Difference Between Redis and Memcached

Caching is a critical component of improving the performance of many applications. Determining which caching solution is ideal for use instances might be tough.


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Redis vs Memcached

The difference between Redis and Memcached is that when it comes to data storage, Redis uses certain data types, whereas Memcached just uses strings. Redis supports persistence to disc, which means that the data in its database can be saved and restored if the Redis server crashes or reboots. Memcached does not have native support for persisting data to disc.

Redis vs Memcached

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Redis is a key-value store that works with a number of data formats such as Lists, Sets, and Hashes. Redis can reply to requests quickly since it stores this information in memory.

Memcached is described as a high-performance, distributed memory object caching system that is free and open source.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonRedisMemcached
DeveloperRedis was developed by Salvatore Sanfilippo in 2009.Memcached was developed by Brad Fitzpatrick in 2003.
Data Size512 MB 1 MB
Memory ManagementIt is capable of storing details to disc when physical memory is fully utilised.It is strictly  in memory, with an extension to save key-value data to the drive.
Supported Data TypeIt supports strings, lists, sets, sorted sets, hashes, bit arrays, geospatial, and hyper logs.It supports strings.

What is Redis?

Redis, which refers for Remote Dictionary Server, was designed to improve the efficiency of the website log analyzer. Redis has a set of commands and data structures for geographic indexing.

Redis as a cache gives a significant deal of power and overall efficiency due to its data types it stores data in a variety of forms including list, array, sets .

You can persist your data in one of two ways, depending on your use case: by periodically dumping the dataset to disc or by appending each command to a disk-based log.

What is Memcached?

When utilizing demanding online applications, the cache server was created with the goal of avoiding time-consuming database accesses.

Memcached’s memory management efficiency diminishes as data size changes, resulting in memory fragmentation.In addition, serial data is frequently found in huge data sets, demanding more storage space.

Memcached is not a database that can be replicated. The API is available in all programming languages and is a key-value pair of a string object that is cached in memory.

Main Differences Between Redis and Memcached

  1. Redis supports data types such as strings, sorted sets, sets, bit arrays, geospatial, lists whereas Memcached does not support anything more complicated than a simple key-value pair structure.
  2. Redis speed to read and write is slower than Memcached whereas Memcached is faster as compared to Redis.
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