Since vs Hence: Difference and Comparison

In English, Parts of speech form the essential and basic grammar rules for the language. Ideally, in the English language, parts of speech are the structural blocks of efficient functional grammar.

Adverbs are words that qualify and modify a verb concerning time, place, frequency, manner, situation, etc. Prepositions are those that ascertain a relation to another part of the sentence.

Key Takeaways

  1. “Since” functions as a preposition or conjunction, indicating a starting point in time or a cause or reason for a situation or action.
  2. “Hence” is an adverb signifying a logical consequence or inference drawn from a preceding statement or fact.
  3. Both words express a causal relationship, but “since” emphasizes the origin or reason, while “hence” highlights the resulting conclusion or outcome.

Since vs. Hence

The difference between Since and Hence is a sentence’s grammar form, meaning, and usage. “Since” is used to explain something happening in the past, but “Hence” is used for describing some action as a result of something that happened in the past and connects to the future.

Since vs Hence

“Since” can be used as an adverb, preposition, or conjunction. The meaning of the word “Since” commonly refers to the period between two circumstances.

The word “Hence,” an adverb, denotes something as a consequence of or as a result of, or therefore.


Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonSinceHence
MeaningDescribes the period in between two situations and can also be used for justifying a position.Describes an action as a result of and is also used to denote actions from now on.
Grammar FormUsed as a Conjunction, a proposition, or an Adverb.They are used as an Adverb only.
Part of the SentenceUsually refers to the past action and can be used at the beginning and the middle.Generally refers to the future action and can be used at the beginning and the middle.
UsageUsed to highlight the intervening time between two actions.They are used to highlight an action as a result of or as a consequence of.
Example“It has been a long time since we met each other.”“It is raining heavily; hence you must carry an umbrella.”


When to Use Since?

“Since” represents a particular period from the past to the present. It is used in English as part of speech to make the language more understandable and precise.

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“Since” can be used as an Adverb or Conjunction or Preposition based on the situation and requirement of the language. It can be used at the beginning of the sentence as well as in the middle of the sentence.

“Since” can also be used as “Since then.” The following examples shall be considered to understand the application and usage of the word “Since” in various situations.

The word “Since” can be used as an Adverb in the following sentence.

  1. “He went Abroad last year, and we have not seen him since.”
  2. “They vacated their house last month and have not been seen since.”

The word “Since” can be used as a Conjunction in a sentence as follows.

  1. “He has been warned twice since he joined the organization.”
  2. “He worked in different odd jobs since dropping out of school.”

The word “Since” can be used as a Preposition in a sentence as follows.

  1. “Things have changed a lot since last winter.”
  2. “Since joining the company, she has been promoted thrice.”

When to Use Hence?

“Hence” is used in a sentence as an adverb and refers to a reason or explanation given in a particular scenario. There are specific ways in which this word can be used in English Grammar.

“Hence” is sometimes called “Henceforth,” an adverb representing something at a given time.

The word “Hence” can be used to begin a sentence, and it can also be used in the middle of a sentence according to the requirement.

The following examples shall be considered to understand the application and usage of “Hence.”

  1. “The committee meeting will be held two days hence.”
  2. “It is freezing; hence we decided to stay inside.”
  3. “Hence, I request you to grant me leave kindly.”
  4. “The construction will be completed at the end of the decade, three years hence.”
  5. “A recession is likely to rise again in 2020; hence stringent economic measures must be taken”.
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Main Differences Between Since and Hence

  1. The words “Since” and “Hence” have different meanings in the English language and differ in their usage in a sentence. The main difference between the words “Since” and “Hence” is the context and grammar form in which it is used.
  2. “Since” can be used as a conjunction, preposition, or adverb in a sentence, whereas “Hence” can be used only as an adverb in a sentence.
  3. “Since” refers to an action from the past, but “Hence” denotes a movement from the future.
  4. The word “Since” is used to describe the period between two actions and also to introduce an activity. In contrast, “Hence” is used to describe an action that has occurred as a consequence of and is used instead of “Therefore.”
  5. The word “Since” is confused with usage in place of “For,” and the word “Hence” is confused with usage in place of “Thus” or “Therefore.”


Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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