Difference Between Sephora Brushes and Morphe

The beauty industry is growing at a rapid pace. New brands and beauty products are launched into the market almost every other day. The competition between them is cut-throat.


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However, Sephora and Morphe are two names that have marked a strong position for themselves already. Their product lines are famous amongst make-up artists, influencers, and beauty enthusiasts across the world.

Sephora Brushes vs Morphe

The difference between Sephora Brushes and Morphe is that most of the brushes from Sephora are on the cheaper end when compared to Morphe. On the other hand, Morphe brush kits tend to be pricier than the ones found in Sephora Collection. Apart from the price, there are differences in quality, shapes, and variety as well.

Sephora Brushes vs Morphe

Sephora Brushes were launched for make-up enthusiasts by the retail chain make-up store, Sephora. The brushes are known to be durable and of premium quality.

These brushes are not as cheap as those found in small drugstores. However, they have a mid-range price tag and are not too heavy on the pockets.

Morphe brushes are luxury beauty tools launched by the make-up brand, Morphe. These brushes are known to be expensive. Yet, users have vouched that the quality of some of the brushes is not up to the mark. Some claim that the bristles of some of the brushes tend to fall off after just one wash.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSephora BrushesMorphe Brushes
PriceSephora Brushes are known to be medium-ranged when it comes to the price tag.Most of the brushes launched by Morphe are more expensive than those found in the Sephora Collection.
QualityThe quality of Sephora Brushes is worth the price, as claimed by most users and critiques.Many users claim that some of the brushes are not of good quality and tend to break faster.
VarietySephora Collection offers less variety when compared to Morphe Brushes.Morphe Brushes come in a wider variety than Sephora Brushes.
HandlesReviews show that some of the brushes are too long (7-8 inches) and thus quite uncomfortable to use.Morphe brush handles are known to be of just the right size. This allows for comfortable usage and easy handling.
MarketingSephora does not use as many marketing tactics as Morphe for their brushes.Morphe asks influencers to use, review and post about their brushes on social media.
ReviewsThe reviews online for Sephora Brushes are better than those of Morphe.The reviews for Morphe brushes are not as good as Sephora.

What is Sephora Brushes?

Sephora is a high-end retail chain that sells personal care and beauty products throughout multiple nations. You can either buy their products from their lavish departmental stores or you can find them online.

Sephora Brush is a beauty product launched by Sephora for make-up enthusiasts, influencers as well as artists. The beauty tool is priced in the mid-range. However, users vouch that the cost is worth it because of the premium quality it offers.

Sephora Brushes come with a plastic cap that covers their bristles. This ensures the utmost safety and sanitation. Moreover, Sephora Collection also offers many brushes which are cruelty-free or vegan.

The brushes come with a good bristle density, comfortable handles, and just the right shape For easy application.

However, some users complain that the brushes in the PRO line are not as good as others. This is because of the long handles which go up to 8 inches.

What is Morphe Brushes?

Morphe is a luxury make-up brand that sells beauty and skincare products. From highlighters to applicators, you can find a variety of tools in their stores. Unlike Sephora, Morphe stores keep and sell products of their own brand only.

Morphe brushes are high-end beauty tools that are used on the face for blending make-up. These brushes come in a wide variety and are known to be expensive. Yet, some users claim that these brushes are not that durable.

Morphe brushes are famous for the variety that they offer. The company launches new brush kits almost every other day. These kits compile brushes of different sizes and use in one whole kit. This offers a premium experience for users as they can use different brushes according to their liking.

morphe brushes

Main Differences Between Sephora Brushes and Morphe

  1. The price of Sephora Brushes is mid-ranged while Morphe Brushes tend to be more expensive than the latter.
  2. The quality of Sephora Brushes is vouched to be worth the price by its users. On the other hand, some of the brushes launched by Morphe are not that durable and have gained quite a few negative reviews.
  3. Morphe offers a wider variety of brushes than Sephora.
  4. Some of the brushes of Sephora have long and uncomfortable handles. This does not seem to be a problem with Morphe brushes.
  5. Sephora does not use influencers as a marketing tactic while Morphe does.
  6. The reviews for Sephora Brushes are better than those of Morphe brushes.


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