Road Glide vs Street Glide: Difference and Comparison

Well, there’s no doubt that motorbikes have captured every corner of the road. From road glides to street glides, people are gaga and enthusiastic about buying one and covering a long and exciting trip across the country.


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Key Takeaways

  1. Road Glide has a frame-mounted fairing, while Street Glide has a fork-mounted fairing.
  2. Road Glide has better aerodynamics and stability at high speeds than Street Glide.
  3. Street Glide has a lower profile and is easier to handle at lower speeds than Road Glide.

Road Glide vs Street Glide

The road glide consists of a frame-mounted fairing, while the street glide has a fork-mounted fairing. Well, both the headlights and tail lights are LED in nature; the headlights of halogen lit while the tail is LED lit.

Road Glide vs Street Glide

The road glide is among the finest and most varied bikes in the Harley Davidson collection. The road glide has an engine capacity of 1745CC; the glide is one of the preferred and most favourable bikes among people.

The street glide, on the other hand, is also a sexy and finest bike compared to other brands. Regarding the bike features, the engine capacity is around 1745CC, a quality model.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonRoad GlideStreet Glide
DefinitionThe road glide bike is a Harley Davidson bike with a 1745CC of engine with the same headlight.The street glide is also a Harley Davidson collection with headlights and taillights of different compositions.
FairingThe fairing of road glide is frame-mounted.The fairing of street glide is of the fork-mounted fairing.
WeightThe weight of road glide is around 372 kilograms.The weight of street glide is around 361, lesser than road glide.
Headlight and taillightThe headlights and tail lights are LED-lit.The headlight is halogen, while the taillight is LED-lit.
PriceThe road glide costs around 33.99 lahks.The street glide costs around 30.53 lahks.

What is Road Glide?

Well, there’s no doubt that the Harley Davidson has a vintage, powerful, and robust set of bikes in their showroom. Since early 1900, Davidson has proved to be the best among all the existing brands.

The road glide is one of Harley Davidson’s first Milwaukee Eight models launched in India—completely an imported material.

A self-starting mechanism as an Inbuilt material also makes it sufficient and easy to ignite and rock n roll. The weight of the beast is 372 kg. With is available in several colours like vivid red, bold black, wicked red denim and many more.

It had a double-bending valve suspension used in both the front and rear suspension. Since the headlights and taillight are LED lit, it makes sure that the road is way visible even in the vivid darkness.

road glide

What is Street Glide?

Indeed Davidson started from scratch, from producing bicycles to motorbikes; Harley has come a long and fruitful way. The journey might have been topsy turvy, but the zeal and craze among the people watching a Harley Street glide are way bigger than expected.

The street glide is a fork-mounted fairing in nature, along with the difference in the bike’s lighting. The headlights are halogen, while the tail light is LED-lit, like the headlight and taillight of road glide.

The bike had 65 bhp since it’s a powerful vehicle with 1745 CC of the engine. The mileage of street glide is around 18 kmpl. The revolution per minute or rpm is 5500. It has an air-cooled mechanism inside the body to ensure and prevent engine overheating.

The front brake system is a doc followed by BW 130/70B18 63H OF Front tire dimension. The Tyre type is tubeless, of course, to prevent from busting off the tube. The bike’s overall length is 2430 mm, and the overall width is 970 mm.

street glide

Main Differences Between Road Glide and Street Glide

  1. The price of road glide is around 33.99 lakh, while street glide is around 30.59 lakh.
  2. In the case of road glide, both the lights comprise the same material, while they differ in the case of street glide.
Difference Between Road Glide and Street Glide
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