Difference Between Softball and Baseball (With Table)

The sport of baseball and softball includes a bat and a ball. The play witnesses two teams playing against each other. Each team makes an effort to score more points than their opponent. The side with maximum runs earns the trophy. The people of the United States happened upon this bat and ball game in the mid 19th century and 18th century respectively.

Softball vs Baseball

The difference between softball and baseball is that softball was initially adapted to play indoors, while baseball is an outdoor sport. In due course, softball secured its place as a unique sport. Though softball is a derivative of baseball, they have differences. The field dimensions, size of the ball, style, and also strategies are among the few differences they have.

George Hancock originated indoor baseball now known as softball. In 1887 he came up with the idea. In the 1920s it earned the name softball, and people started enjoying it outdoors in the spring of 1888. The gears include a bat and a ball. Mostly nine players complement each other on the pitch. Players can be both male and female. The squad aims to score more runs to win the game. Two sides face off against each other, one team chose to bat and the other fields.

Baseball, the fundamental bat and ball game, came into existence in the 18th century. Originated in Cincinnati, Ohio, the United States. It consists of nine innings, a slow-paced relaxing game for the spectators. Highly appreciated by the youth and the adults. Two teams compete against each other to claim the trophy.

Comparison Table Between Softball and Baseball

Parameters of ComparisonSoftballBaseball
OriginIt was first discovered in the 19th century(1887), inspired by baseball, initially named indoor baseball. Later(the 1920s) it was encouraged outdoors.It was discovered in the mid 18th(1846) century; the pioneer from England influenced the concept in the states. It became widely accepted.
StylesThere are two styles of softball. They are fastpitch and slow pitch.There is only one style of baseball
Size of ballLarger, the perimeter ranges from 27.94cm to 30.48cm.Smaller, the circumference is 22.86cm(9 inches).
Field dimensions60 feet apart; outfield fences are usually shorter, varying between 200 and 220 feet.90 feet apart; outfield fences on the other hand are closer to 400’s and 300’s foot walls.
PitcherUnderhand throw.Overhand throw.

What is Softball?

Softball is a sport of bat and ball. Most games are concluded in seven innings, two sessions, top and bottom. Each team has nine players(generally). 

The pitch is divided into two sets: the infield and the outfield. The square(diamond) pitch embraces the first, second, third, and fourth bases. The arc aligns the three bases. The infield is a patch of sand spread out evenly, the outskirts are an array of grass.

The basic layout of the softball field areas discussed:

The distance between the backstop and apex: 25’ (90’ field)

The distance between the second base and the apex: 84’ 10-¼” (70’ field)

The distance between apex and second base to first and third base: 60’ (60’ field)

The distance between the apex and front of the pitching rubber: 46’ (60’ field).

The pitcher delivers an underhand throw to the batter. The batter needs to hit the ball and create an opportunity to earn runs for the team. He has to cover four bases to secure one run. He has three strikes. After three strikes he is considered out. The next man comes to bat. An inning ends with the termination of the third batsman. After the end of an inning, the opponent gets to hit the ball. The team with more runs wins, an extra-inning is played in case of a tie.

What is Baseball?

It is a basic bat and ball game that originated in the mid 18th century. It is a game of nine innings. 

Each team consists of nine professionals. The team that exceeds in the number of runs wins. The defense is strategized within the field and can move accordingly. The outfielders take their position in the outfield like right center and left. Innerfield is guarded by the four players as first base, second base, third base, and shortstop. 

The batsman stands on the home pitch and prepares to hit the ball. He needs to contact each base till he reaches the home base to achieve one run. The pitcher throws an overhand delivery. If the batsman is tagged before or in the middle of the bases, he is considered out. Also if the pitcher sways the ball away from the batman to the catcher, he is out. 

Main Differences Between Softball and Baseball

1. Two styles of softball are known, only one type of baseball is present.

2. Softball is larger by a couple of inches than baseball.

3. Softball pitch is smaller than baseball. Baseball pitchers are elevated, softball pitches abound circle.

4. Softball pitchers throw underhand whereas baseball pitchers throw overhand.

5. In softball the runner can vacant the base once the ball is pitched. In baseball, it is not necessary.


Softball and baseball are siblings. They have a similar foundation, differ in strategies and techniques. Both of them are originated in the united states. 

Softball is played on a small pitch, larger ball. A baseball is played on a larger pitch, smaller ball. Softball is yellow with red knotted boundaries. Baseball is white and has a harder surface. 

The baseball bat is mostly prepared from wood. Softball bats are crafted with metal, a larger barrel. When it comes to stealing bases, they have different regulations. 

The softball game is enlisted in NPF as known as National Pro Fastpitch. The baseball championship is MLB as known as Major League Baseball.

At the dusk of march and dawn of April baseball starts and continues till late September or early October.

Softball season lasts from early March to late April.


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