R Squared vs Adjusted R Squared: Difference and Comparison

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Key Takeaways

  1. R-Squared measures the proportion of variation the model explains, whereas Adjusted R-Squared accounts for the number of predictors.
  2. Adjusted R-Squared penalizes the model for adding irrelevant predictors, while R-Squared may increase with added predictors.
  3. Adjusted R-Squared provides a more accurate representation of a model’s explanatory power, especially with multiple predictors.

R Squared vs Adjusted R Squared  

R Squared is a statistical measuring tool that is used to describe the difference between dependent and independent variables, and it was created by Dalton. Adjusted R Squared is a mathematical measuring tool that is used to change the predictor of models in regression variables.

R Squared vs Adjusted R Squared

R Squared is a demographical type of measurement that shows the variable dissimilarities. This measuring method helps to show the proportional dispute of the dependent variable described by the independent variable.

In Contrast, Adjusted R Square is the statistical measurement and a new modified version of R Square. The predictors that do not appear in a regression model had taken by the Adjusted R Squared method. 


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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonR Squared Adjusted R Squared 
Meaning  A statistical measurement uses to explain the dependent and independent variables. Adjusted R Squared is a measurement that predicts the regression variables.   
Symbol R Squared had symbolized as R^2. It had shown as Adjusted R^2.  
Introduced      R Squared had introduced by Galton where he is the creator of correlation. Adjusted R Squared is the new version model for the R Squared model. 
Formula   The formula of R Squared is R^2 = 1-(RSS/TSS). Formulas depend upon the solving models in the Adjusted R Squared model.  
Difference R Squared is a demographical measuring that use to find the coefficient by using dependent and independent variables. Adjusted R Squared model will take additional input variable that predicts to solve the problems. 

What is R Squared?  

R Squared is a demographical measure used to represent the contradictions between dependent and independent variables. The variances which are proportional are the dependent variable described by the independent variable.

       R^2 = 1-(RSS/TSS)   

Where the above terms describe as follows,   

R^2 = coefficient determination   

RSS = Sum of Squares of Residuals   

TSS = Total Sum of Squares   

The R Squared model cannot calculate mathematically where the values will take directly from graphs. The points of the R Squared model cannot be adjustable, and these are true values.

What is Adjusted R Squared?

Adjusted R Squared is a facsimile that had derived from R Squared. The Adjusted R Squared will alter the predictors in the models.

Adjusted R Squared model will take additional input variable that predicts to solve the problems. These values will calculate, and it gives the desired values than the R Squared model.

An individual will take the nearby values by taking from R Squared values. This measurement adjusts the points to fit the curve in the graphical method.

Main Differences Between R Squared and Adjusted R Squared   

  1. R Squared method had used to take the values originally where Adjusted R Squared values had been calculated mathematically.   
  2. Adjusted R Squared measurement requires the R Squared points for calculations.   
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