Difference Between Self-Rising Flour and Bread Flour

Flours are the base that is used for making bread, cakes, and many bakery-related items. There are many different types of flours available in the market. But the difference lies in the use and the type of food that we are going to create. Self-rising flour and Bread flour have differences in making the food and the content in them. 

Self-Rising Flour vs Bread Flour

The main difference between Self-Rising Flour and Bread Flour is that the use of self-rising flour is mainly for baking cakes and other bakery-related foods. Bread flour is mainly used by people for making bread. Many people prefer bread flour because the protein content in them is high and the protein content in the self-rising flour is less. 

Self Rising Flour and Bread Flour

Self-rising flour is used by people for making cakes and other items which need to be raised. They are available in shops as well for people who find it difficult to make them at home. Because while making the recipes, one small mistake in the ratio or the quantity will lead to a big blunder in taste. People who are making them at home should follow the basic steps and guidelines to get the proper result.

Bread flour is used for baking bread and pizza bases. This is preferred mainly by people when they want to include more protein content in their diet. All other flours will not have much protein content when it comes to making bread. But if you want to avoid more protein content, then you can prefer using an all-purpose flour that contains less protein content.

Comparison Table Between Self-Rising Flour and Bread Flour

Parameters of ComparisonSelf-Rising FlourBread Flour
DefinitionIt is used for baking cakes and other items where the raising is very important.It is used for baking bread and used by people because of its protein content.
Protein contentLow proteinHigh protein
Flour usedAll-purpose flourWheat flour
Main contentYeastGluten

What is Self-Rising Flour?

It has to raise properties that make the flour raise when we bake. Other flours lack this property, so when you bake there are high chances of the flour not getting raised. With the help of self-rising flour, you don’t have to add any separate raising agents. You can simply use them without adding any extras.

You can even make your self-rising flour with the help of plain flour from your home. Even though they are available in the market many people prefer making them in their homes. Those who don’t have any time can buy them from outside shops. To make self-rising flour on your own you need to have plain flour and baking powder. If you are taking 100g of plain flour then you have to take 1 teaspoon of baking powder.

Remember the quantity here is very important. If you miss the quantity then the flour will not get baked properly. Everything will get wasted. Taking them in proper ratios is very important when you are doing it on your own. Always have a measuring cup near you to measure the quantities properly. People who are making cakes are required to have self-rising flour so that the cake will get raised when you bake them. If you find these processes difficult you can buy them from a shop.

What is Bread Flour?

Bread flour comes under the type of white flour. In bread flour, protein content is considered to be the main factor when it comes to baking the bread. Because if they contain more protein content then it will equal to more content of gluten. If they have more gluten content then it will lead to a lot of elasticity. This type of dough is mainly used for baking pieces of bread. 

If you don’t have separate bread flour for baking then you can use all-purpose flour for that. But when you use all-purpose flour for baking the protein content in them will be very less. You have to use some other alternative for that. And using all-purpose flour means the batter will be wet. These types of doughs are also used for making pizza bases as well. 

But pizza bases are also made with all-purpose flour. When you eat them, you will be able to find the difference in the base area. Even though you find the difference it won’t do any difference to the taste. In all-purpose flour, the protein content will be very less. But the protein content in the bread flour will be very high. If you want more protein content then you should go for bread flour. 

Main Differences Between Self-Rising Flour and Bread Flour

  1. This is flour that is used for baking cakes and other bakery-related items. But bread flour is used for making bread.
  2. The protein content in the self-rising flour will be very low. But the protein content in the bread flour will be high.
  3. The flour used for making self-rising flour is all-purpose flour. On the other hand, the flour used in bread flour is wheat flour.
  4. The main use of self-rising flour is for making cakes. Bread flour is mainly used for baking bread.
  5. The main content of self-rising flour is yeast. But the main content of bread flour is yeast. 


Both these flours are available in the market and people can use them according to their requirements. Even they can make them in their home without purchasing them from the outside shops. But the problem lies in measuring the quantities. Once they make a small mistake in the measurement then everything will be ruined.

Based on the type of food they are going to make they can select the type of flour. Because self-rising flour has some raising agents in built-in them which the other flours will lack. Bread flour has some amazing nutrient content in built-in them which is good for human health and people who are very conscious about their diet. 


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