Dohar is rising once again in terms of popularity due to being in sync with nature. 

Size, print, color, quality, and type of cotton used are some of the things to keep in mind when choosing Dohar. There is also a need to keep factor in mind that its primary usage.

Dohar is appropriate for the climate if it is required to keep the chill away.  Some of the pros of Dohar are airy, hypoallergenic, light, letting the body breath, and a good option for clothes of a baby swaddle.

Also, it can be used as a piece of an AC blanket mainly during summer or simply during mild winters as a blanket. 

Main Differences Between Quilt and Dohar 

  1. The origin of the term quilt is traced back to Latin, namely Culcita which means mattress, cushion than in old French as cuilte and further named as a quilt. On the contrary, the term Dohar is traced back from a Hindi word, namely dohrana meaning layers.  
  2. There are no such alternative names of the quilt as its term usage across the world is the same. On the other hand, Dohar has distinctive names in different world parts like a coverlet, thin blanket, duvet, AC Dohar, and Indian comforter.  
  3. Some of the best quality manufacturers are Tex Styles Limited, Hast Shilp Quilts and Quilting Company, Lambiya Enterprises, VKV international, and ANU International. In contrast, Shoppers, Hub, ROMEE, S. Creation, Cozy Collections, and CRAFTOLA INTERNATIONAL are some of the manufacturers of Dohar.  
  4. When it comes to classification, quilts can be classified mainly into three, namely embroidered quilts, applique quilts, and patchwork quilts. On the flip side, there is no as such as classification of Dohar because there is a range of Dohar available in the market.  
  5. The purpose of the quilt is for decoration on the wall or a bed, to offer warmth. It might be given or made to mark important life events like the child’s birth, graduations, marriage. Meanwhile, the purpose of Dohar is to trap the heat inside and in chilly winter to keep warm. It also gives both functionalities and a look to your bed. 
Quilt vs Dohar – Difference Between Quilt and Dohar


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