Difference Between Samsung HDTV Series 6 and Series 7

With the technical advancement, a wide range of televisions are available in the market. Samsung HDTV series 6 and series 7 both are good options for buyers, but it is quite confusing to choose one of them because the manufacturer mostly launches the product that varies in features and price.

Samsung HDTV Series 6 vs Series 7

The main difference between Samsung HDTV series 6 and series 7 is that series 6 offer a tremendous experience to the users by providing access to web-connected applications while viewing or watching a show. On the contrary, series 7 have some advancement. It provides various similar features with new 3D technology.

Samsung HDTV Series 6 vs Series 7

Samsung HDTV series 6 is an enormous range of television which is available in four different sizes ranging from 40-inch to 60-inch. It offers motion plus technology at 120 Hz. The resolution of series 6 is 3840 x 2160 pixels.

The series 7 of Samsung televisions is an advanced range that can easily handle HD PIP. With 178 horizontal and vertical viewing angles, this television series ultra slim as well. Series 7 offered motion plus technology in 240 Hz and available in 4K as well.

Comparison Table Between Samsung HDTV Series 6 and Series 7

Parameters of ComparisonSamsung HDTV Series 6Samsung HDTV Series 7
Motion Plus TechnologyIt offers this technology in 120HzSeries 7 offers motion plus in 240Hz
Horizontal viewing angle176 degrees178 degrees
Vertical viewing angle176 degrees178 degrees
LED-litSeries 6 of Samsung are not LED-litSeries 7 offer the LED-lit
PIP This series can handle only analog PIPThis series TVs can handle HD PIP

What is Samsung HDTV Series 6?

The model of televisions is changing with every technological advancement. Every year companies launch their television with various features. Samsung HDTV series 6 is a budget-friendly smart TV range launched by Samsung in the market. For immersive viewing and a better user experience, companies try to enhance the look and other aspects of the television.

The contrast ratio of this series is amazing as it offers the vertical alignment panel as well. Series 6 could be a good choice for those who prefer to watch television in the darkroom, and this is due to the excellent black uniformity. It has a limited advanced feature, but still, you can prefer this series for mixed usage.

The main features of Samsung HDTV series 6 include:

  • The smart hub panel provided by Samsung enables the user to enjoy the interface and approach more than 900 applications.
  • Users can share their Samsung smartphone with the television without connecting to the internet.
  • This series is using a glass frame design and a 6mm bezel.
  • The dual-core processor provided by series 6 will increase your speed of multitasking.

What is Samsung HDTV Series 7?

Samsung launches a various range of Smart TVs to enhance the user experience. Series 7 of Samsung is launched in the year 2018 with advanced features and technologies, including High dynamic range (HDR). This television makes sure that you will get a cinematic experience by sitting at your home.

The processing power of series 7 is quite good, and it also offers Subwoofer as standard. The subwoofer enables the series 7 television to make a better and pleasing sound for the users. Although it lacks in providing darkroom performance, the low input lag of series 7 is outstanding. The stereo seems realistic, and overall it could be a good purchase.

The features of series 7 include:

  • The screen type of series 7 are LED type.
  • The standard resolution is 4K, and in pixels, it is 3840×2160
  • It has an HDMI and USB port as well.
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi is available
  • Connectivity aspect includes one Ethernet and analog audio input
  • The subwoofers provided by this series will eventually enhance the sound quality.

Main Differences Between Samsung HDTV Series 6 and Series 7

  1. Samsung categorizes the television in range in two groups, respectively, series 6 and series 7. Series 6 is the older version as compared to series 7. Some add-on and features enhancement is made by Samsung in series 7. Although both series are considered as a good choice for the users. The multimedia experience offered by series 6 to the users is enhanced by the 3D technology of series 7. Series 6 would not have 3D technology, but series 7 is designed in such a way that it can produce 3D images for 2D content as well.
  2. While watching television, sound play a significant role. Series 7 of Samsung Smart TV have subwoofers that provide an overall good quality sound which eventually gives a cinematic experience to the users. On the other hand, the subwoofers are not available in series 6.
  3. Samsung provides motion plus technology in its television range. This technology represents the moving object with less blurring. Series 6 offers motion plus technology in 120 Hz, and on the contrary, series 7 have motion plus technology in 240 Hz.
  4. To access various and multiple applications, respectively, PIP mode is provided by both of these smart TV series. In series 6, analog PIP is offered as it can handle analog only. On the other side, series 7 is a good pick that provides a satisfactory picture and sound quality. In the PIP aspect, series 7 offers HD PIP that eventually allows excellent multiview.
  5. Smart TV provides viewing from different angles, and this is an offer to those viewers who are not sitting in front of the television. In both the series, series 6 and series 7, the horizontal and vertical viewing angles are different. This is because series 7 is the upgraded and enhanced version of series 6. The horizontal and vertical viewing angle in series 6 is 176 degrees, and in series 7, it is 178 degrees.


Samsung tries to provide advanced features in the smart TV, which consequently enhance the user experience. No doubt, series 7 is the upgraded version of series 6 and stands out as well. But series 6 is a good pick for mixed usage. Although it has limited advanced features, it is budget-friendly and an amazing choice for those who love to watch television in the darkroom.

Series 7 prices are much higher as compared to series 6, and it provides an overall pleasant and excellent audio quality. In a nutshell, we can conclude that series 6 and series 7 both are good picks for the users. Both have some pros and cons, but you can choose any of them that fits your budget.


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