Difference Between Regional Party and National Party

There are so many political parties around us which all seem to be working on the political issues from the outside. So, in general, we label them as political parties.


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But there are differences among these parties based on their various features. The area of their activities focusing on the subject matters, where they operate significantly make one distinctive from another.

Thus, comes the two terms “Regional Party” and “National Party”.

Key Takeaways

  1. Regional parties concentrate on local issues and concerns, usually within a specific geographic area or state.
  2. National parties address broader concerns and interests, fielding candidates and participating in elections nationwide.
  3. Both parties play essential roles in the political landscape, with regional parties catering to local needs and national parties providing a more extensive perspective on national issues.

Regional Party vs National Party

The difference between the Regional Party and National Party is that the regional party governs a particular region, the national party governs more than one state. The symbol of the regional party can be changed and reused in other state but the symbol of the national party cannot be changed or reused.

Regional Party vs National Party

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A Regional Party is formed in a certain region primarily focusing on that particular state to represent it and its people. Conventionally it is implied that the activities of this type of parties will be limited to the state where it is registered.

On the other hand, a National party takes a holistic interest in a given country’s political issues and other matters which may affect the country and its people. A Political party needs to be operating in more than four states if it wants to be identified as a National Party.

To decide whether a political party is regional or national, the Election Commission of a country is delegated with absolute authority on this decision making.

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonRegional PartyNational Party
DefinitionA regional party is registered to a particular state focusing on political issues which only directly affect that particular region.It takes a political party to be operating in several states to be recognized as a National party which focus on political issues for the betterment of the country and its people from their beliefs
Scope of AuthorityOn that particular region where it is registered toTakes interest in matters affecting the entire country
Sign and IdeologyThe symbol and ideology of the party might change over time and can be repeated to other states too.The core beliefs remain to be the same as time passes and the change is not up to be repeated.
Strength and activityParty of this kind is expected to have strong ground in the state where it primarily operates.National Party should be strong to influence important political issues in at least four states.
FocusFocus is primarily on the issues correlated with a region or a local area that determines the wellbeing of its people.National parties focus on the macro issues which affect people of all the regions.

What is the Regional Party?

We will address a political party as a regional one that focuses on the micro-level political issues affecting a particular state or region. The focus of these political parties is to get involved in those issues which determine overall benefits for that certain state and its people.

Indeed a regional party may give its consent to some other parties on national issues but they hold their authority in a shorter span. It might happen because parties of this kind do not have the adequate resources to be working on a national level or maybe fundamentally its perspective is to use all of its resources to focus on the region following some directions based on the party’s political perspectives.

regional party

What is the National Party?

A National party operates with a broader perspective. Dealing with political issues with a macro-level focus, it prefers to influence important political decisions that affect the country overall.

A national party is needed to be operating in at least states. So that it can claim that they don’t direct all of their resources to a certain state and with their works on the political issues they intend to be on the side which determines decision making at the national level.

Whether it is to be considered as a regional or national party, the sole responsibility lies on the Election commission of the country. Analyzing their works, focus on previous issues, perspectives as a political party and their acceptance in at least four states the EC gets to decide whether a political party should be classified as a regional or national party.

national party

Main Differences Between Regional Party and National Party

  1. A regional party is registered to a particular state to focus on the regional matters and a National party operates in more than four states as its focus is not regional.
  2. Regional Party spends all of its political resources on a certain region of interest. It might not be strong enough because of its resources to operate outside of its region or maybe the main objectives of its founders are never to take part in national matters rather if it is necessary on a given issue to take part or influence its people to take a side regarding a subject matter it will provide its consent to that national party with which for the time being its political core beliefs share similarity.
  3. A National party focusing on the issues which holistically affect the country can also influence people of a particular region even the regional parties representing a certain state. As the focus is broader, unlike regional parties they have the ultimate power to create an alliance in different regions given that they are strong enough in other regions but do not possess much of dominance in a given state, the power which a regional party lacks fundamentally.
  4. In larger countries like India, there are around three thousand political parties registered to the Election Commission of India. Where only eight is claimed to be National Parties and the rest of the parties are regional parties. It is to be kept in mind that a political party needs to fulfill some requirements provided by the Election Commission and the EC will then decide the eligibility of the party whether it should be considered as regional or a  national party.
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