Snow Peas vs Snap Peas: Difference and Comparison

Peas are some of the most common food products consumed by people. From Italian to Chinese, peas are used in different types of dishes in different types of cuisines.

Although all peas may look similar, there are some key differences between different pea species, which lead to differences in taste, color, and even the texture of these legumes.

Key Takeaways

  1. Snow Peas have flat, edible pods with very small peas inside, while Snap Peas have round, edible pods with larger, sweeter peas inside.
  2. Snow Peas are often used in stir-fries and salads, while Snap Peas are often eaten raw or lightly cooked as a snack or side dish.
  3. Snow Peas are more delicate and require less cooking time than Snap Peas.

Snow Peas vs Snap Peas

Snow Peas and Snap Peas differ because snow peas are flat and have small peas inside the pod. They are crunchy and have a mild flavour. Snap peas are a cross between Snow peas and garden peas. They have a sweeter flavour profile than snow peas.

Snow Peas vs Snap Peas

Snow peas, also known as Chinese peas, are flat pea pods with small peas. The whole pod is edible, but the string at the seam of the pea pod must be removed before consumption.


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They have a very mild flavour profile and are stir-fried in cuisines. Snap peas are a cross between Snow peas and garden peas. As snow peas are flat pea pods, snap peas are also flat in appearance and sometimes look identical to snow peas.

But they have a sweeter flavour profile than snow peas. They also have a tender string at the seam of the pea pod.

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Snow PeasSnap Peas
Description Snow Peas are a variety of peas that have a flat body with small peas insideSnap Peas are a cross between Snow peas and Garden Peas. 
Taste Snow peas have a very mild flavor profile Snap Peas have a sweeter flavor profile  
Pod SeamSnow peas have a tougher string at the pod seamSnap peas have a tender string
ColorSnow peas have dark green pea podSnap Peas have a light green pea pod
TexturePeapods of snow peas are dense and are chewy Peapods of snap peas are more puffed and have much developed peas inside

What is Snow Peas?

Snow Peas, also known as Chinese peas, are a variety of peas consumed worldwide. Snow Peas belong to the Macrocarpon Group of the pea plant. They are commonly used in Chinese dishes, hence the name.

Snow Peas are characterized by their flat pod shape. These peas are very flat, with small peas inside the pod. Unlike other varieties of peas, such as garden peas, the peas are very small and need not be ripe for consumption.

Snow peas are consumed whole, with the peapod as well. This is due to the fact that these peas do not have a fibrous layer which is found on the inner side of the Garden pea pods, which is inedible.

Thus in many cuisines, the pea pod is sliced completely and mixed in with other vegetables for cooking. As these peas do not have a strong flavour profile, they can be mixed in with a variety of food products.

They are also packed with many essential nutrients and are considered to boost the immunity of the body. They can also be distinguished from other pea varieties by the tough string found on the pea pod’s seam. 

snow peas

What is Snap Peas?

Snap Peas, also known as Sugar Snap Peas, are a variety of peas enjoyed in different types of cuisines worldwide. Snap peas are pod fruits and are very similar to Garden Peas.

Snap Peas are a cross between Garden Peas and Snow Peas. Similar to snow peas, they are also eaten whole, with the peapod. But unlike Snow Peas, Snap Peas do not have a thick flat pod.

Rather snap peas have a thin and crunchy pod with a tender string at the seam of the pod. They also have much-developed peas inside the pod, similar to those found inside Garden pea pods.

 Snap peas also have a much sweeter flavour profile, which starkly contrasts snow peas as snow peas have a mild flavour. The pea pods of snap peas are also less fibrous than similar peas.

Snap peas are cultivated in colder seasons, particularly in late winter and early spring. They can also be grown in snowy weather, as snap peas sustain light frost.

Due to their slightly sweet flavour profile, they are eaten raw, especially in salads. Cultures around the world also enjoy boiled snap peas. 

snap pea e1686053812971

Main Differences Between Snow Peas and Snap Peas

  1. Snow peas are a variety of peas that have a flat pod and small peas. Snap peas are a cross between Snow peas and Garden peas.
  2. Snow peas have a very mild flavour profile. Snap peas have a sweeter flavour profile.
  3. Snow peas have a tougher sting at the pod seam. Snap peas have a very tender string at the pod seam.
  4. Snow peas are dark green in color. Snap peas have a bright green pea pod.
  5. Pea pods of Snow peas are dense and chewy. Snap peas are puffed and have much-developed peas inside.
Difference Between Snow Peas and Snap Peas
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