Difference Between Rooster and Chicken (With Table)

Rooster vs Chicken

The history of people eating Chicken meat dates back to 400BC. Humans on earth raised Fowls earlier for fighting purposes.

The cockfighting activity came into existence more than 10,000 years before. It was a pleasure activity and strangely in some parts of the world, people run this activity even now for pride and money.

As the domestication of fowl began much earlier, the archaeologists found that people started consuming the female fowls than the male. On the whole, both the genders of the fowl was collectively called Chicken and stays the same even now.

Rooster is the male counterpart in the chicken category. It is usually seen with colourful exteriors with a bushy crown.

It is common for everyone to understand what a rooster does in the morning; crowing. Usually, it is a symbol of alarm that the rural people set as their morning wake up call.

There are a few differences between a Rooster and the Chicken. Though Rooster belongs to the family of Chicken, there are differences in their usage by the humans.

The difference between Rooster and Chicken is, A rooster is a male chicken and is also called a Cock while Chicken is the species in itself. It comprises of both male and female chickens. The roosters are also used for human consumption at the same time they are used for cockfighting purposes. But the term Chicken usually refers to chicken meat and the prime purpose is eating.


Comparison Table Between Rooster and Chicken (in Tabular Form)

Parameter of ComparisonRoosterChicken
MeaningRooster is a male fowl in the category of ChickensChicken is a category of fowl that is not gender-specific.
UsageRooster is used for CockFighting and Domesticating as petsChickens are ideally used for Human Consumption
SupportRooster guards the entire hens and its flocks.Chickens set to dominate the flocks by establishing the pecking order
AppearanceRooster is tall and well built with bushy exteriorsChickens are normally fat and short.
SoundsIt is called CrowingIt is called Clucking
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What is Rooster?

A Rooster is the male Galliformes. It belongs to the category of Chicken.

Galliformes: It is a species of birds that are ground eating and heavily structured. Many ground eating birds come under this, Rooster is one of them.

The Rooster is primarily domesticated for Cockfighting purposes from the ancient times. However, people also use it for eating purposes.

Roosters are heavily built compared to their female counterparts; hens. They can be rightly spotted with heavy body, bushy exterior and a big elegant crown.

The crown is usually red, however, it can also be spotted with black feathers. The Roosters have the male characteristics of protecting its hens.

Though it is polygamous, a rooster can protect all of its hens. At the same time, it cannot protect everyone individually, it guards its hens by marking its territory.

They are aggressive by nature, if any other rooster enters its territory, it is bound to get attacked. The ‘crowing’ of the rooster is a signal given by the rooster to its hens to stay safe.

A rooster is heavier than the hen, this is one of the reasons people prefer it for preparing food.

Crowing: The sound made by the Rooster is Called Crowing. A rooster starts crowing from the 4th month of its birth. Crowing is one of the signs to spot a rooster among the chicken groups.


What is Chicken?

Chicken is a category of a fowl that is domesticated by humans for a very long time. The purpose of domestication is mainly for human consumption.

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Chicken is considered to be the world’s most domesticated birds. It is not gender-specific.

The male Chicken is called the Rooster and the Female chicken is called the hen. Chickens feed on seeds as well as animal matters, yes! It is omnivores.

It is observed eating small mice, small snakes as well as lizards. The lifespan of a chicken ranges from 5 to 10 years, but when it is used for eating purposes it is butchered by a maximum of one to one and a half years.

Hens are usually plump than the roosters. The roosters are tall and well built.

Chickens are observed to be highly gregarious and they live together in flocks. Breeds of Chickens are artificially made these days.

Some of the prominent ones are Cochin, Cornish and Silkie. Chicken Eggs have different colours, it may range from shades of white to brown. Certain breeds of hens lay blue and green colour eggs.

The Chickens are farmed for human consumption. Such categories are called Broilers. They are hens and will reach the size to slaughter in less than 6 weeks.


Main Differences Between Rooster and Chicken

  • Though Rooster belongs to the chicken family, the main difference between Rooster and Chicken is the basic usage. Roosters are mostly used for Cockfighting purposes whereas Chicken are domesticated for human consumption.
  • Rooster stays as a guard to the other chicken in its flock, while Chickens are dominative in establishing the pecking order.
  • The sound that a rooster makes is called Crowing while that of the chickens is called Clucking.
  • A rooster is tall with flashy crown and body while a chicken is normally domesticated for eating and it is plump and short.
  • Rooster being the category always used as pets while chickens, on the whole, the category is treated as edible items.



The word rooster came into existence from the Americans. An ideal word to differentiate its gender than the word Cock. However, the usage of terms has set a mindset in people to understand what the rooster and chickens are utilized for. The term Chicken directly points to Chicken dishes while the word Rooster points to beauty, elegance and aggressiveness.

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The physical features have a vast difference in them too. The rooster has a fleshy and bushy head while the chickens always have a short head with a short neck. The Chickens, on the whole, refers to hens while rooster also come under that, but preference is always given to the female breed.


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Difference between Rooster and Chicken