Difference Between Shuttle and Badminton

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Individuals, as well as teams, participate in sports and fight in the competition. There are hundreds of Sports in the world. Numerous content tournaments are held where champions are declared.

There are tie-breaking rounds as well. Shuttle and Badminton is a part of a sport. Where shuttle is used to play with the Badminton.

Shuttle vs Badminton

The difference between Shuttle and Badminton is that a Shuttle is an object through which Badminton is played. On the other hand, Badminton is a racquet sport that originated in British India. Badminton is played in two formats, i.e. Singles and Doubles, in which players are across the net. A shuttle is also called a shuttle. It is made up of feathers or plastic and is put inside a rubber cork. The origin of the shuttle is believed to be in ancient times at the time of bird hunting. 

Shuttle vs Badminton

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A shuttle is used by a Badminton to hit them over a net. A shuttle is very lightweight. It has gripped so that it can get attached to Badminton.

Various types of materials are used to make a shuttle-like plastic, solid steel, graphite, feathers etc. A shuttle is made up of a conical shape that gives it a high projectile during the game.

Feathers of a shuttle are embedded inside a cork that is made up of rubber. Feathers are brittle can break very easily.

Badminton is a game that is played using racquets. A shuttle is used in the game. It is the object via which Badminton is played. Rules of Badminton are made by Badminton World Federation.

The Court of Badminton is rectangular. It is divided by a net. Usually, Badminton is played in singles. But doubles can also be played in it.

In the game of badminton, there are 21 points. Players who serve more or win a point wins the game.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonShuttleBadminton
Origin14th centuryIn India during the British period.
Weight4.75 to 5.50 gRacquets weigh 70 and 95 grams.
MaterialsRubber cork, thin leather, feather, plastic etc.Wood, carbon fibre, steel, aluminium etc.
Consist ofSixteen feathers embedded in a cork.Shuttle, racquets, grip, strings, shoes etc.
RulesWeight, height, quality, durability are checked.Played inside a court divided by a net.

What is Shuttle?

A shuttle is called a birdie or shuttle that uses a high projectile to go from one to another side. It is used in the game of badminton. A shuttle is very important in Badminton.

Without it, the game cannot be played. The origin of the Shuttle happened in ancient India when people used to train their birds.

Shuttle very closely resembles the lure of a hawk that is made up of leather. The term ‘shuttle’ came because of its motion back and forth originating in the 14th century.

A shuttle is very lightweight that gives them projectile. It weighs about 4 to 5 grams. Its feathers are 2.3 to 2.7 inches. Earlier shuttlecock was made up of feathers. !6 feathers were required to make them.

It was taken from a duck or goose. Then it was put inside a rounded cork. Over the years, this practice was seen as very cruel as it was plucked from live animals.

Feathers were very brittle. It used to break easily or come out. So it was replaced many times in a single game. So shuttle was replaced with plastic feathers.

Using feathers in a shuttle was a hectic process as a lot of things was needed to be done before playing the game. Plastic feathers are more durable. However, it doesn’t give much speed as feathered ones.

What is Badminton?

Badminton originated in India at the time of British rule. It came from earlier games like shuttlecock and battledore. Then the game became very popular in Asia, competitions were mostly dominated by China.

Since 1992, Badminton has become a summer sport in Olympics. Four events of badminton are there, i.e. men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, and women’s doubles.

Usually, singles are played in badminton with each player across the net. Badminton is played on the Badminton Court.

A court is rectangular and is divided into two parts. Serving is important in badminton as it gives points to the participants. When the server serves, the shuttle must be inside a short service line.

Otherwise, it will be a fault. Every game of badminton consists of 21 points. Badminton match is done in the manner of best of three. 

Equipment of Badminton includes racquets, shuttle, grip, strings and shoes. Racquets are made up of high quality, sometimes consisting of carbon fibres and wood.

Different racquets of a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs are available. Badminton shoes are also important as it gives lateral support to the players.

Main Differences Between Shuttle and Badminton

  1. Shuttle originated in ancient times and was used for the training and hunting of birds. The term came in the 14th century. Badminton originated in India during British rule from battledore.
  2. The weight of a shuttlecock is 4.75 to 5.50 grams. In Badminton, the weight of Racquets is between 70 and 95 grams.
  3. Materials in Shuttle includes Rubber cork, thin leather, feather, plastic etc. Materials in Badminton includes Wood, carbon fibre, steel, aluminium etc.
  4. Shuttle consists of sixteen feathers embedded in a rubber cork. Badminton consist of Shuttlecock, racquets, grip, strings, shoes etc.
  5. Rules of Shuttle include that a shuttle should be of good quality, height, weight, and durability is to be checked before a match is played. Rules in Badminton are that it should be played inside a court divided by a net.
Difference Between Shuttle and Badminton
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