Difference Between Semi-Permanent and Permanent Hair Dye (With Table)

People are coloring their hair nowadays using many products. Many people are either using semi-permanent dye or permanent dye to color their hair. These are available in the market and are used by many people and professionals. But the more coloring it gives to the hair it has some side effects on the hair as well, and it should not be used very often. 

Semi-Permanent vs Permanent Hair Dye

The difference between Semi-Permanent and Permanent Hair Dye is that semi-permanent hair dye is used by people when they want to maintain that hair color for some days and not forever in their lifetime. But permanent hair dye is used by people when they want to maintain the hair color forever. 

Semi-permanent dye is used by people to color their hair. But this color will not last on them forever. It will fade away after some washes. This kind of dye is available in many shops, and people can choose the color that they are very fond of. If they are using it for the first time, then they can seek others’ help or watch some tutorials before applying it. 

Permanent hair dye is used for coloring their hair permanently. This type of dye is used by many people when their hair turns out to be grey after some age. They apply this hair to make it look black. Many people even color their hair to some other colors as well. It depends on their choice. 

Comparison Table Between Semi-Permanent and Permanent Hair Dye

Parameters of ComparisonSemi-Permanent Hair DyePermanent Hair Dye
Duration1 or 2 weeks6-8 weeks
UseTo color the hair for some occasionsTo color the hair permanently
Hair problemsYesYes
Professional helpNot requiredRequired

What is Semi-Permanent Hair Dye?

This type of dye is used when people want to color their hair, often with different types of colors. So that they will stay in trend when a new hair color comes to the market. It will be faded from your hair within a week or two. After that, if you like the color, then you have to apply the color once again, or you can change to a new one.

This is a good option that has sensitive hair. Because when you apply this on hair and wash, it will be removed completely and won’t affect your scalp. Many people are so worried and concerned when it comes to coloring their hair using a dye because of the hair problems that will happen after dying their air. For them, semi-permanent hair dye will be a good choice, and they can opt for it without any hesitation.

If you shampoo your hair very often after applying semi-permanent hair dye, then your hair color will fade very soon. And you have to apply the semi-permanent dye again. So, it’s better to wash your hair twice a week. These kinds of dyes are available in the market everywhere. And even parlors are doing this if you are trying it for the first time and not sure about this.

What is Permanent Hair Dye?

Permanent hair dye is a type of hair dye used by people who want to permanently maintain their hair color. This kind of hair color will last in their long till some new hair grows or the hair falls. Until then, this color will remain forever in their hair. Since the hair grows in the root, this kind of hair lasts in the hair for about 6-8 weeks. And then the new hair will be again in the old color of your hair.

But this kind of hair dye will cause some side effects to your hair. They use many chemicals in the air to make the hair color lasts forever. These chemicals might sometimes damage your hair which results in hair loss. But this is not the case for everyone. If you have a good genetic hair history, then this won’t be a problem for you. But some people hate to keep this permanent hair dye if it does not match their looks. 

In that case, they can remove this from their hair by using dish soap. This will help them to remove that hair color. This kind of hair dye cannot be applied easily. You need somebody to help you in this process. Many parlors will help you in applying them. They will take care of your hair and will apply the dye evenly so that the color will spread out smoothly. 

Main Differences Between Semi-Permanent and Permanent Hair Dye

  1. If you are going to change your hair color, then you can use semi-permanent hair dye. If you are going to keep your hair color permanently, then you can use permanent hair dye.
  2. Semi-permanent hair dye is used by people for coloring their hair for some time, and they will change it to some other when they get bored of it. Permanent hair dye is used by people when they want to permanently color their hair.
  3. Semi-permanent hair dye uses chemicals, but when we compare it with permanent hair dye, it uses fewer chemicals. Permanent hair dye uses more chemicals to make the color last longer.
  4. Semi-permanent hair dye can damage your hair. Likewise, permanent hair dye will also cause damage to your hair.
  5. To apply semi-permanent hair dye, you don’t require any professional help. If you are confident, you can apply it on your own. But for permanent hair dye, it would be good if you seek professional help.


These hair dyes are often used by professionals and people who have grey hair more than black. These kinds of people mostly opt for coloring their hair. This can be done with the help of hair dyes. They can either choose semi-permanent or permanent hair dyes to their hair to make it look elegant and perfect. But it would be good if they use it on some occasions and parties and a regular basis as it might cause damage to the hair.

Once you color the hair using a permanent hair dye, it will remain forever to your hair until the hair breaks or the new hair grows. In some cases, if you want to remove you can even use some chemicals to remove it as well. It depends on your choice of what kind of hair dye you are selecting for coloring your hair. 


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