Roomba vs Dyson: Difference and Comparison

Home appliances and vacuum cleaners are essential household items that are present in almost every household out there. Companies are striving hard to take a competitive advantage and make their products the best-di ones. Roomba and Dyson are the top vacuum cleaner manufacturing brands famous for their products.


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Key Takeaways

  1. Roomba robotic vacuums are known for their advanced navigation technology and methodical cleaning patterns; Dyson vacuums excel in suction power and cleaning performance.
  2. Roomba vacuums are generally more affordable than Dyson models, offering a range of options for different budgets.
  3. Dyson vacuums have a longer battery life and larger dustbin capacity than Roomba vacuums.
Roomba vs Dyson

Roomba vs Dyson

The difference between Roomba and Dyson is that Roomba is a company manufacturing semi-autonomous vacuum cleaners incorporated with sensor technology, whereas Dyson is the best-selling and most expensive vacuum manufacturing company with cyclone technology in their vacuum cleaners.

Roomba was invented in 2002, an autonomous vacuum cleaner model by the company iRobots which includes infrared sensors to detect dust on the floor and other obstacles through the virtual wall technology. It has a charging dock, and when the vacuum is done with the programmable cleaning, it returns to its charging dock.

Dyson is a top-selling vacuum cleaner company by James Dyson that works with bagless vacuum filter technology and cyclone technology. The company also manufactures other products such as motors, batteries, and other home and commercial use products. The company provides easy-to-use products with a 2 years exchange warranty.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonRoombaDyson
TechnologyRoomba uses infrared sensors and robotic behaviors to clean surfaces.Dyson uses cyclonic separation technology and pre-motor filters to clean surfaces.
CostsRoomba is relatively cheaper than Dyson products.Dyson is considered the most expensive product-making company.
OriginRoomba is an American-based technology company model.Dyson is a Singaporean-based company.
ProductsRoomba deals in cordless autonomous vacuumsDyson deals in vacuums, stick vacuums, robotic vacuums, and wall-mounted vacuums along with other household items such as hairdryers.
DesignRoomba manufactures cordless self-working robotic vacuumsDyson manufactures hand-held vacuum cleaners.

What is Roomba?

Roomba is a product of the company iRobot, a self-working robotic vacuum cleaner launched in 2002. The principle of its working is the embedded sensors that allow the device to work on floors and navigate through the areas where it is released. It can detect dirt and debris around the spaces through the sensors, and after finishing the cleaning, they return to their charging dock themselves.

It uses artificial intelligence to work out the cleaning schedules and make plans for house cleaning based on the area and the pattern of dust that falls on the floors.

The infrared sensors allow it to change its direction as soon as any object is detected by it to avoid collisions and falling off the stairs and steep places. The sensors can even sense the presence of dust; if no dust is found in a particular place, the device returns to its charging place.

These robotic vacuum cleaners are customizable as well, the customers can change the programs according to their needs, or to save the charging, they can turn down some features. The newer generations are capable of detecting physical obstacles through the technology called virtual walls, which was not incorporated in previous models.

irobot roomba 677

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What is Dyson?

Dyson Limited is a company of vacuum cleaners based in Singapore. It was founded by James Dyson in 1991 after rethinking models to be out of the box and replace the conventional vacuum cleaners, which clog the filter after the dust is accumulated in it. The Dyson company manufactures a range of household products, including vacuum cleaners, heaters, and hair dryers.

The company worked on the principles of industrial cyclones that remove dust from the air and made models based on this concept to avoid blockage of the dust inside the filter bags. The bags used in the vacuum were replaced with bagless vacuums by adding a cardboard cyclone.

The company reached the heights after airing its advertisement for a bagless vacuum cleaner and campaign called “ say bye-bye to bags.” The approach of Dyson was to make heavy-duty devices and other home appliances that work with technology that will not block the filters and work best for commercial uses also.

The company decided to move its headquarters, but the decision was turned down by the government due to the loss of employees and losing a commercial plant from the country, for this, James Dyson decided to establish research faculties in the country. The products started selling fast by then. The company invested in the country by developing research plants in the area and made many new home appliance advancements.

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Main Differences Between Roomba and Dyson

  1. Roomba is a US-based vacuum cleaner company product invented in 2002, whereas Dyson is a Singaporean-based company invented in 1991.
  2. Roomba vacuums are based on HEPA filters, whereas Dyson vacuums use pre-motor filter technology.
  3. Roomba focuses on cordless/ wireless vacuum cleaners and other products, whereas Dyson works with handheld products.
  4. Roomba manufactures relatively cheaper products, and Dyson are considered expensive for its products.
  5. Roomba uses 40 robotic techniques in its vacuum as the main technology with infrared sensors, whereas Dyson uses cyclonic separation technology.

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