Difference Between Shaved Ice and Snow Cone

Different types of people hold different preferences and choices regarding their eating habits. While some prefer to eat a certain thing, some hate to even see that particular thing.


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But when it comes to something like Dessert, except for a few, most of the people love it. 

Talking about desserts, how can one not mention ice-based desserts as those are one of the most popular forms of desserts. Shaved Ice and Snow Cone are two varieties of ice-based desserts and happen to be really popular all across the globe.

Shaved Ice vs Snow Cone 

The difference between Shaved Ice and Snow Cone is that the former happens to be more of an original form of ice-based desserts and refers to a dish that originates out of crushed or shaved ice particles while that latter is just another form of Shaved Ice just with the difference of a cone or a cup. But his is not the only difference that lies. There are many more. 

Shaved Ice vs Snow Cone

Shaved Ice, as the name itself, signifies refers to that form of ice-based desserts which takes place due to an ice cube being shaved or crushed into tiny [articles. After this crushing happens, this is poured with flavored syrup to make it taste more delicious.

This dish happens to be very popular all across the world with special popularity in countries like China and India. 

While on the other hand, Snow Cone is nothing but a changed or altered form of the dessert mentioned above. It varies from Shaved Ice in terms of the ways in which it is kept and in terms of the methods of syrups being poured.

This dessert can be differentiated from the others as it is usually seen in a cup or a cone, and that is what makes it distinct from other of its family members. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonShaved Ice Snow Cone 
Meaning  It is an ice-based dessert widely popular in countries like the United States and is made by shaving ice cubes into tiny pieces. It is a form of ice-based dessert and comes into existence when ice cubes are crushed into small particles.  
Interrelation  It is a predecessor to a snow cone. It is a successor to shaved ice. 
Other names  Hawaiian shaved ice, shaver, shaved snow, and fluffed ice. Sno-kones, sno-cones, snowball, and sno-ball. 
Texture  Soft  Crunchy  
Flavored syrup position This dessert absorbs the syrup poured onto it. This dessert does not absorb the syrup and lets it sit around it.  
Ice-typeIt uses shaved ice with the help of an ice shaver It used crushed ice with the help of a crushing machine. 
Usually found in Daily shops, street vendors Carnivals and festivals 
Flavors offered Almost 30 to 40 flavors are offered by the makers. Only 5-10 flavors are found 
Prepped in never prepped in advance  usually prepped in advance  

What is Shaved Ice? 

Shaved Ice, popularly termed as the Hawaiian Shaved Ice, is a very popular and intriguing form of ice-based desserts available all over the world. Hardly is there any country in the world that is unaware of this sweet and delicious, mouth-watering dish.  

To make this, the makers take an ice cube and shave it into tiny particles with the help of an ice shaver. After being shredded, these particles are stuffed in the serving bowl, glass, or cup, and a sweet flavored or sour flavored syrup is poured upon it.  

As the history of this dessert is traced back, it is said that around 27 BC, the Roma Emperor named Nero ordered his servants to fetch snow for him from the high-altitude areas.

He stuffed this snow in a container and poured honey over it. This is said to be the first example of Shaved Ice.   

It carries a very soft and delicate texture and is never prepared in advance. When someone orders for it, it is served to the person.  

shaved ice

What is Snow Cone? 

A Snow Cone is nothing but an almost identical form of Shaved Ice except for the part of its origin, texture, and some other things. It is said that this dessert came into the limelight after the 1850s.

During that time, the truck drivers that used to carry ice for ice factories used to give out some of its scrapings to poor children. And with the passage of time, it turned into a fully grown dessert dish. 

It is majorly popular in countries like India and Pakistan among children living in small villages. This dessert can be seen in normal streets and in festivals and carnivals too.  

It is different from other similar desserts because it has a crunchy texture rather than a delicate one. Also, it is prepped before handed, and when an order comes, the only requirement that arises is to hand it over to the guest. 

snow cone

Main Differences Between Shaved Ice and Snow Cone 

  1. Shaved Ice is an ice-based dessert widely popular in countries like the United States and is made by shaving ice cubes into tiny pieces. Snow Cone is a form of ice-based dessert and comes into existence when ice cubes are crushed into small particles. 
  2. Shaved Ice is mostly known with other names like Hawaiian Shaved Ice, Shaved snow, and fluffed ice. While on the other hand, Snow Cone is known by names such as sno-kones, snow cones, and sno-ball
  3. Shaved Ice is never prepped in advance and is prepped when the order arrives. While the Snow Cone is usually prepped in advance and upon the receiving of an order, it just needs to be served. 
  4. Shaved Ice has a soft and delicate texture, while the Snow Cone has a really crunchy texture. 
  5. Shaved Ice is mostly sold in the daily dessert shops and by local vendors, while the Snow Cone is majorly found in carnivals and festivals. 
Difference Between Shaved Ice and Snow Cone


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