Difference Between Sequence and Series

In mathematics, summing up numbers is important. We can do that with the help of a calculator when the numbers are small. But if the numbers are large, we need some formula to arrive fast at the answer.


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Sequence vs Series

The difference between Sequence and Series is that in the sequence, you will be able to find ghat the numbers are following the certain, and they have some specific pattern to be followed. A Series will have a set of numbers by having a plus symbol which will sum up the numbers at the end, and they don’t have any specific pattern to be followed.

Sequence vs Series

The sequence is a term used in mathematics to determine the order of numbers. They will have a series of numbers, and these numbers will always follow an order.

A series is a set of numbers, and these numbers will be split with the help of a plus symbol. This is very important because it helps us to sum the numbers with the help of a simple formula.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSequenceSeries
DefinitionThey are set of numbers in an ordered listThey are set of numbers having plus symbol in between
Main differenceThey don’t have any symbol in betweenThey are different because of the plus symbol
Order ImportanceOrder is very importantOrder is not much important
PatternThey follow a specific patternThey don’t have any specifics. They will sum up
Order SequenceThe order sequence will be differentIt is the same in all the cases

What is Sequence?

A sequence is a series of numbers in an ordered list. This is a specific pattern or a function that is followed in mathematics.

It is an important topic that is studied by students in mathematics. Based on this, they used to solve some specific problems as well. There is a formula that is used to calculate the sequence.

The sequence will always follow a pattern. And it will always follow the order as well. To first calculate, you need to have the formula in hand.


What is Series?

A series is used in mathematics, and they contain a set of numbers. But here, the numbers will be split up by plus symbol. And these numbers will not follow any order.

This can be calculated by using some special formula. Because the number length might be large and we can’t keep on adding the numbers till we reach the last number.

The terms used in series can either be real or complex numbers. But there will be generality that is always possible. Common series is also one of its types, and it is mainly used for solving consecutive numbers.


Main Differences Between Sequence and Series

  1. A sequence will follow a specific pattern. On the other hand, a series will not follow any pattern.
  2. In sequence, the order sequence will be different. But in series, the order sequence will be the same in all the cases.
Difference Between Sequence and Series


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