Reabsorption vs Resorption: Difference and Comparison

Reabsorption and Resorption are two words that look similar. If we are not familiar with them, we might end up confusing the terms with one another.

They are two different processes that undergo different working mechanisms. They are used as chemical terms as well. Hence it is essential to use them correctly.

With the wrong idea, we might not be able to understand the procedure it goes through. The two processes take place in our human system itself. This makes it a very interesting topic indeed.

In this article, we shall aim to get a piece of detailed information about Reabsorption and Resorption. It will further help us to gain knowledge on both the terms and how the whole event takes place. Hence we can easily find out the point of differences between the two.


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Key Takeaways

  1. Reabsorption involves the selective uptake of substances from the renal tubules back into the bloodstream, while resorption refers to the breakdown and absorption of bone tissue.
  2. Reabsorption is essential for maintaining the body’s water and electrolyte balance, whereas resorption plays a role in bone remodeling and calcium homeostasis.
  3. Reabsorption primarily occurs in the kidneys, while resorption takes place in bones.

Reabsorption vs Resorption

Reabsorption refers to the physiological process by which the kidneys remove substances from the urine and return them to the bloodstream, while resorption refers to the physiological process by which bone tissue is broken down and its minerals are released back into the bloodstream.

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The term ‘Reabsorption’ has been derived from a Latin word that means ‘to suck.’ This word is used to refer to several phenomena. However, it is mainly related to the kidneys.

It is a procedure in which our kidneys perform a specific action. Reabsorption helps to recover certain molecules. On the other hand, the term ‘Resorption’ has been derived from a Latin word that means ‘again.’

Resorption is also used to refer to several phenomena. However, it is mainly related to the tooth. It deals with the condition in which there is a dental bone loss or loss of pieces of teeth.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonReabsorptionResorption
OriginThe  Latin word for Reabsorption means suck.  The  Latin word for Resorption means again. 
AreaIt deals with the function of the kidney.It deals with teeth.
ProcessIt means to absorb again.It means the act of the disappearance of tissues.
NatureIt is is repetitive in nature.It refers to a particular condition.
SituationIt occurs due to filtration.It occurs due to a lack of calcium.

What is Reabsorption?

Reabsorption is a repetitive process. To get a clear idea, we need to understand and get familiar with the term absorption. It is a process in which a particular substance attracts or sucks another mostly liquid substance.

Sometimes people use the word Resorption as a substitute, which is wrong. It is a completely different process.

To avoid such confusion, we need to learn in detail about the latter as well. In simpler words, we can say that it is an act by which a solid substance sucks in a liquid substance.

The liquid particles tend to disappear when the complete process of reabsorption takes place. This term is mostly used to refer to Tubular Reabsorption. It is linked to kidneys where the Reabsorption process takes place.

The procedure comprises removing the liquid substances from tubular fluid. Henceforth, they are returned for circulating blood.Reabsorption occurs in quite a different number of ways.

The main function of the kidney is to reabsorb the molecules that are filtered from the blood. The absorption that takes place in the initial level is termed as ‘filtration.’ It does not completely remove the waste products.

Due to this reason, Reabsorption takes place.

What is Resorption?

Resorption itself is a phenomenon. It is a word used to describe various actions. It particularly refers to the disappearance of tissues. The term is mainly used in the medical field.

It refers to the process of partial absorption of an element. It is to be noted that the term Resorption is not the same as Reabsorption.

They are never to be used simultaneously. The phenomenon is linked to the condition commonly known as Bone Resorption. It is the process of picking up the bone tissues that have been eliminated by our cells.

The lack of calcium can be a very valid reason. Calcium is very important for the strength of our bones. Its deficiency can arise several harmful conditions.

The tendency of Bone Resorption increases when there is a missing piece of tooth. In that situation, the safest way is the dental implant. It is proven effective to control and prevent further decay.

Many people go for other procedures. However, they are neither safe nor are they proven to be preventing Resorption. A dental implant includes the replacement of the roots and is much more effective than any other choice.

Main Differences Between Reabsorption and Resorption

  1. The main difference between Reabsorption and Resorption is their process. Reabsorption refers to absorbing a substance again. Whereas, Resorption refers to the disappearance of tissues.
  2. Next coming to their origin. Reabsorption is originated from a Latin word that means suck. On the other hand, Resorption is originated from a Latin word that means again.
  3. The term ‘Reabsorption’ is mainly related to the kidney. However, the term ‘Resorption’ is mainly related to the tooth.
  4. Reabsorption is a filtration process that takes place in the kidney. It is termed Tubular Reabsorption. Whereas, Resorption is a bone condition that occurs due to lack of calcium.
  5. Last but not the least, their behavior and nature. The process of Reabsorption. Resorption, on the other hand, is a condition or phenomenon.
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