Difference Between Roasting and Baking (With Table)

Both roasting and baking are terms used in the context of coking. Both of these are done in order to cook raw food and make it healthy and tasty. Roasting and baking both require one or the other type of source of heat. It could be a pre-heated oven or on hot stones like that of earlier times.

Roasting vs Baking

The difference between roasting and baking is that roasting is typically done in solid and wholesome items. IT could be roasting vegetables, meat, sausages, marshmallows, etc. Roasting can be done in an oven as well as an open fire source. Even in the oven, roasting is done in an uncovered open dish or tray.

Roasting makes sides and outer covering of any type of food crispy and hard. It makes the food cooked from inside and crispy from outside. Overall, roasting vegetables and meat is mostly done in an oven. However, roasting is also done in a BBQ or an open fire in a fire pit.

Baking is a term generally used in reference to pastries and cakes. The process of baking involves making wet batter into solid, soft, and fluffy edible food. Baking is mostly done in pre-heated ovens. Before the invention of ovens, baking was also done on brick fireplaces, coal-used baking surfaces, etc.

Comparison Table Between Roasting and Baking

Parameters of ComparisonRoastingBaking
Done In It can be done in the oven as well as in the fire pit.It is usually done in an oven.
IngredientsIt has solid ingredients like meat and vegetables.It usually has a semi-solid batter.
TextureIt makes the food crispy and crunchy in texture.It can make the food both crispy or soft and fluffy.
Skills Requirement It does not require many skills.It requires more skills compared to roasting.
ScopeIt does not have much scope professionally.There are many successful bakers in the world.

What is Roasting?

Roasting is the term used very commonly in association with cooking. Roasted vegetables and meat has been a staple meal to many since ancient times. Roasting any food may be with association to direct fire or without direct contact. Roasting requires heat, but direct heat may make it look like burnt food.

Roasting makes food crunchy and crispy from the outside and soft and edible from the inside. In modern times roasting is done in electric ovens, which makes the process very easier as one does not have to worry about the food getting burnt like that of ancient times.

Roasting had a very different meaning back then. The terms roasting and grilling were almost the same. Roasting was then done directly from the fire top; in this, the food is kept directly above the fire and was flipped every minute or second for the food to be cooked from all sides.

Many use the BBQ for the process of roasting, but a BBQ grills the food rather than roasting. This draws a fine line of difference between roasting and grilling. Overall, roasting in modern times requires an oven. The food should be in an uncovered open state for roasting.

What is Baking?

Baking is yet another term used in reference to cooing. People often bake cakes, cookies, pastries on occasions. The practice of baking usually involves an oven. Baking often involves dry and wet ingredients combined together to form a batter. Baking is done in a semi-solid substance which turns into a soft, fluffy, and edible matter.

It basically converts semi-liquid ingredients into solid edible food, in baking the food items used in not edible before it is actually baked. In baking as well, the food item is not kept directly on the fire. The baking food can be easily burnt if touched by the fire. Baking cookies, cakes, pies, and pastries require skills.

Many people find a lot of fun in the overall process of baking. Baking could be learned professionally. In modern times there is a lot of professional scope in baking. Many bakers own successful bakeries that make a lot of profit.

One can learn baking from professional bakers. In order to have good baking skills, one requires good measurement skills, the idea of raw materials being used, patience, and most importantly, bakers require creativity. Many people who do not have electric ovens do baking in a pressure cooker, conventional ovens, microwave, etc.

Main Differences Between Roasting and Baking

  1. Roasting can be done in an oven or a fire top, but baking is usually done in an oven only.
  2. Roasting generally involves solid food that is edible even before roasting, whereas there is a batter used during baking that is not ready to eat before the process of baking
  3. Roasting makes food crispy, but baking can be used to make crispy, crunchy cookies as well as soft fluffy loaves of bread.
  4. Roasting comparatively needs fewer skills than that of baking
  5. Roasting cannot be a professional job, but baking is very good professional work to pursue. Baking skills can bring you a lot of profit if used wisely.


Both baking and roasting make food tastier and edible in taste. Both of these require heat so as to cook the item. Roasting is done on solid things like veggies and meat. However, baking is done with a semi-solid substance which is not very good to eat before baking. Baking is surely more popular as many people enjoy the process of baking. But roasted food is made consumed quite often is west as it is easy to prepare. Roasting marshmallows is a very fun activity to perform during night camping parties. Many families spend time together baking as a leisure activity to spend time with each other.


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