Difference Between Scottish and Irish (with Table)

Earth is Geographically divided into seven continents, within these continents, there are numerous countries in which people live. These countries are divided by imaginary borders, people can be distinguished by the language, clothes, their appearance, etc., everything is dependent on the climatic conditions of the country.

Other than countries there are islands as well, islands are pieces of land surrounded by water bodies. Islands can be independent entities or part of any country. Most of the islands are fully equipped with transportation facilities, therefore, people commute a lot. The genetic difference occurs when people commute. 

There are different cultures, religions, customs, practiced in the world, some countries have few similarities due to the adjacent existence of the countries. And some countries have inner diversity. Few countries share similar origins but due to invasions, their similarities get distinct.         

Scottish vs Irish

The difference between Scottish and Irish is that the Scottish are part of the United Kingdom on the other hand Irish form an independent nation. There are numerous differences between both apart from their political and geographical differences.

Comparison Table Between Scottish and Irish      

Parameters of ComparisonScottishIrish 
DefinitionPeople or anything related to Scotland.People or anything related to Ireland. 
Part of United kingdomEurope 
Religion14 percent of Roman catholic  87 percent of roman catholic 
LanguageScottish GaelicIrish Gaelic
Food and drinkHaggis and whisky Bread, stew and beer

What is Scottish? 

People of Scotland or anything related to Scotland are referred to as Scottish. Scotland is a nation part of the United Kingdom. The ethnic group of Scotland are often referred to as Scottish people.

Scotland is a beautiful place, known for several things like the friendly Scottish people, whisky, Scottish wool, Islands of Scotland, highlands, haggis, their food, etc., Origin of Scottish people can be traced from the 9th century when the amalgamation of Picts and Gaels (two Celtic speaking people) led to the foundation of the kingdom of Scotland.

Gaelic is the group of languages generally spoken by Gaels, Scottish Gaelic spread in Scotland during the 4th century. However, it slowly lost its status as Scotland’s national language. 

Scotland has 54 percent of Christians, one-third population belong to the Church of Scotland and 14 per cent are roman catholic. Christianity was found later, but before Christianity, it is believed that Picts practiced some form of Celtic polytheism (a blend of druidism, paganism, and other sects).

Scottish food is famous in the world, haggis (a meat pudding) is the national food of Scotland, it is accompanied by mashed potatoes, whisky and some turnips. In drink culture whisky is the most famous liquid, it is the national drink of Scotland. An important part of Scottish culture is its music, the bagpipe is the most famous instrument of Scotland that produces melody. 

What is Irish?

People of Ireland and anything related to Ireland is referred to as Irish. Ireland is an island and country of Europe. Scottish and Irish are sometimes seem similar but they are different from each other.

One of the main differences between the Scottish and Irish is the difference in their language. The Gaelic Irish is referred to as Irish, the origin of both the languages Scottish and Irish Gaelic is believed to be the same but they are different from each other. They do not understand each other’s language, their pronunciation, phonetics, etc., everything is different.  

Irish race is referred to as Milesian race because it is believed Irish were descendants of Milesians from Spain. It is believed that they invaded Ireland before Christ. Ireland got invaded several times, in 1921 it finally got independent from the British empire.

Irish people can be identified easily through their physical appearance, they have prominent and round chin, with pale skin tone, they generally have oval faces with high cheekbones, hazel eyes with brown or red hair is a typical physical feature of Irish people. 

Irish land is famous for its incredible history, the hospitality and beauty of people, River dance, Irish food and drinks, the landscapes, music, etc., one of the distinctive features of Irish is the religion they follow. In Ireland, roman catholic accounts for about 87 per cent of its population, Northern Ireland constitutes of protestants.

Culture of Ireland is famous for its food and drink culture in which bread and stews dominate the category, in drinks, Irish beer is the famous drink followed by their whisky. Although, Scottish whisky is more famous than Irish whiskey. Irish music is also famous, they have traditional bagpipes, which is also less famous as compared to Scottish music.

Main Differences Between Scottish and Irish 

  1. Scottish refers to the people of Scotland or anything related to Scotland, on the other hand, Irish refers to the people of Ireland or anything related to Ireland. 
  2. Scotland is a nation part of the United kingdom, on the other hand, Ireland is an independent Nation and an island of Europe.
  3. People of Scotland speak Scottish Gaelic, on the other hand, people of Ireland speak Irish Gaelic. Their origin is believed to be the same but the differences emerged in the later phases.
  4. Scotland accounts for about 14 percent of roman catholic, on the other hand, Ireland accounts for about 87 percent of roman catholic.
  5. Scotland is famous for whisky and haggis on the other hand Ireland or Irish is famous for bread, stew and beer.
  6. Scottish music of traditional bagpipe is more famous as compared to Irish music of the traditional bagpipe.


Scottish and Irish are two different entities which are quite similar to each other, both the cultures share almost the same origin and over the time distinctions emerged with several invasions.

Scottish and Irish are world-famous for their hospitality, friendly, their food and drink culture, etc.

Most of the time Scottish tends to be more famous than Irish.


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