Difference Between Ripped and Buff

The human body is something that most people find difficult to understand. There are more than a million components in our body and every component has got its functions and role to play.


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The mechanism and the system of our body are quite amazing and can perform various functions and features.

The nervous system, skeletal system, respiratory system, and many other such systems are present in our body.

The skeletal system supports and protects the organs of our body such as the heart, lungs, brain. It is one of the most important systems present in our body.

The skeletal structure of an individual will decide the outlook of the person. However, genes play an important role in these kinds of changes.

People who have a buff type of body structure are slim. Some of the best examples of buff body type people are the models and athletes.

Ripped vs Buff

“Ripped” refers to someone with visible muscle definition and low body fat, and “Buff” means someone fit and toned but may not have as much muscle definition as “Ripped”. Both terms are used to describe someone with an attractive physique.

Ripped vs Buff

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonRippedBuff
BuildRipped muscles are huge, defined and more pronounced musclesFine built muscle, quite muscular, and strong.
Weight  training/ dietingA lot of weight training is required and strict dieting needs to be maintainedTo acquire a buff body not much weight training and dieting is needed.
Body fatPeoples having a ripped kind body has very less or no body fat at all.Fat is present, but it is present in a proportionate amount.
IntakeMore protein, less calories, more carbohydrates.More and more protein and very less carbohydrates.
MaintainingMaintaining a ripped muscled body is quite tough as it requires vigorous training.Maintaining a buff muscled body requires training but quite less as compared to ripped.

What is Ripped?

A ripped body is maintained by most bodybuilders. Bodybuilders, those who desire to have a ripped body structure need to have a strict training and dieting routine.

Well, strictness will reduce the fat present in your body, and thus you can achieve a ripped body.

The idea behind a ripped body is that if body fat is low then the muscle tissues are more visible. The term ‘ripped’ itself says that there is no body fat or less body fat present in the body.

This means training is vigorous and dieting is strict for those who are maintaining a ripped body.

 Several actors have got a ripped muscled body because they want to show their muscles on the big screen. They go through various kinds of training in order to get the ripped body.

Well, in order to get a ripped body you have to put effort into your weight training, and also follow a strict dieting chart.

The intake of fat must be kept low to build more muscles by taking more and more protein and more carbohydrates. If you want to get a ripped body then you have to maintain a strict diet.

You also need to perform vigorous training to keep your body slim and fatless.

topless man with hands up

What is Buff?

Buff muscled body is mostly maintained by athletes, and models.

The buff muscled body is quite opposite to that of a ripped muscled body. Here, the muscles are built strong, and the body outlook is quite muscular.

People who have a buff body are quite fit and trim. Well, having a buff body does not mean that you have huge muscles because some people have small bodies but their muscles are quite noticeable.

Time is taken to get a buff body may take up to 12-17 weeks if one follows a solid diet chart and exercise properly.

If exercise and diet is maintained properly then you will begin to see changes n your physique.

Protein is the main intake to get a buff body but the carbohydrate intake should be less. People having this kind of muscle have little fat on their body.

The fat presence on the body should be at a proportionate level.

The fat in the buff body type is one of the most important elements to maintain a buff muscled body.

However, maintaining a buff muscled body is quite easier than a ripped muscled body. Not much vigorous training is required as compared to a ripped body.

However, it is important for people to maintain the intake of protein and carbohydrates in the body, and also daily training will also help to keep your body buffily muscled.


Main Differences Between Ripped and Buff

  1. A ripped body needs vigorous training and a strict dieting chart whereas a buff body does not require that much vigorous training.
  2. A ripped body has less or no fat in the body whereas a buff body requires some amount of body fat in the body. The body fat must be present at a proportionate rate.
  3. Some of the examples of buff muscled people are athletes, and underwear models whereas bodybuilders are the best examples of ripped muscled body.
  4. A ripped muscled body requires more intake of protein and carbohydrate whereas a buff body requires more protein but fewer carbohydrates.
  5. Maintaining a ripped body is quite tough.
Difference Between Ripped and Buff


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