Difference Between Sony XBR65A8F (A8F) and Sony XBR65A8G (A8G)

The release of the OLED TVs by Sony has led to a  revolutionary development in OLED television. These televisions possess one of the best sound qualities. It provides one of the best viewing experiences. The beauty of both these devices is that they can display an intense and clean black. 

Sony XBR65A8F (A8F) vs Sony XBR65A8G (A8G)

The main difference between Sony XBR65A8F (A8F) and Sony XBR65A8G (A8G) is that the sound quality of the Sony A8F is better than the Sony A8G. Although there is sound from picture reality in the Sony A8G TV, the sound is crisper on the Sony A8F.

Sony XBR65A8F A8F vs Sony XBR65A8G A8G

Comparison Table Between Sony XBR65A8F (A8F) and Sony XBR65A8G (A8G)

Parameters of ComparisonSony XBR65A8F (A8F)Sony XBR65A8G (A8G)
External Features. The Sony A8F does have a narrower border than the A8G. It has a thicker back. The Sony A8G has a thinner body. It also has a crescent-shaped foot, which takes up less space. 
HDR Peak BrightnessSony A8F possesses better peak brightness. It can create brighter colors.The Sony A8G has a fractionally inferior HDR peak brightness. 
Grey DisplayA grey screen on the Sony A8F has an unevenness. This unevenness could result in an inferior viewing experience. The grey screen in Sony A8G is much better in terms of displaying the grey color. 
Viewing AngleThe Sony A8F has an impressive display from a large angle. The Sony A8G does see some color distortion from a wider angle.
Colour GradientThis TV is quite good at differentiating two colors. The gradient is in the same range as other OLED TV’s.The Colour Gradient created by the Sony A8G TV is superior to the A8F. 

What is Sony XBR65A8F (A8F)?

The Sony A8F saw its release in 2018. This TV is known for its upscaling of video and impeccable sound quality. There are two types of TV’s. one is the 65 inch and the 55 inch TV.

The foot or stand of the TV is small and occupies a smaller area than its predecessors. The back of the TV is compartmentalized. In addition to this, the TV contains the X1 Extreme processors. This processor removes the grainy display and sharp colors.

The best part of this TV is the contrast. It has an infinite ratio contrast. This ratio means that the black color is the darkest black. This ratio is because OLED TV can turn off certain pixels entirely if there is a black color on the screen.

There is no need for local dimming because there is no backlight. This feature is excellent for gaming. The screen is glossy. It has impressive resistance to reflections and hence provides a fantastic viewing experience. 

The screen upscales a 480p, 720p video to make it seem like a better quality video. In addition to this, the 1080p and 4k media is also easy to display without any problem. 

Some disadvantages of this TV is that there are only two HDMI cables. It could be an inconvenience to individuals looking to connect more devices to the TV for a 1080p viewing. 

This TV also experiences permanent burn-in, which leads to the permanent degradation of pixels with use. There is also a pre-installed version of the Sony Android TV 2018 on the TV. 

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What is Sony XBR65A8G (A8G)?

The Sony A8G saw its release in 2019. This OLED TV saw improvements in picture quality. It provides an immersive 4K HDR performance. This feature would be great for a gaming PC.

The Sony A8G contains the same X1 Extreme Processor. It allows it to have the aforementioned 4K HDR performance. 

This TV also possesses the Sound from Picture reality. It enhances the television experience as there will be a lag between the sound and the picture.

The only disadvantage concerning both these TV’s is that the TV remote is a large and chunky remote that works on the principle of InfraRed radiation. This is an inconvenience to people as the signal can be spotty and may not create the desired changes. 

This TV also has only two HDMI cables. And therefore, more than two devices cannot be physically connected to the television simultaneously. The Sony TV has a built-in application of Chromecast that allows anyone to cast videos from Youtube onto the TV. It also has the Google Nest Mini.

There is a pre-installed 2019 version of the Sony Android TV and Oreo TV. 

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Main Differences Between Sony XBR65A8F (A8F) and the Sony XBR65A8G (A8G)

  1. The Sony A8F has a better HDR display at peak brightness. However, this difference is barely noticeable between the two TVs.
  2. The Sony A8F is unnecessarily expensive. At the moment, both the TV’s are selling at a similar price even though the Sony A8F is comparatively newer. 
  3. There is more washout of color in the Sony A8G in comparison to the A8F at a wider angle. 
  4. There is unevenness in the grey display present on the A8F screen. This is not the case with the A8G. 
  5. There is the Sound From Picture feature in the Sony A8G TV and not the Sony A8F. 


The comparison between these two televisions can be a difficult task. This difficulty is because Sony has been creating OLED televisions with many features that baffle tech nerds. The Sony A8F and the A8G are both perfect options on their own.

The A8F provides a wide range of features, from vibrant colors to good sound quality. The presence of Android TV and the built-in applications of Chromecast and Google Assistant creates a very convenient experience. 

However, the Sony A8G is the winner by a tiny margin. This TV comes with a better interface. This interface allows one to shift between streaming channels like HULU, Netflix, and others without a problem.

In addition to this, it possesses a better version of many of the features of the A8F. Also, the 4K HDR performance improvement makes it one of the clearest OLED TV’s out there. Thus, the A8G is the best choice to go with when obtaining an ultimate viewing experience. 

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