SoundCloud vs BandCamp: Difference and Comparison

In today’s world full of artists and creativity, online music is one of the highest-paid and most lucrative industries.

If a creator or a musician does not work according to today’s audience solely dependent on online mode to enjoy the music, he or she can never go on top.

Online music and audio-sharing platforms are the best to do so. SoundCloud and Bandcamp are the two most popular services for independent and small bands.  

This help to promote and sell their content, along with making their work reach a broader audience.


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If a musician or singer or a band is highly active on these types of platforms, this is going to serve their career in a better way. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Soundcloud is a music streaming platform allowing users to upload and share their music.
  2. Bandcamp is a platform that allows independent artists to sell and distribute their music directly to fans.
  3. Soundcloud focuses more on discovery and social sharing, while Bandcamp is geared towards supporting independent artists.

SoundCloud vs Bandcamp

SoundCloud is primarily focused on sharing and discovering music via a social network. Bandcamp is more focused on allowing musicians to sell their music directly to listeners while keeping a larger share of the earnings.

SoundCloud vs BandCamp

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonSoundCloudBandcamp
Social Marketing FeaturesSoundCloud got a set of amazing social networking features which dedicated users and music enthusiasts extensively use.Bandcamp only has basic social networking and marketing functions, which are not comparable to SoundCloud.
Music SellingSoundCloud focuses more on your music shared and listened to rather than being sold. However, it has various options related to monetization, but they are not enough to make much profit.Bandcamp is purely designed to support artists in getting their music discovered and sold among music lovers.
Embedding The MediaFrom its very initial days, SoundCloud has various amazing functionalities available for embedding your media.In BandCamp, the user can embed his or her tracks, albums, and EPs. However, these embeds are not comparable to SoundCloud.
Bloggers & Reviewer FriendlyBloggers and publicists widely use SoundCloud and many a time request it.However, Bandcamp is not generally requested by bloggers as well as publicists.
Longevity & StabilityThese days SoundCloud is making $100 million per annum and is stable. However, it has been on the unstable financial ground in the past.From day one, Bandcamp has never faced any financial issues and is assumed to be stable and well-managed.

What is SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is one of the world’s largest audio platforms that enables its users to share their music with various creators, curators,s and listeners worldwide.

It is a platform that is so solely based on audio distribution. It is used to you save, upload, and promote audio content.

The recent informal version of SoundCloud allows various bands and individual audio creators to drop and share any track they want.

SoundCloud lets a user Discover 5 songs that are on top of his or her profile. 

It is a platform that works on the principle of sharing more rather than selling.


What is Bandcamp?

Bandcamp is an online platform used to share music and profit from it. It is intensively loved by fans as well as buyers.

Artists can sell their digital downloads to the music interiors. It also can sell physical copies in the form of cassette tapes and merchandise.

Bandcamp is preferable for smaller bands and singers who want who start their careers and need to promote their work among music lovers but do not have a proper audience set.

The payment program of BandCamp is also pretty simple.  The company has a policy of taking 15% off downloads and 10% off merch sales. 

After the creator reaches a goal of $5,000 profit, it starts taking only 10% of the digital profit.

The only problem is that it generates no revenue if a user streams your album without purchasing it.

So, to make a profit, the user must buy some album of the creator.


Main Differences Between SoundCloud and Bandcamp

  1. When we talk about social networking features, SoundCloud has amazing services for music. On the other hand, BandCamp provides very basic networking and marketing features.
  2. SoundCloud is more focused on sharing audio among users. However, BandCamp focuses on supporting artists worldwide to get their music discovered and helping them make money out of it.
  3. From the beginning, SoundCloud has several amazing functionalities to embed your media. On the other hand, Bandcamp lets its users embed their albums, tracks, and EPs. But these are not as good as what SoundCloud has.
  4. Bloggers and publicists are mostly active on SoundCloud as compared to BandCamp. This is because SoundCloud focuses more on sharing and reaching out to these people. Also, this helps in engaging the content more efficiently and more neatly.
  5. In terms of stability, Bandcamp is the winner. However, these days, SoundCloud is quite stable, but in earlier times, it was seen that it witnessed high financial instability.
Difference Between SoundCloud and BandCamp
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