Difference Between Solstice and Equinox (With Table)

There are lots of new events that are happening around the sun. Sometimes we notice it, and sometimes we might not notice it. But if we take a closer look at them, we will be able to know how they are happening, which will be very much interesting for us. A solstice is an event, and the other one is Equinox, and these two events will happen near the sun. 

Solstice vs Equinox

The difference between Solstice and Equinox is that in Solstice, the event will happen near the sun, and this kind of event happens twice a year and that too during the summer season. On the other hand, Equinox is an event that will also happen near the sun, and this will happen twice a year, but it will happen during the spring season.

A solstice is an event celebrated by many people once a year, and it happens in the sun. This kind of event is considered a tradition. Because these were first started by our ancestors as they mostly utilize their time outside to hunt their food, they came to know about this special day. The day usually seems longer than the normal day, but that is not always true. 

An equinox is an event that will happen in our solar system. On this particular day, lots of interesting facts and things will happen which will be even more interesting to find out, and the experience will be very great. We can even experience it twice a year. It is also noted that the entire day and night will be the same, and it will be warmer than usual. 

Comparison Table Between Solstice and Equinox

Parameters of ComparisonSolsticeEquinox
DefinitionThe sun will be very near and the entire day will be very longer than usual.The sun will be near to the earth and the entire day will be the same.
Occurs2 times a year2 times a year
SeasonIt will usually happen on summer daysIt will usually happen in the spring season
Derived fromLatinLatin
Usual dateIt will occur on 21st June and 22nd DecemberIt will occur on 20th March and 22nd September

What is Solstice?

A solstice occurs twice a year, and it is an event that happens in the sun. This word is derived particularly from Latin. It is an event that is mainly used for defining solar declination. On this particular day, the axis of the earth that faces will be completely tilted towards the sun. So, this particular night will seem very long for people even though the timings are the same and not that long. 

It is an interesting topic which will be taught in geography. This kind of event will happen in summer. Because that is the time, the exposure to the sun will be high on earth. And this is the perfect time for the solstice to happen. People who are interested in this topic can even do research on this as well. To this, they need to have some basic understanding of what is happening and what is not. So that they will go in the correct order in their research.

This day is even celebrated as a festival in some countries. In some other countries, people celebrate it as the winter solstice. Since our ancestors were mostly hunters, so they usually spend all their time outside hunting for their food. So, this day kind of seemed interesting to them, and that is how this festival popped up and came to the world, which is now celebrated by most people in many countries. 

What is Equinox?

It is an important day because, on this day, the sun will cross the celestial equator. On this particular day, you will be interested in finding that both the day and the night will be equal for you, and so are their time. It is dealt with in the northern and southern hemispheres. People who are interested to learn more about this earth and the changes that are happening around us can study this in particular.

This will be more interesting for them. If they want, they can even conduct separate research on this topic as well so that they will be able to find even more interesting things that happen during these days. For this, they should take up geography as their main subject. Only then they will be able to learn more about the earth and the other planets and everything that is involved in geography. 

Equinix will usually happen two times a year. On this particular day, you will find more heat than the usual days. Because the entire sun will be tilted towards our side, which will make us feel warmer. But on the other side, they will feel completely cold. There is also an interesting fact in this particular day which is the entire 24 hours will be the same all over the world, and it will not change. 

Main Differences Between Solstice and Equinox

  1. The event that happens two times a year in the sun is called Solstice. Likewise, Equinox is an event that happens two times a year near the sun.
  2. The word Solstice is derived from another language called Latin. Likewise, Equinox is also a word that is derived from another language called Latin.
  3. Solstice events will usually occur in the summer season. On the other hand, Equinox events will usually occur in the spring season.
  4. The dates that solstice usually falls are 21st June and 22nd December. On the other hand, the dates that Equinox usually falls are 20th March and 22nd September.
  5. A solstice is an event that will make the entire day look very long. On the other hand, Equinox will make your entire day and night look the same. 


These events are celebrated as a tradition in some countries. And this event falls at different seasons and at different times. They will be differentiated only with the timings and the way they are happening. If we are very interested in finding how they are happening, then we have to take a very closer look at them. So that we will be able to understand how the event is changing that entire day and night, which will be very much interesting to find.

This kind of topic is very much dealt with geography. Their people will be able to learn them in-depth than any other subject. Because that is where they will be able to learn more and would be very much welcomed by the team to conduct specific research on that topic as well. 


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