Difference Between Radar and Sonar

For a country, their priority is its people, and for that, they have so many protection devices. Radar and Sonar are two of them. They both are made for security purposes only.

Radar uses radio signals for detecting objects, and Sonar uses sound signals for recognising unwanted objects. The Radio waves which are used by Radar come from a range of electromagnetic radiations.

Radar vs Sonar

The main difference between them is that Radar can be used for recognising unwanted objects in space or air. While Sonar is used to detect objects under the water or subaquatic regions. Radar is Radio Detection and Ranging device, and Sonar is Sound Navigation and Ranging device.

Radar vs Sonar

Radio Detection and Ranging device (Radar) helps to find or acknowledge us about the unwanted objects or body that may come between our path and may prove to be dangerous for us.

Sonar is navigation and ranging device that uses sound waves or signals for the recognition of unwanted bodies or objects. It uses the to, and fro technique for identifying objects, and Its range is somewhat less than Radar.

Comparison Table Between Radar and Sonar

Parameters of ComparisonRadarSonar
DefinitionRadar helps to find or acknowledge us about the unwanted objects or body that may come between our path and may prove to be dangerous for us.Sonar is a navigation and ranging device that uses sound waves or signals to recognise unwanted bodies or objects.
Full forms Radio detection and ranging device.Sound ranging and navigation device.
Wave TypeFor detection purposes, Radar uses radio waves.For navigating purposes, Sonar uses sound waves.
Usually usedRadar is mostly used in space, spacecraft, and aeroplanes, etc.Sonar is mostly used under the water for communication purposes and ranging purposes etc.
Maximum range100-3500 Km482 Km
Speed More than Sonar.Less than Radar.

What is Radar?

Radio detection and ranging device that is Radar is used to diagnose unwanted objects in a path. It is mostly used for security purposes in air forces and spacecraft for protecting them from unwanted collisions by any object.

A Radar has an antenna or feeler which transmits radio waves, and when those waves or signals collide with any object get rebound or reflected, which acts as a warning signal indicating that there is some unwanted object which may cause harm to the body of the craft.

Radar is harmful to mental ability, and in high radio frequency, it causes so many harms. Because it has a larger wavelength, the clear image of the unwanted body is impossible to detect.

What is Sonar?

Sonar acts as a device that is used to find or for recognition of unwanted bodies under the water and sometimes in the air.

Sonar is referred to as a Sound ranging and navigation device, and as its name suggests, it uses sound signals or waves for navigation or detention purposes. Its ranging ability is less than Radar.

Sonar produces sound like the bats do to find if there is someone coming to their path. The first experiment with Sonar was done by the US navy force.

Main Differences Between Radar and Sonar

  1. Sonar is harmful to water animals and causes a defect in them, whereas Radar is not that harmful, but in high radio frequency, it also acts as a harmful device for mental ability.
  2. Radar is used mostly because of its more extensive coverage, and it is used in air crafts, space surveillance, and motor vehicles, etc.
Difference Between Radar and Sonar


Security is the priority for a country. Radar and Sonar both act as security devices, majorly for the army. Radar and Sonar are used in recognition of the unwanted bodies which are not visible and are in long range. Radar transmits Radio signals for detection purposes.

Sonar uses the techniques of bats by sending sound signals, and when those signals bump into some objects, they get reflected. And Radar uses radio signals for navigating purposes.


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