Difference Between Slideshare and Prezi

In the era of presentations, having a tool that makes the best presentations is quite essential. Choosing between Slideshare and Prezi can be difficult in such a scenario. Both have made a name for themselves and are now quite popular for being some of the best tools in this field.


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Key Takeaways

  1. Slideshare is a platform for sharing and viewing static slide presentations, while Prezi is a tool for creating dynamic and interactive presentations.
  2. Slideshare is best suited for sharing and disseminating information, while Prezi is ideal for engaging and captivating audiences.
  3. Slideshare and Prezi have different features and limitations, and the choice depends on the specific needs and goals of the user.

Slideshare vs Prezi

Slideshare is a platform for sharing and viewing presentations in various formats, it is primarily used for sharing existing presentations. Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software that allows users to create interactive and visually engaging presentations and is used for creating and delivering dynamic and engaging presentations.

Slideshare vs Prezi

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While Slideshare happens to be a presentation-making tool where you can upload any files, Prezi is well known for being the presentation maker where you can zoom in on the slides and learn the lesson better. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSlidesharePrezi
AffordabilitySlideshare can be a bit pricy and is not as affordable as Prezi.Prezi is cheaper compared to Slideshare and costs less. 
Free trialSlideshare does not offer a free trial.Prezi offers a free trial. 
iPhone SupportSlideshare supports a lot of platforms, but it does not have an iPhone app.Prezi supports a lot of platforms, along with an iPhone app. 
Access controlSlideshare provides access control.Prezi does not provide access control. 
Customer satisfaction50% of the people who have used Slideshare recommend others to use it too. It has a rating of 3.5 stars. Prezi has an overall greater rating. 97% of the people who have used Prezi recommend others to use it too. It has a rating of 4.5 stars. 

What is Slideshare?

Like traditional PowerPoint, LinkedIn made its own presentation software, later known as Slideshare. Founded in 2012, Slideshare gained popularity quite quickly. 

It works more like YouTube. You can see uploaded videos on YouTube. Su]imilarly, you can see any presentation uploaded in Slideshare if they are made public.

Like Google Drive, users can even upload any media format or file type, like document format or PDF format, in Slideshare. This can be done privately and publicly, depending on what you want. 

What was originally meant for large enterprises to utilize has almost become public property. Everyone uses it nowadays. It has more than 60 million people using it now.

But, freelancers still stay away from using Slideshare that much, so the competition is relatively less compared to the other popular platforms. 

Slideshare does not have great customer care support. So, if you do not know anything about it initially, it might take some time for you to grasp Slideshare. However, it is not that difficult to use. There are a lot of templates from which you can easily figure out what to do. 


What is Prezi?

Traditional means of presentations, like PowerPoint, has many alternatives now. Prezi is one of these alternatives that deserve special mention. But, it is more of a modern version of PowerPoint as it does not use the traditional means of slides.

It uses a type of map or canvas where you get a better understanding of the topics and presentation. You can even zoom in and understand what the slides/maps are trying to say. 

It is quite affordable for students, freelancers, and small-scale businesses. They will also be able to use this without any difficulty. It supports Windows, Android as well as iOS. 

You can even insert images, texts, and videos in your presentation, making the understanding much better. 

If you want your slides to be private that cannot be accessed by anyone, you can easily get a license. It is exclusively available for students and even teachers. By doing so, others cannot see what you have shared as it will not be made public. 

Prezi can be solely used as a learning tool as it will improve learning sessions by being interactive. Also, students will be engaged more in the lessons. 

There are a lot of video tutorials and support systems, so you will not have any difficulty getting to know how Prezi works. There is also a customized library and many customized templates to choose from, which makes it engaging for the one who makes the presentation and the ones who are watching it. 

The layout is simple, along with the interface. However, the content available is vast, and getting what you want might be a problem. However, if you search in the Google search engine, getting the desired Prezi you need won’t be difficult. 

Main Differences Between Slideshare and Prezi

  1. Slideshare is similar to that of Google Drive. You can upload all your documents here. It allows any files. At the same time, Prezi is more like PowerPoint, which allows you to create different presentations.
  2. Freelancers, small-scale businesses, and even large enterprises can use Slideshare. On the other hand, Prezi is quite great for freelancers and small businesses. But, when it comes to enterprises- Prezi is not as effective as Slideshare. 
  3. A wide range of content can be found on Slideshare. However, when you enter a particular field you want to know about; it cannot be easy to find. However, there is also a wide amount of content found in Prezi. But, if you google a certain topic in Prezi, you can easily find it.
  4. Slideshare does not have effective customer service. You need to know the subject yourself to operate the system. On the other hand, Prezi offers support over the phone. It also has several tutorials from where you can learn the system. 
  5. As the support system of Slideshare is not effective enough, it can be difficult to use the software sometimes. However, Prezi is pretty easy to navigate and makes learning fun. 
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