So vs Such: Difference and Comparison

Both the words seem to be working just fine when we want to describe something which expresses something “very” and “really”. But the subtle differences regarding when to use “So” and “Such” might arise a red flag for writing if the fundamental differences are unknown to an avid writer.


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Key Takeaways

  1. “So” is an adverb that intensifies adjectives or adverbs used to express a high degree or extent of a quality or action.
  2. “Such” is an adjective that modifies nouns or noun phrases, emphasizing a particular quality or characteristic.
  3. Proper usage of “so” and “such” is essential for precise and accurate communication, with “so” enhancing the intensity of adjectives and adverbs, while “such” highlight specific attributes of nouns.

So vs Such

The difference between So and Such is that ‘So’ refers to being specific to something while ‘such’ refers to a type or a kind.‘So’ stands as an adverb or conjunction but ‘such’ stands for the determiner or pronoun in the part of speech. Example of ‘so’: Afrah is so beautiful. Example of ‘such’: It was such a nice drama.

So vs Such

The word “So” is an adverb or conjunction used in a sentence to describe something in terms of high extreme. The word sits behind and adjective or in some cases before adverb too.

The word “So” can also be used to describe something similar to a particular thing described in the sentence. On the other hand, the word “Such” can be best described as a determiner or pronoun.

Such is used to describe a particular type mentioned in the sentence. Usually before a noun or a noun phrase of the sentence the word “Such” takes place.

Such can be used to put significant focus to something which describes the subject matter.

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonSoSuch
Definition“So” is used to describe something of high extreme or even to show or indicate similarity to something described in the sentenceSuch is a determiner, simultaneously it is an adverb. Such is used to put significance on the subject matter, describe a particular thing, something that has been previously described in the sentence.
In which parts of speech, it belongsIt plays the role of an adverb or conjunction in the sentence.Such works as a pronoun or determiner in the sentence
UsageIt is used to put strength on the adjective before which it is placed for correct expression on the subject matter.This determiner is sat before the words in a sentence that are already placed to mention the subject to a certain degree.
IndicationSo indicates something extreme, similar, call upon the previously mentioned matter in the sentence and even to describe something in a particular wayIt indicates the reader to put emphasize something used in the sentence after it, as the next words will describe something, something that was already mentioned in the sentence.
StructureSo + adjective or adverb phraseSuch + Noun or Noun phrase

When “So” is used?

To understand when the word “So” should be used some examples mentioned here will help. For instance, “The man was so charming” here so is used to put more significance on the word charming.

In this sentence “charming” is an adjective. The sentence which in other words means, a certain man is very or charming.

Let’s take another example for consideration: “It was so hot that the ice cube melted in seconds.” In this sentence “so…. that” has been used to indicate that because of a certain condition some other event took place or happened apparently because of the effect of a certain condition.

For example, ‘Tarun likes to read “Harry Potter” in his leisure time. So does his sister’.

Here the word “so” is used to express that Ravi’s sister has a similarity with him. In other words, the sentence means Ravi loves to read books in his leisure times and his sister also loves to read books in her spare time.

Which means the siblings share the same hobby. “I really want the Adelaide Strikers to win this season”.

In response replying with, “I hope so too”. Here the second sentence in the conversation means agreeing with the sentence mentioned before.

In this case “So” is used to make consent by the second person participating in the conversation to the sentence delivered by the first person. “I used to feel very lonely every night when my parents went to the village.

So, playing badminton was my only pleasure in the evening”. Here “So” has been used to relate to something said previously, for a particular reason or in accordance with something.


When “Such” is used?

Such is used as a determiner and also as an adverb. Usually “Such” is used before the noun or noun phrase.

Like the previous section, some examples regarding the matter are provided for better understanding. “I like Virat Kohli.

He is such an extraordinary batsman.” Here “such” has been used before the noun phrase extraordinary batsman to put importance on the name mentioned before.

“She squashed the ball with such a great power that the ball ultimately went off the stadium.” Here “Such” is used to describe her strength in a particular manner which led the heavily squashed ball to leave out of the stadium.

“Elementary skills as such will never get you your dream job”. In this sentence “such” is used to relate to the part mentioned earlier in the sentence.

It also creates the link between both parts as in the first part will lead to the happening of the second event.

Main Differences Between “So” and “Such”

  1. “So” is used to describe something of high extreme on the other hand “Such” is used as a determiner to put importance on the matter core to the sentence.
  2. “So” takes place in a sentence as an adverb whereas “Such” works as a pronoun.
  3. To put more emphasis on the adjective used in the sentence “So” is used. And “Such” can be used to express the subject matter to a specific degree.
  4. To point out the similarity, highly extreme level of the adjective, to describe something, referring to the aforementioned words “so” is used. Whereas “Such” is used to emphasize something, an action that leads to the happening of an event or after something already appeared in the sentence.
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