Difference Between Review and Research Paper

Review and Research paper are two sides of a coin in literature and writing. Both being different from one another but serves a similar objective for a reader.

Review vs Research Paper

The main difference between a Review paper and Research Paper is that a Review paper is a secondary source and research on an already existing report whereas a Research paper is a primary source and gives an original report on a topic done by an individual.

Review vs Research Paper

The review paper is written on the research paper or any other written piece which has already been done whereas the Research paper is written on research by an individual.

Review paper generally sums up the already existing works and relates it to the current status of the topic or situation.

A research paper is a sort of writing that is done in various fields according to the interest of an individual, such as on any book, interview, survey, experiment, etc. The researcher has to collect and analyze the raw data and the study would continue according to the data he or she collects.


Comparison Table Between Review and Research Paper (in Tabular Form)

Parameter of ComparisonReview paperResearch paper
DefinitionReview paper summaries the current state of the topic which had already been done in research. It creates an understanding for readers about research and topic c.A research paper is a long essay type article that is written by an individual on his or her understanding. The information here used by an individual is raw.
What they are based on?The review paper is based upon the already published articles, journals, etc.A research paper is based on the research that is done by the author himself or herself.
How to write?The author presents an overview of the topic’s current state of understanding.The author analyzes the raw information and gives his or her interpretation.
What do they identify?With a balanced perspective, the author analyzes available information from published works.It includes an argument of the potential implications of the outcome, of how the study contributes to presented literature and suggestions for advanced research.
lengthThe word limit ranges between 3000 to 5000 words and sometimes, a longer or a shorter review paper might get published.The word limit ranges between 3000 to 6000 words and for various other journals it might go up to 12,0000 words.


What is Review Paper?

A review article is a sum up of the current state of understanding of a topic that is already been discussed or written by some other individual. It is a secondary source and sometimes it is also called a survey article or an overview article.

Review articles teach us about:

  1. The people functioning in the field
  2. Recent findings and advances
  3. The noteworthy gaps in the study
  4. Recent debates
  5. The way where research might go next

Review paper can be of three types:

  1. Narrative review – It explains the existing information about all the research that has been done on a particular topic.
  2. Systematic review- It searches for the answer to a particular question in the existing research on the topic.
  3. Meta-analysis- It combines and compares the answers of formerly published studies.

By reading a Review paper, readers can form an idea about the existing knowledge of a topic without reading all the published works. Mostly reputed journals publish review articles.

review paper

What is Research Paper?

A research paper is a long essay that discusses the perspective of an individual or argues a point.

It is a primary source or the original article, as the author of the piece has to collect the raw data and then has to analyze it, and then the further study is done based on the raw information.

An individual has the liberty to choose any topic of his or her will and continue with the study and research. The area of interest can be from a book, interview, experiment, survey, etc.

A research paper involves surveying a ground of understanding to find the best feasible information about the topic upon which the study is been conducted.

A research paper can of two main types:

  1. Argumentative- In this research paper, an individual has to state the topic he or she will be exploring and then directly establish the point he or she will argue concerning that topic in a thesis statement. This type of paper hopes to influence the reader to accept the view that is presented.
  2. Analytical- in this research paper an individual states the topic that he or she will be exploring, it is typically in the form of a question, originally taking an unbiased stance. The main body of the paper will present many-sided information and, eventually, the writer will state his or her conclusion, based on the information that has stretched out all through the course of the essay. This type of research paper hopes to offer a well-supported vital analysis without essentially persuading the reader to any picky way of judgment.
research paper

Main Differences Between Review and Research Paper

  1. The review paper is generally a survey of the already stated research papers, articles, etc. Whereas the research paper is typically an individual’s analysis of the topic of his or her choice.
  2. They focus upon a whole range of books, interviews, magazines e Whereas research papers are the ones that are reviewed later as they are the primary source.
  3. For writing a review paper one can collect the information from the primary sources and not dig in further for getting every detail whereas in a research paper one has to read and analyze the information from both present perspective and older perspectives.
  4. Review paper requires a lesser amount of time than Research paper.
  5. The review paper is shorter than the Research Paper.
Difference Between Review and Research Paper



Both review and research paper are the forms of writing, in which the former is dependent upon the later. Both provide its readers with an understanding of the topic and are a vital part of literature and writing.

There are various sources from where one can get reviews and research papers. Both vary in length and content they provide. There are set standards for writing these papers.

If someone wants to enter into the world of writing he or she must have good reading and analyzing skills, so that it further helps to write the review and the research paper.



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