RHA T20 vs T20i: Difference and Comparison

Most people prefer listening to music perfectly because if there is a small change in the quality of a certain earphone or speaker, they might get frustrated.

Yes, we all want the perfect earphones to enjoy watching movies and doing other things like listening to music or talking to someone over a video call.

Now, several companies in the market today offer such features and benefits in their products. A few to name are Beats, Apple, Sony, Panasonic, and many more.

RHA Technologies Ltd is also a huge name in the technological world, offering its best products to customers since 2011. They have designed and brought classic earphones like RHA T20 and T20i.


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Key Takeaways

  1. The T20i has a three-button remote and microphone, while the T20 does not, making it easier to control music playback and take phone calls.
  2. The T20i comes with a wider range of ear tips and a more durable carrying case compared to the T20, providing more comfort and protection.
  3. The T20i is slightly more expensive than the T20 due to the added features and accessories that come with it.

RHA T20 vs T20i

The RHA T20 and T20i are in-ear headphones with comparable features and styles. The T20i model adds an in-line control and microphone for smartphone use, it also has a tuning filter. The T20 does not include features of T20i, it comes with the basic options of high-fidelity audio with interchangeable tuning filters, detachable cables, and a comfortable ergonomic design for an immersive listening experience.

RHA T20 vs T20i

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonRHA T20RHA T20i
Lowest Frequency16Hz16Hz
Highest Frequency400000 Hz40000 Hz
Rechargeable BatteryNoNo
Type C USBNoNo
Wireless UsageNoNo
3.5 mm male connectorYesYes
In-Line Control PanelNoYes

What is RHA T20?

RHA T20 is an in-ear headphone. The headphone is among the best in the market today, with excellent features and benefits.

The RHA T20 has got an overall rating of 4 stars, according to amazon.com, and customers have liked the product. The over-ear design proves to be of great comfort and can be used for a long period without any disturbance.

If you love listening to music while travelling, then RHA T20 might be your best travel partner. Check out their design and features on the internet, and you will see that with the price, the product is worth the money.

The only difference RHA T20 and T20i have is the in-line control panel. Besides this feature, everything else between the two variants is the same.

The product also comes with a three-year warranty. This means that the product’s durability is excellent compared to other products available.

What is T20i?

RHA T20i is another headphone designed in-ear for better comfort for daily use. The headphone is another type of T20; the only difference is the addition of an in-line control panel.

The introduction of this headphone was an excellent choice by RHA because even this product was a massive success. People have loved the product and have got a rating of 3.9 stars out of five, according to amazon.com.

The comfortableness is also something to check here because the earphone is designed in-ear. In-ear-designed headphones are comfortable for some people, so if you think the earphone has the perfect design for your ears.

Comparing these two items is difficult because they offer almost the same features and are comfortable in their ways. People have loved both products and deciding which is best for you is not up to you.

Main Differences Between RHA T20 and T20i

  1. Both RHA T20 and T20i have got stereo speakers in them.
  2. Both earphones/headphones do not have a detachable cable.
  3. The RHA T20i has an in-line control panel, whereas RHA T20 does not have this feature.
  4. Both these earphones come with a three-year warranty period and are great in durability.
  5.  Both these headphones cannot be used as a headset, which is one of the disadvantageous points.
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