Difference Between Rebonding, Straightening and Smoothening

Hair is an important part of the human body. Hair is found everywhere apart from the area where the skin is present. Hair grows out from the follicles found in the dermis.

Hair consists of an important protein called alpha keratin. Hair is of different colours due to the pigmentation of the skin. Majorly two types of hair colours are found, i.e., Black and Brown.

Hair has a variance of texture. It differs in volume, pattern, curls, consistency etc. Various types of techniques are used like hair rebonding, Hair Straightening and hair smoothening to make hair more attractive.

Rebonding vs Straightening vs Smoothening

The main difference between Rebonding, Straightening and Smoothening is that Rebonding is a process where chemicals are applied to the hair to make it look soft, sleek and thin. Straightening is a technique where hairs are straightened with the help of a Straightener or combs by the usage of heat. On the other hand, smoothening refers to a treatment where all the frizzy hairs are removed to make the hair smoother and straight.

Rebonding vs Straightening vs Smoothening

Rebonding is a process where chemicals are applied to the hair to make its mother straight. Rebonding can also be called a Chemical Straightening process.

Here the structure of the hair changes completely. Heat is the main factor in Rebonding that helps to break amino acids bonds. Once this bonding is broken, it becomes easier for hairstylists to reorganize and refashion the hair as they want.

Rebonding has the advantage that both straight as well as curly hair can be rebonded using the treatment.

Straightening is one of the styling techniques where straightening and flattening of hair are done. This process is done to make hairs look sleeker, streamlined and smoother in appearance.

Lots of equipment like a hot comb, hot iron, roller, blower, dryer, relaxers etc., are used to straighten the hair. It has been a very popular technique since the 1950s. Black males and Females were very fond of this technique.

It was hugely popular between them.

Smoothening is a treatment of hair where all the frizzy hairs are removed so that hair looks stronger and straight. It is easy to maintain smooth hair.

People who have wavy or frizzy hair wants to make their hair straight and smooth with the help of smoothening. Smoothening is a temporary procedure and lasts longer than 4 or 5 months. It also uses chemicals, but that is different from Rebonding.

Comparison Table Between Rebonding, Straightening and Smoothening

Parameters of ComparisonRebondingStraighteningSmoothening
EffectChanges the structure of hairModifiesDoesn’t change
DamageA lot of damageLess damageLess damage
TimePermanentBoth Permanent and TemporaryTemporary
LookArtificialDry and brittleNatural
PlaceAt salonAt homeAt parlours and salons.
FactorsNot affected by the environmentAffected by rain and humidityGets affected
TypesCurly, voluminous, and unmanageableCurly hairFrizzy and wavy

What is Rebonding?

Hair rebonding is a process where the texture of the hair is changed completely. By rebonding, your hair becomes much smoother and sleek. Hair rebonding is done with the help of chemicals.

That may sometimes cause a lot of damage to the hair. It is a permanent process that can last up to 1 year. Hair rebonding is also called Chemical straightening.

Rebonding can be done at a salon by a cosmologist, hairdresser or hairstylist. It cannot be done at home, unlike straightening. 

Rebonding involves a multi-step procedure. Where the bond of the hair is broken using amino acids that exist in the follicle. After the bond is broken, it is refashioned into different shapes to give a new look.

The cost of Rebonding is very higher compared to Straightening and Smoothening.

Rebonding will have how much impact depends upon the type of hair and how well one has maintained them.

The process of Rebonding takes many hours to complete. Chemicals include aldehyde methylene glycol, methanol and formaldehyde. Once rebonding is done, hair becomes glossier and less frizzy.

What is Straightening?

Straightening is a very popular process and has been used since the 1890s. It is very popular among people who have curly hair. In many countries, it is often referred to as rebonding, like in South Asian countries.

Straightening causes very little damage to hair. But if it is done frequently, then it can cause a lot of damage like breaking of the hair or split ends. There are two types of methods, i.e. Permanent and temporary straightening. 

In Temporary procedures, curlers, hot iron, or combs are used to modify the texture of hair. This process can be reversed by washing the hair or due to humidity and rain.

One popular temporary technique involves Dominican blowout originated in the Dominican Republic.

Permanent straightening can alter the structure of the hair. But when there is new growth, there is not much impact. Permanent methods include Japanese Treatment, Brazilian or Keratin Treatment and using relaxers.

What is Smoothening?

Smoothening is a cheaper process than Rebonding. It takes very little time. Unlike rebonding, fewer chemicals are used to smoothen the hair.

Taking care of a smoothening after being done is also very easy. It can last up to 5 to 6 months. Smoothening of hair is done to manage frizzy, wavy, unruly and unmanageable hair.

It can be called a quick fix when someone wants to do hair straightening as well.

It uses a solution to saturate the hair, which is then dried out in a straight position. There are two ways through which hair can be smoothened. One is Keratin and others Protein treatment.

Smoothening produces a natural effect when compared to rebounding. It causes very little damage to hair. It can be done in parlours and salons. Most hairstylists recommend doing smoothening over straightening and rebonding.

Main Differences Between Rebonding, Straightening and Smoothening

  1. Rebonding changes the structure of hair completely. Straightening modifies or alters the structure. Smoothening doesn’t affect hair.
  2. Rebonding causes a lot of damage because lots of chemicals are used. Straightening and Smoothening cause very little damage. 
  3. Rebonding is a Permanent process and lasts up to 1 year. Straightening can last up to 1-2 weeks if done temporarily. Smoothening can last up to 4 to 5 months.
  4. Rebonding is an artificial look. In straightening, hair becomes dry and brittle. Smoothening gives hair a natural look.
  5. Rebonding and Smoothening should be done in parlours and salons. Straightening can be done at home.
  6. Rebonding doesn’t get affected by environmental factors. Straightening and Smoothening easily get affected by rain and humidity.
  7. Rebonding involves Curly, voluminous, and unmanageable hair. Straightening is done on curly hair. Smoothening is done on unruly, wavy and frizzy hair.


All three Rebonding, straightening and Smoothening is hairstyling techniques. Rebonding and Smoothening involve the use of chemicals. Rebonding can take a lot of time, while Smoothening can be done very quickly.

Straightening also takes 1-2 hours. There are different types of Straightening techniques like Brazilian, Japanese, Chemical, Dominican etc. rebonding is also known as chemical straightening.

All of them try to make hair smoother, shinier and straight. Rebonding changes the structure of hair completely by breaking the natural bond. Straightening and smoothening modify the structure.

Rebonding is a permanent process. Smoothening a temporary one. But Straightening is both temporary and permanent. In terms of cost, rebonding is more expensive than straightening and Smoothening.

Smoothening is considered best for those who have frizzy hairs.


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