Difference Between Ricoh Theta S and Ricoh Theta V

Today photography and videography have significantly evolved and have become a new source of income in modern days.


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Photography requires major quality equipment that requires many investments like quality DSLRs, tripods and gimbals.

Photography is not only associated with capturing photos and videography being capturing videos of birds. Many companies today hire freelancers and employed force that captures photos of many sceneries’ places and monuments.

Same for the videography, many clips are captured based on different locations, scenery and landscapes. 

These clips and photos are sold further for fair use based on requirements. Today, many customers demanded 360 degrees photos and videos, which was made possible by the invention of 360-degree cameras that have a lens on both sides and enables to capture a 360-degree view.

Today, Ricoh is the bestselling brand that manufactures quality 360-degree cams and other equipment’s which are not only used by ordinary people but many YouTubers, vloggers and professional studios.

Ricoh manufactures Theta S and Theta V, the two bestselling cameras and has made a market name.

Ricoh Theta S vs Ricoh Theta V

The difference between Ricoh Theta S and Theta V is that Theta V offers the user to capture the video in 4K resolution. In contrast, the Theta S has the video capturing the quality of standard 1080p. The Theta V also offers an internal storage of 19GB, whereas the Theta S has an internal storage of 8GB only.

Ricoh Theta S vs Ricoh Theta V

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonRicoh Theta VRicoh Theta S
No of LensesThe Theta V offers two lenses on the opposite side with a 2.0 aperture.The Theta S also offers two lenses with aperture 1.8.
Video ResolutionTheta V offers a 4K recording.The Theta S offers a standard 1080p recording.
Photo QualityThe Theta V offers a 14 MP of photo qualityThe Theta S offers a 13 MP of photo quality.
Video StitchingThe clips that are captured and are un-continues, so the app itself merges the clips.The clips that are captured have to be merged manually through any editing software.
MicrophoneThe Theta V offers a great inbuilt optical microphone, so no external microphone has to be attached.The Theta S offers a standard mono microphone, so an external microphone is required.
WaterproofThe Theta V is not technically waterproof, but a case designed for it can be attached that offers a waterproof system making it great for underwater shots.The Theta S is not waterproof, and no case can be attached.
MemoryThe Theta V offers an incredible 19GB internal memory.The Theta S offers only 8 GB of internal memory that to non-expandable.
Battery BackupThree hundred photos can be captured in a single charge and 80 minutes of video recording.Around 260 photos can be captured with 60 minutes of shooting.
CompatibilityThe Theta V is compatible with iOS and Android.The Theta S is also compatible with both Android and iOS.
ShockproofThe Theta V is quite fragile and is shockproof to minor drops.The Theta S is not fragile and durable; therefore, minor drops can lead to problems.

What is Ricoh Theta S?

Ricoh Theta S is the second bestselling camera by Ricoh which is much more of a budget camera, but its feature is also top-notch.

 It also offers two lenses with an aperture of 1.8 that helps 360 degrees 1080 p recording video and captures photos with a 13-megapixel primary sensor.

 The camera’s downgrading point is that the videos are not merged automatically by the app, but it has to be merged by editing software after the clips are short.

 It also offers a standard mono microphone, which doesn’t offer a very excellent audio quality, so and the external microphone has to be attached.

It is not a waterproof camera and doesn’t offer any waterproof covering.

 It also offers only 8 GB of internal memory, which is also not expandable; the Theta is also very fragile. The structure is also made out of a cheap plastic coating, so the camera doesn’t offer any shock-proof, but the Theta s is an excellent camera for the new beginners in videography.

ricoh theta s

What is Ricoh Theta V?

Ricoh is one of the bestselling brands for 360-degree cameras. The Ricoh Theta V is a top-notch camera that offers two ultra-wide lenses on the opposite side with a 2.0 aperture that enables the user to capture 4K video recording, which is the highest quality at a small price.

The photos and the Theta enable the user to capture photos with the 14-megapixel ultra-wide lens that enables the user to capture 360-degree photos.

One of the bestselling features about the Theta V is the advanced app that it offers where all the videos are stitched automatically by the app, which is stitched, and the app makes a final result.

It also offers a waterproof case that has to be bought additional, but when attached, it helps the user to capture a 360-degree view underwater, which is also the most demanded shot in the market.

It is a 19 GB camera with non-expandable storage and offers a shockproof structure.

ricoh theta v

Main Differences Between Ricoh Theta S and Ricoh Theta V

  1. The Theta V offers a non-expandable memory of 19 GB. In contrast, the Theta S offers a memory of only 8GB that can be problematic in future as recording requires a lot of space and storage.
  2. The Theta V is also waterproof with an additional case that enables a 360-degree underwater recording; those clips are in demand. The Theta S is not waterproof and does not offer any waterproof case.
  3. The Theta V also offers a 4K recording and wireless 4K streaming, making it a great vlogging camera for YouTube. In contrast, Theta S offers a standard 1080p recording and a wired 1080p streaming. The Theta S offers a 14 MP photo quality, whereas the Theta V offers a 13 MP camera.
  4. The Theta V offers an inbuilt optical microphone that offers excellent audio output and eliminates an external microphone. In contrast, the Theta S offers a standard mono microphone that offers a low quality that enables an external microphone.
  5. The Theta V offers an aperture of 2.0, whereas the Theta S offers an aperture of 1.8.



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